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Why to choose us for the XAT preparation strategy?

XAT Exam Preparation Online

VerbalHub is the best XAT coaching institute and offers courses through online and offline mediums. Let us explore whether you should think of offline coaching or XAT coaching online. You will know why VerbalHub is best than the rest of the XAT coaching. VerbalHub is more famous for its online classes because it started giving the XAT online coaching way back.

The mentors at VerbalHub believe in student-centric teaching because of the different learning habits of different students. First, they interact with students before they join an online XAT preparation course. This helps the teachers to understand the knowledge level of the students.

Mentors at VerbalHub believe that the best results are the outcome of hard practice and dedication.

They help students with the XAT preparation strategy. With a defined strategy it becomes very easy to cover the syllabus and practice mocks. They help you identify the mistakes and also provide solutions for them.

Study materials also play an important role in the success of students in the XAT exam. You will get the best-compiled study materials to start the XAT preparation. Online live sessions will be given to students as per the decided time.

Customised XAT preparation which means you only learn what you want to learn. If you want XAT coaching for the quants section you can do that. It is up to the students which course they want.

Timing of the classes, when or what is the best time for coaching? The timetable is made with keeping the students' needs in mind. Students are given priority in this matter.

The teachers are also more oriented toward online teaching methods. These are a few of the benefits of VerbalHub.

Why choose us for XAT prep Online Coaching

In this technological era, there are so many XAT prep online coaching that it is really difficult to know which the best one is. VerbalHub has proven results that it is one of the best online coachings for the XAT. In past years, with XAT coaching from VerbalHub, many students have aced the XAT exam and made it to the top percentile. They got admission into the best colleges in India. Some of our students are alumni of top management colleges.

VerbalHub does not invest in big advertisements for the best coaching. It offers XAT coaching at affordable prices so that everyone can study. You can compare the course prices with other XAT coaching institutes and you will find the difference.

It is Verbalhub’s duty to help you get the best score in the XAT exam and it has developed some methods that can be of great help. With the best and most experienced teaching faculty, your XAT online preparation will be completed in very less time.

Some students learn things quickly and some take time. Verbalhub never forces its students to rote learning. This method is employed by the coachings who just want to finish the course. However, our teaching-learning technique encourages students to learn at his/her pace so that they remember it for a longer time.

To make it easier for students it also has High-definition videos of lectures which they can watch again and again until they understand the concept thoroughly. They can download these lectures and watch them without the internet.

With these many advantages, it would be the right choice to join the XAT prep online coaching from VerbalHub. Students can verify these facts if they want because it is also the choice of the student, which coaching he/she wants to join. But one thing's sure if you join it you will ace the XAT exam with the highest marks possible.

Our XAT preparation strategy.

VerbalHub believes in a step by step preparation so that you do not miss anything from the XAT exam syllabus. Students who register for the XAT online preparation or who be the part of best online coaching for xat start with a counseling session. The counseling session highlights the weakness and strengths of XAT aspirants. Based on this, mentors create a study plan for the student. There are basically four phases that help the students ace the XAT exam.

  • 1. Phase I - This is the initial point of XAT exam preparation. Mentors start with the XAT exam strategy in which they give students full orientation about the best XAT online coaching such as what are the different sections in the XAT exam, what is the XAT exam pattern, measuring the difficulty level of the exam, contents of the study. This phase is also related to all the basic knowledge syllabi. You prepare the basic topic in this and once the phase is complete there will be a test whether you qualify for the next phase or not.

  • 2. Phase II - The phase is a little advanced because once you complete the most basic concepts, practice tests start. This is to enhance your speed and accuracy gradually so that you make fewer mistakes in the XAT exam. During your XAT coaching, you will also learn other methods to enhance your speed and accuracy. In this, you also learn how to score passing marks in the XAT exam. This all is done so that you build a strong foundation. The mentors also give one-on-one feedback to students.

  • 3. Phase III - After the second round’s test students who pass the test move to the next stage of preparation. This round is very important because you will learn how to score in the 90s. This requires hard work from the students so you will be studying more. You will also be given tips to deal with pressure. If you are able to maintain your calmness in the XAT exam, you will easily ace it.

Highlights of this phase: Understanding the difficult concepts, increasing the problem-solving capabilities, Understanding the different factors on which questions are asked, etc.

Once you complete this round you again go through an exam and proceed toward the other phase of XAT exam preparation. VerbalHub prepares its students to be the best and for that you also make efforts.

  • 4. Phase IV - The final phase of preparation is about how to score the highest in the XAT exam. To be at the top is a different feeling and to do that you need some extra work. In this, you will practice the mocks test only and if you have something to ask, mentors are there to help you out. The XAT exam poses interesting and different problems that need some thinking. To solve these problems, you must know how to attempt these questions and what kind of approach should be used. You will learn these all things in the last phase of preparation.

Verbalhub is best coaching for XAT

These phases are designed in a way that the success of the students in the XAT exam is sure, Although XAT aspirants must also make honest efforts because mentors' tricks and your practice will give the best result.

Join the Best XAT Coaching Institute

Have you given thought to why people always say the best XAT coaching institute? The best XAT coaching institute increases your chances to be in the top percentile by 95% which means you will have an upper edge in the XAT exam over students who did not take any coaching. What are the benefits of taking the XAT coaching will be discussed further continuation.

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A few advantages of the best XAT coaching:

The foremost benefit of XAT coaching is you will learn and grow faster under the guidance of a ton of experience. No matter what you think about your teacher, but the teacher knows every single thing about his/her students. It is very easy for the teacher to guide you through the most difficult faces of life.

Qualifying for the XAT exam without XAT coaching is very difficult unless you are a brilliant who knows everything. However, Coaching is also essential for the most knowledgeable person. The XAT exam poses different difficulties to students. You can solve those problems only with some guidance from experts.

The XAT coaching will load your brain with all the tips and tricks that you need to ace the XAT. Experts can help you hone your thinking abilities. How to use different perspectives to solve the difficult questions. With such high skills, you can solve any type of problem whether academic or personal. Because in the interview round, you will be given tasks that need a different viewpoint.

The best thing about XAT coaching is you will get everything from study materials by experts to the best relevant mocks. You will be required only to work hard for the XAT and the rest of the things will be taken by the XAT coaching institute so that you take it easy for you to prepare and ace the XAT exam. You will be prepared with a study plan not like other students.

During your XAT preparation, you will learn everything about this test like how many sections are there, and how many questions will be in the exam, you will also enhance your essay writing skill. The pattern of the XAT exam is very unique and challenging. So take coaching from the best XAT coaching institute whether online or offline.

About the XAT

XAT is a Pan India exam, the full form of XAT is the Xavier aptitude test. Every year numerous students prepare for the exam to get admission to tier 1 Business schools in India. Under the guidance of the Xavier Association of Management Institutes (XAMI), Xavier Labour Relation Institute (XLRI) Jamshedpur conducts this test annually.

This test is to especially analyze the problem-solving skills of students who wish to pursue an MBA/PGDM offered by 11 XAMI core institutes, 80+ associate institutes, and 550+ other B-schools.

Why do students aim for XAT?

Securing admission to XLRI is a tough task because these institutions offer the best management courses and great career opportunities and competition is very high. XLRI stands in tier-one B-schools in India and offers diverse management courses. The courses XLRI offers are


● PGDM BM (Full-time programmes)

● Exec- FPM

● BM (Part-time Programmes for Working Executives)

These are just a few names because they have added more courses recently. If you think you have patience, determination, and dedication, you can also apply for this exam.

Do you know the marking scheme, mode, and structure of XAT?

As per Recent changes in the XAT exam, You will be given 100 MCQ questions and one essay question.

The time for this will be 205 minutes. Do not try to attempt all the questions because, for a wrong answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted and if you continuously leave eight questions 0.10 marks will be deducted.

About the mode, the exam is computer centered.

Mode of the XAT exam 2023

Before 2018 it was a paper-based exam. But now you will be appearing in this exam through a computer.

Structure of the XAT exam:

As per the comparative analysis of the 2022 XAT and the previous year, there were certain changes in the XAT. Let’s try to understand it in an easier way

The time limit for the XAT was 3 hours and 10 minutes a total of 190 minutes. The XAT comprised five sections: 100 MCQs and 1 essay question, a total of 101 questions asked in the XAT.

1. Verbal & Logical Ability

2. Decision Making,

3. Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation,

4. General Knowledge

5. Essay Writing

Things to remember about the XAT exam:

Only the scores from the first three sections will be taken into account for the top percentile.

Syllabus for XAT 2023

If you are looking for a predefined syllabus for XAT 2023, you will find nothing because you are required to prepare for the exam as per the previous year's XAT question paper.

Like other exams, such as CAT or XAT, this exam analyses the proficiency of students in reasoning, data analysis, interpretation, and mathematics. The decision-making skills and general knowledge are considered for this exam.

There have been listed important points for the XAT syllabus 2023/XAT entrance exam:

Critical Reasoning and sentence correction are assessed via Verbal and comprehensive skills are tested via reading comprehension. The main focus in the Quantitative section will be on algebra, arithmetic, and geometry.

The decision-making section will have questions on ethical situations, important management issues, and other practical situations. About this section, you will not find this in other exams.

The last will be related to GK and it focuses on current happenings in economics, polity, planning, etc. The Essay Topics are always general or abstract. They sometimes feature something happening in contemporary times.

Timing of the XAT 2023

The notification surfs in August or September, loaded with detailed information about XAT. The XAT exam date will be in January 2024. The XAT exam will happen throughout India in a single day. The XAT registration last date will be mentioned in that notification.

FYI: The XAT 2023 notification will be out on 10 August 2023 and interested candidates can register for the exam.

Eligibility for the XAT 2023:

If you have a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university or college you can apply for the exam.

List of the best B-schools after qualifying for the XAT

  • 1. Xavier Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur (XLRI)
  • 2. Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship, Bangalore/ Chennai
  • 3. Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar
  • 4. Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi
  • 5. Xavier Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
  • 6. Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai

To close, the best xat strategy comes from xat preparation online thus the best coaching for xat can help you bring the best xat result.

Common Queries Regarding XAT Online Coaching

In this section, you will be answered the most common queries regarding XAT online coaching

Q1. What about the best XAT online preparation course? A few names?

As mentioned VerbalHub offers the best XAT online coaching other than this XAT coaching institute there is T.I.M.E, HitBullseye, Handa ka Funda, and Careerlauncher. They also offer XAT prep classes to students.

Q2. Is XAT online coaching for freshers?

Anyone interested in taking the XAT can take the XAT online coaching. It does not matter whether you are a Fresher, Working Professional, or retaker. If you are thinking of Online XAT coaching, just join one institute. It will benefit you.

Q3. Can I even afford XAT online coaching?

VerbalHub offers courses at very affordable rates. If you wish you can also get the customized course. And if you are interested go and inquire about everything without hesitation.

Q4. Is XAT online coaching effective?

In the past few years, students who prepare from online coaching qualifying percentage have increased. It is an effective way to prepare for the XAT exam because of its comprehensive nature.

You have read A to Z about the XAT that you need to know. Once the notifications pop up about the XAT, you can surf the XAT site for details. If you have more queries regarding the XAT, please reach us through any mode and we will answer anything that you are interested in.