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Comprehensive Preparation

Live classes will cover everything from Basic English grammar to advanced strategies to help you achieve your target band score.

Exhaustive Practice Material

700+ Practice questions covering Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing with detailed competency analysis to ensure you ace every part of IELTS.

Comprehensive Mentoring by Experts

Get assessments, performance analysis, clarify your doubts, and get guidance from our best-in-class faculty members.

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CELPIP Online Live Classes One-on-One
INR 15,000
-125 hours Live Interactive Classes
- Very small batch size
- daily feed back report card
- Free Study Materials
- 700 + Practice questions and doubt sessions
- Weekly Mock Test Analysis
- Access to recording of Classes
- 24*7 Whatsapp doubt discussion

Why VerbalHub is the best and right choice for you.

We “VerbalHub” are here for you, your score, and your success hence each strategy has been developed keeping in mind the psychology of the CELPIP test takers. You know well that every CELPIP student can’t be weighed with the same scale. The different mind needs a different approach because every individual’s weak area varies therefore we make a road map of study for them. According to the road map, CELPIP students are headed to move step by step that starts from scratch.
The CELPIP preparation curriculum has been divided into four Rounds.
Round 1: Foundation
Round 2: General Tips & Tricks
Round 3: Advance Strategy
Round 4: Scoring Tricks for 7, 8, 9 Points

Round1: CELPIP preparation begins with a foundation in which the CELPIP test taker is given a detailed syllabus structure. CELPIP student is explained about what CELPIP is, Number of Sections of CELPIP, what Syllabus is to be followed, Target CELPIP Score, What should be the strategy to crack CELPIP.

Round 2: The second Round is about general tips & tricks. The CELPIP test taker is given a detailed idea about all four sections, but preparation begins with the weakest sections. The weakest section is evaluated through general question answers. For example, if speaking is the weakest area, the CELPIP preparation begins with CELPIP speaking. CELPIP Speaking is discussed in detail, and the CELPIP test-taker is trained for CELPIP Speaking. After that, the second weakest area is taken into consideration. In the same manner, all four sections are tackled one by one.

Round 3: Once the CELPIP test taker understands what CELPIP is and how to deal with CELPIP, he/she is monitored by giving a sectional test. According to performance, the test taker is trained to apply advanced strategies to improve the score. In Round 3, all the weak areas are targeted. The test taker is mapped from different parameters such as usage of grammar, usage of advanced vocabulary, problem-solving skills, general understanding, and CELPIP questions understanding. After boosting the confidence to score, the CELPIP test-taker is prepared for the final exam. Before going to the final exam, he/she is placed into Round 4.

Round 4: This is the final round of preparation. This Round is to prepare for the highest CELPIP Points score. Our experts work on the following:
1. How to manage time
2. How to solve the difficult question
3. How to get rid of stress
4. How to overcome the weaknesses
5. How to covert the 70 Points into 80 Points and 80 Points into 90 Points
6. Final test-taking mantra
7. Last-minute strategy.

Why the VerbalHub is the best.

We make strategies and equip test takers with skills for the desired height. We believe in The smart beginning is half done. We work on Individualized and Customized Learning Plans. A customized learning plan consists of phases, on the other hand, an individualized learning plan consists of sop, counseling, and batch.
Sop: Standard operating procedure is a set of step-by-step instructions to achieve efficiency, quality, and uniformity of performance. Counseling: Right judgment and balance thinking is the key to success. It begins with an evaluation. After evaluation, VerbalHub starts listing: study material, study hours, guidance, sectional tests, and full tests. Individualized works in every phase; After giving them batch, they are counseled for each step.

We believe in your score is our object.

CELPIP Coaching Online


If you strive to get a good CELPIP score and for that, you seek CELPIP coaching online, then VerbalHub's CELPIP test preparation course is the right supplement for your hard work. Be it Preparation, Complete Practice Material or Mentoring by Professionals, VerbalHub fits in as the best CELPIP preparation course for you.

VerbalHub's CELPIP test preparation course includes Live classes that cover all the required aspects to help you achieve your target band score. The aspirants are also equipped with 700+ Practice questions to ensure their success in the CELPIP exam. All the enrolled aspirants of CELPIP coaching online at VerbalHub get regular assessments, clarification of their doubts, and best guidance for experienced mentors.

VerbalHub's CELPIP test preparation course is a four-round step by step process through which the aspirants are well-equipped with all the requirements to ace the CELPIP exam. From setting up the basic understanding of the syllabus to tips, tricks, and strategies to score 7, 8, or 9 Points, the CELPIP preparation course at VerbalHub enables the aspirants to move ahead in the CELPIP prep step by step starting from scratch.

Mentors at VerbalHub have designed their CELPIP test preparation course keeping each aspirant in mind and made a road map of the CELPIP preparation course accordingly.

Our Team

  • Master in Mathematics from Delhi University. || Master in Computer Science from Jaipur National University || Working as Chief Executive Officer in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates || 10 Years + experience as Maths Faculty || 10 years + experience in Business Development

    Dilip Kumar Rathore, Quant Trainer
  • Masters in Geography from Delhi University || Masters in English from Indira Gandhi University || Bachelor in Education from Uttarakhand University || 7 years of experience in Training || Academic Head in Delhi Public School

    Jyoti Joshi, IELTS Trainer
  • MBA from Xavier School of Management. || Masters in English from Delhi University. || 9 years + experience as a Language Trainer || IELTS & PTE certified Trainer || 8.5 Band in IELTS.

    Imaam Hasan, Language Faculty