PTE Coaching Review by Maadhav Shukla

PTE Coaching Review by Maadhav Shukla
PTE Coaching Review by Maadhav Shukla

Having the best PTE coaching or PTE Classes is crucial for students who want to crack this competitive exam with flying colors. There are numerous reasons why the best PTE coaching is necessary, such as:

  • 1. Experience Guidance: The guidance of experienced professionals makes the journey of PTE preparation smoother and easier. For example, I took coaching from Verbalhub and the tricks or shortcuts that the teacher taught me were very effective during my PTE exam.

  • 2. Comprehensive Services: The best PTE coaching provides comprehensive services for PTE preparation, ranging from study materials, test series, doubt clearance, counseling, and more. I used to get regular doubts sessions just after the sessions. I don’t think without a doubt clearance session, and PTE exam can be dealt with.

  • 3. Effective Preparation Strategy: With the help of the best PTE coaching, students can learn the most effective preparation strategies to crack PTE in one shot. I took the training for a month with a target of 81 each. I took two points high so that I score at least 79 points in each section.

  • 4. Updated Syllabus: The best coaching provides students with a detailed and updated report of the PTE exam syllabus, helping them stay ahead of the curve.

  • 5. Proven Track Record: The best PTE coaching centers have catered to many future PTE toppers, making them a reliable option for students who aspire to succeed in this exam.

My advice for your PTE exam.

Take away one: Know the syllabus first or search the PTE syllabus.

Take away two: make your basic understanding better as this will lead you to prepare well.

Take away three: Once you have a good foundation, start developing your strategy by solving one question from each topic and checking your approach or conceptual understanding. Then, do a set of practice questions and make a list of improvements.

Take away four: Follow the above steps religiously and in sequence.

Take away five: Test after test, Before moving on to the next mock, discuss your performance with your teacher and take notes. Practice the points where you made mistakes during the exam.

Take away six: Having the best coaching for PTE preparation and a well-structured study plan can help you achieve your dream of cracking PTE and getting into your dream B-school. Thus if you search for PTE training near me, you will get numerous institutes. If you are not satisfied, you can think of PTE online coaching from VerbalHub.

My Journey

Hello, my name is Maadhav Shukla, and I have over 15+ years of experience in the education industry, working in various roles such as English tutor, English Content Manager, Vice-Principal, Principal, and Manager Academy.

My PTE score: Overall 81, (Speaking, 85, Writing 80, Reading 80, Listening 79)

My Highest education: Master from Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University with rank.

My graduation: Bachelor's Degree in English from ICFAI University with 80%.

My undergrad: from Basil School where I secured 90%.

Recently, I had the opportunity to enroll in the PTE coaching program offered by VerbalHub Education, and I must say it was an excellent experience. VerbalHub Education is a leading Ed-tech company that specializes in providing high-level PTE coaching to students worldwide. Their approach to teaching is unique, with a focus on personalized attention and adaptive learning strategies that cater to each student's individual needs.

The PTE training program at VerbalHub Education was well-structured, and the study material was comprehensive and engaging. The PTE online coaching sessions were interactive and helped me understand the nuances of the PTE exam. The practice tests and mock tests were challenging, which helped me assess my strengths and weaknesses.

VerbalHub Education's expert faculty was always available to clarify doubts and provide feedback, which made the learning experience seamless. The personalized approach to coaching helped me work on my weaknesses and improve my overall score on the PTE exam.

In addition, I was impressed by the convenience of the PTE online coaching program. It allowed me to access the study material and attend coaching sessions from the comfort of my home, which made it easier to balance work and study commitments.

Overall, my experience with VerbalHub Education's PTE coaching program was fantastic. I won't mind suggesting Verbalhub for the best PTE coaching. Their personalized approach, expert faculty, comprehensive study material, and convenient online coaching make them stand out from other PTE coaching providers. Thank you, VerbalHub Education!