VerbalHub GRE Coaching Review by A. Kapadia

GRE Coaching Review by A. Kapadia

TOEFL Online Coaching Review by Atul Solanki

I am A. Kapadia.

My GRE Score is 336.

My Quant score is perfect 170.

My Verbal Score is 166.

My AW score 6.0

The course I am going to do is MBA from Columbia Business School.

My Tips to do score high on GRE.

  • Reason: GRE coaching has experienced faculty, a planned curriculum, and a series of GRE mock tests as I got in VerbalHub.

  • ii. If not then take the help of any friends to make a study plan.
  • Reason: if you don’t have a study

  • iii. plan, you will struggle a lot in doing all. Collect the list of books and study materials. If you wish to join any coaching, take from there otherwise collect yourself.
  • Reason: if you have a list of books, you can study as per your planning otherwise you will get diverted. Verbalhub gives all the books in one go. Moreover, it gives the detail of the study plan to go through too.

  • iv. Spend 45 to 60 days to build the foundation.
  • Reason: if you are not strong in the foundation, you cannot deal with difficult or tough questions.

  • v. Take regular mock tests. At least once in a month.
  • Reason: mock tests give you the real picture of your GRE Prep. Based on consistency, book your GRE exam.

My name is A. Kapadia, and I am a resident of Noida. After completing my Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi, I decided to pursue higher education. I completed my Masters of Arts in Political Science in 2020 from the University of Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi. However, I realized that having a postgraduate degree alone is not enough to stand out in the job market. So, I am determined to do MBA from any Top Colleges in the USA. And for that, I needed a GRE score.

Being a non-native English speaker, I was skeptical about my performance in the verbal section of the GRE. Therefore, I looked for the best GRE coaching institutes online and found VerbalHub Education. The website impressed me, and the reviews from their students further convinced me to enroll in their online GRE coaching program.

The team at VerbalHub Education assigned me a personal tutor who helped me understand the concepts of the verbal section in a simple and easy-to-understand way. My tutor also provided me with a lot of practice material, which included GRE practice tests and mock tests. This helped me in getting familiarized with the actual exam format and increased my confidence levels.

VerbalHub Education's program was highly effective in improving my GRE scores. The personalized attention and guidance provided by VerbalHub Education helped me in achieving my desired score. My tutor identified my weak areas and provided me with additional material to work on those areas. This helped me in improving my grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills, which in turn helped me in achieving a high score in the verbal section.

One of the best things about VerbalHub Education was its personalized coaching. The program's effectiveness lies in the fact that they cater to every student's specific needs and requirements. The techniques and strategies taught by my tutor were very helpful, and the personalized attention provided by VerbalHub Education helped me in achieving my desired score.

In conclusion, I would love to recommend VerbalHub Education to anyone looking to improve their GRE scores, especially in the verbal section. The personalized coaching, effective strategies, and practice material provided by VerbalHub Education helped me in achieving my desired score. If you're looking for the best GRE coaching institute, then VerbalHub Education is the right choice for you. Their personalized coaching, experienced faculty, and extensive practice material make them stand out from the rest. With VerbalHub Education's help, I was able to achieve my desired score and pave the way for a bright future.