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With years of experience, the PTE Tutorials Tutors have a thorough understanding of each part, which has aided in framing all Practice Questions and creating our Practice Materials. The practice resources for each assignment include all of the answers to the questions as well as recommendations and techniques to help you pass the PTE Exam with the score you want.
Acing an exam like the PTE Academic necessitates the discovery of useful practice material in order to improve the preparation plan. As a consequence, the most common questions asked by test participants are: What are the best PTE exam books for preparation? Or, which PTE study materials and resources are the best?

PTE Exam Books

It's understandable that test-takers become confused in their hunt for the best PTE study resources. The finest 5 PTE study tools and resources, as well as how to utilize them to pass the PTE test, are listed below:

#1. The Official PTE Academic Guide
This is a study guide created by the official Pearson PTE Pearson exam authority, and it covers all four areas in detail. It highlights the PTE test's comprehensive rules. As a result, you will have a thorough understanding of the PTE test.
It includes well-structured test papers as well as written practice tests for preparation. The scoring key and scoring system are also included. Along with the book, a CD with 200+ sample test exam papers and an answer key for each test paper is included to help you prepare even better.
The official guide will assist you in determining which areas are causing you the most difficulty and, as a result, where you will need to enhance your performance. It is significantly more beneficial to take notes on tough problems where errors are made and then re-solve the same question types than to hoard and only use parts of other PTE test books.

#2. Academic Practice Test Plus (PTE Academic) The first and second volumes
The two-volume PTE Academic Practice Test Plus is considered one of the most significant PTE test manuals. This resource includes both recorded and unrecorded PTE speaking and listening examinations.
Both volumes 1 and 2 include practice examinations, which you should complete at least three times before taking the final exam. Analyzing the weaknesses and trends from each mock exam will offer you the information you need to remedy your errors and obtain your desired total score.

#3. Official PTE Academic Vocabulary 2020-2021
Like others like Word Power Made Easy, this book is designed to help you improve your vocabulary for the PTE test. Only if you aren't well-versed in the language and aren't much of a reader should you use this as PTE study material. So, if you want to improve your PTE vocabulary, start by reading through the terms in tiny groups, marking down new ones, and mapping them to their use.

#4. PTE Expert B1
This book contains all the practice concepts with Explanations. It has not only grammar concepts but also tips and tricks for all types of questions. You will get audio additionally for listening and speaking.

#5. PTE Expert B2
This is another practice book for PTE prep. There is no difference between B1 and B2 except for questions. Both books are very helpful for extra practice and foundation.

We hope that this article will help you to find the best material for PTE for free. The key to passing any exam or acing PTE exam preparation is to ensure that you are properly prepared for the exam itself by taking practice tests and correcting repeated problems with the help of resources like those provided in this article.

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VerbalHub's PTE preparation online includes providing the aspirants with Comprehensive Practice Material that includes 700+ Practice questions covering Writing, Reading, Listening, and Speaking with detailed competency analysis. By opting to the VerbalHub's PTE online classes, you ensure access to top-class study material and mentoring by experts to ace every part of IELTS. VerbalHub's PTE online classes ensure that you are exam ready by conducting regular practice tests and correcting the problems you repeat with the help of appropriate resources.

Your PTE preparation online at VerbalHub includes assessments, analysis of your performance, clarification of the doubts, and appropriate guidance from the best-in-class faculty members of VerbalHub. PTE exam prep process at VerbalHub includes small batches and provides the aspirants with more than 125 Live Interactive Classes, Every Day Feedback Report Card, Weekly Mocks, and access to class recordings.

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