Maths XAT Coaching One-on-One

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100 Plus hours Online Offline Live Training || Life Time Validity || Back to Back Doubt Session || Free Access of Class Recording Videos || 10,000 plus Practice Questions with answer keys || 1000 Sectional Tests Paper Based || 1000 Sectional Test Computer Based || Weekly full Test Assessment || Monthly Study plan Revision || 1000 VALR Practice Questions with Video Solutions || 1000 Quant Practice Questions with Solutions ||1000 Decision Making Practice Questions with Answer key || 36 Full-Length Test || 30 plus books and study materials || Hand-Made Notes, PPT and PDF || Whole Course Study Materials.

Why XAT Quant one-on-one?
• 1. Freedom of Time.
• 2. Freedom of Class Scheduling as per your choice.
• 3. Productive and efficient learning.
• 4. Instant feedback and clarification.
• 5. Better use of time
• 6. Close watch and monitor.
• 7. Learning at your own pace.
• 8. Development of strategy concept by concept.
• 9. More practical than theory.
• 10. Freedom of time.
• 11. Focus on a special skill set.

Live Online Training
• Unlimited hours Plus Live Training.
• 25 hours foundation.
• 10 hours 90 Percentile Strategy & concept and shortcuts.
• 15 hours Advanced strategy l 99 percentile plus level.
• Last hour Tips & Tricks.
• Record your own session.

Practice Questions
» More than 1500 practice questions with answer key
» 500 easy, 500 medium, and 500 difficult-level questions
» Both conceptual test and sectional test

Sectional Test
• 1000 Sectional Tests Paper Based.
• 1000 Sectional Test Computer Based.
• 1000 Conceptual Test.

Full-Length Test
Ø 50 full-length tests with solution
Ø Full-length test discussion and error log
Ø Complete analysis of the test

Course Study Material
» Quant Study Guide
» Special strategy notebook

5 reasons to Join VerbalHub
» 1. Effective and proven methodology to maximize your accuracy
» 2. Customized syllabus and study pattern
» 3. Unlimited questions for unlimited practice
» 4. 24*7 doubt clearance availability
» 5. Analytics to track your progress