What material Is Tested on the GMAT?
GMAT's very defined syllabus includes four sections: Quantitative Aptitude Section, Verbal Reasoning Section, Analytical Writing, and Integrated Reasoning. Each section of the GMAT is designed to test Practical and theoretical skills.

How Should I Prepare for the GMAT?
● Understand the test sections and syllabus
● Then Accordingly develop a GMAT study plan
● Pinpoint your weaknesses that can affect your GMAT score
● Find credible and tested GMAT prep materials
● Keep track of everything
● Seeking guidance from experienced people

Where Can I Find Prep Material for the GMAT?
GMAT aspirants can find prep material for GMAT online and offline. Test-takers can order books from online platforms such as Amazon or Flipkart.
A few books are GMAC GMAT Official Guide, Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus, The Princeton Review, and Manhattan Prep.

How Long Should I Study for the GMAT?
GMAT is a hard nut crack, 3 to 4 months of preparation is required to ace the GMAT. Toppers of the GMAT exam spend more than 120+ hours on GMAT preparation.

How Is the GMAT Scored?
Understanding the GMAT scoring is a bit tricky because total Scores in GMAT are according to your calculated performance. The exam consists of 800 marks, and almost half of the students score between 200 to 600. In the GMAT exam, test-takers must attempt all the sections because there is a penalty for not doing so.

What is the difference between the GMAT and the GRE?
One significant difference is that the GMAT scores are required for admission to business schools in India and abroad. On the other hand, GRE scores are required for admission into different graduate programs in native English countries.

What does the GMAT 2022 syllabus cover?
The GMAT 2022 syllabus includes topics Integrated, Quantitative, and Verbal Reasoning. The Analytical Writing Assessment section is also included in the GMAT exam.

What are the CAT eligibility criteria?
To fulfil the CAT eligibility the test-takers must score at least 50 percent in their Bachelor's degree( this is only for General and OBC categories). For SC/ST and PWD(Persons with disabilities) categories, a minimum of 45 per cent is necessary.

What is the GMAT exam for?
GMAT is an exam that tests the skills of test-takers who want to pursue higher education in Management from International B-schools, and a few Indian B-schools also accept GMAT scores for Management courses.

Which exam is tougher CAT or GMAT?
According to the experts, both exams have a similar syllabus, but CAT quant is considered more challenging than GMAT quants. And GMAT English section is more challenging than the CAT. GMAT has one extra section for Analytical Writing Assessment.

Is the GMAT exam hard?
GMAT is a tough nut to crack because you need at least 3 months to prepare for the exam.

Is GMAT only for MBA?
The GMAT exam is precisely for B-school applicants.

Can Indian students give GMAT?
Yes, Indian students can give the GMAT. Students from any country can apply for the GMAT exam.

What is the CAT exam and eligibility?
CAT exam is an exam you must qualify for if you want to take admission in MBA in top B-schools in India. Students with Bachelor's can apply for the CAT exam, but in the case of General and OBC, you need 50 per cent, and for SC/ST/PWD, 45 per cent.

What is the CAT exam used for?
CAT is a national-level exam conducted by the Indian Institute of Management for admission into MBA courses.

How difficult is the CAT exam?
CAT poses a moderate difficulty, and sometimes it may be easy. Candidate should start their CAT preparation early, like 5 or 6 months before the exam.

What is the CAT exam salary?
The salary package ranges from 20 to 75 lakhs.

Which is tough NEET or CAT?
NEET and CAT are entirely different exams, and NEET is for candidates who desire to become doctors, and CAT is for pursuing MBA from top B-schools. NEET is after finishing high school to get admission in a Bachelor's program, while CAT is for MBA means a master's program. The acceptance rate after the CAT exam is only 2% which makes it one of the most difficult exams.

Is CAT tougher than UPSC?
The toppers from IIM and IITs admit that UPSC is the toughest exam. UPSC is more challenging than the CAT.

What is the GRE used for?
GRE plays an essential role in the Graduate or Business school admission process. It measures your skills in the Verbal, Quants, and Writing section.

Is the GRE a hard exam?
GRE is a hard exam to ace because students need at least 84 to 90 days to prepare for the GRE.

Who is eligible for the GRE?
Students can apply for GRE anytime. To appear in the exam candidates must fulfill a few conditions:
● Valid passport ID and
● The fee payment
It is a test for students aspiring to pursue a Masters's degree in the USA or native English countries.

Can I pass the GRE without studying?
No, you cannot pass this exam without any preparation. Students even take coaching to ace the GRE.

What is the syllabus of the GRE?
The GRE consists of three main sections, Analytical Writing, and Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning. In the AWA section, there will be two essays students need to complete within the time limit.

How much does GRE cost?
In other countries, it would cost $205.

How much does GRE cost in India?
In India, GRE will cost around 16881 K because the cost of GRE in India is $213.