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CMAT Coaching: Need or Substitute

Best CMAT Coaching Online Classes

CMAT coaching is the best way to prepare for the CMAT exam. During the CMAT course from VerbalHub, you will learn how to ace the CMAT exam. CMAT classes from experts will prepare you completely so that you do not make any mistakes in the CMAT exam. Thus it is needed.

CMAT Online Coaching Classes or offline?

Although you can pick any of them as it does not make any difference as after the epidemic, the world has become digital hence either CMAT online classes or offline will not affect your CMAT preparation. It is just about which coaching you are choosing. If it comes best choice, think of Verbalhub.

VerbalHub offers the best CMAT online coaching and offline for which students can register anytime they want. CMAT coaching online is a fast and comprehensive way to prepare for this test in comparison to offline. Do not worry about the CMAT coaching fees, because VerbalHub offers CMAT online classes at very affordable rates.

CMAT online coaching classes will cover everything from the basics to advanced. The best online coaching for CMAT will provide CMAT study materials, CMAT mock test, etc. CMAT mock test series based on the CMAT exam. You will also learn about online platforms that offer CMAT free mock tests. CMAT crash course by VerbalHub can be customized as per your choice.

Five phases of CMAT Course of CMAT Classes.

Before you start your CMAT prep, it's essential to have a well-structured plan that caters to your learning style and pace. This is where Verbalhub comes in as a leading CMAT coaching institute role that believes in giving its students a personalized and phased approach to their CMAT preparation. Verbalhub's CMAT prep consists of five phases:

1. Counseling This phase is designed to provide you with a complete understanding of the CMAT exam and its requirements. One on one counseling is headed by the teacher in which you get a study plan for the whole course. It will include a detailed study plan for English (Language comprehension), LRDI (Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation) QT (Quantitative Technique), and IEGA (Innovation and Entrepreneurship & General Awareness).

2. Fundamentals: It is a brush-up round where mentors teach each concept from scratch and test your implementation through practice sets. For example, if it is language comprehension, you will be taught what comprehension is, what is tested in comprehension, what are the types of questions, and what should be the strategy for reading comprehension. Then you will be given 30 to 40 questions for each type of question with a video solution. The same will be done with English (Language comprehension), LRDI (Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation) QT (Quantitative Technique), and IEGA (Innovation and Entrepreneurship & General Awareness).

3. Strategy: Moving on to the Strategy Round, where the focus shifts to advanced-level questions, including medium and difficult-level questions. With the help of sectional tests, you will be evaluated and the teacher will assess you then you will a report card of your performance, and then you trained accordingly.

4. Time Management: Time Management, the fourth phase, is crucial in helping you develop time management skills to ace the CMAT exam. You'll also get trained for your finest approach in time to compete with the topers or to be a topper that adds value to your CMAT score.

5. Scoring round: Finally, in the Scoring Round, you'll take full-length tests that evaluate your progress, help you maintain consistency, and overcome silly mistakes. You'll receive personalized feedback and guidance from your mentor to improve your scores by at least 10-30 points in each exam.

Overall, Verbalhub's phased approach to CMAT prep not only ensures high scores but also helps students achieve their goals and excel in their academic pursuits.

About the CMAT

In India, there are many ways to get admission to Management courses, and one of the famous exams for this purpose is the CMAT exam. If you are a dedicated student who seeks a career in the Business domain, Common Management Aptitude Test is the best exam for you.

This article will highlight A to Z about the CMAT exam that how you can ace this exam and what are the advantages of acing the CMAT exam, which method you should use to prepare for the CMAT, what are the best colleges after CMAT(With fee and salary package), and many more.

We will also tell you about the best coaching institute for the CMAT and how coaching can help you ace the test. To know more, read the full blog.

What is the CMAT?

This is an online exam conducted throughout India. In the past, the CMAT exam was conducted by the AICTE. But now in contemporary times, the National Testing Agency (NTA) manages the CMAT exam. More than 100 cities host this exam. The agency started taking the test in 2019.

The best thing about this exam is that many prominent institutes take part in this exam seeking for new talents they can nurture.

Can the CMAT exam advance your career?

Yes, the CMAT exam is for graduate students who want to pursue a career in Management and cannot afford education in foreign countries. Top B-schools from India take part in this exam and offer diverse Management courses.

This offers great career growth because you will be tested in many domains through this exam. The exam helps to analyze the students who take part in this exam. After pursuing a Management course from a renowned college or university you can also land a great package.

Who is eligible for the CMAT?

The CMAT eligibility criterion is so simple, if you are a grad student who is in the final year you can take part in the CMAT exam. The most important is you must have completed your Bachelor’s from a renowned university in India.

● A Bachelor’s Degree is a must

● You must be a citizen of India and have no age limit

The most beneficial part of CMAT exam takers is that they are not under any age restriction. If you are a working professional but have a Bachelor's degree you can take part in this exam.

About the Pattern of the CMAT

As we know CMAT is an online exam that tests students' mental abilities to solve problems in different domains. The test will be featured only in the English language which means if you have a good command of the English language it is a plus point.

The exam is conducted online by the National Testing Agency so there is no discrepancy in the exam. The exam completes in 3 hours meaning you will be given 180 minutes for the CMAT.

The number of questions in the CMAT exam is 100; the marking scheme is easy.

If you mark a correct answer you will be given 4 points and if you mark the answer wrong -1 points will be deducted. The questions are always multiple-choice. You must have a thorough understanding of the subjects if you want to ace the exam.

You can also challenge the answer if you find the right answer is the one you marked. But you will have to provide authentic proof to support your answer. There are no points for the questions that you do not wish to attempt. You have the choice to drop the question as there is a penalty for it.

In case, a question is totally wrong in the CMAT, it will be dropped and you will get points for the same whether you attempt it or leave it. CMAT offers equal opportunities to all students.

What is the Syllabus for the CMAT 2023?

The syllabus can challenge the students who are attempting the first time. According to the official notification, the NTA CMAT syllabus 2023 comprises five sections

  • 1. Quantitative Technique and Data Interpretation

  • 2. Language Comprehension

  • 3. Logical Reasoning

  • 4. General Awareness

  • 5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

You will be prepared according to these for the CMAT 2023. The five sections will assess your skills in different topics along with time management and how fast you can solve problems.

CMAT exam 2023 prep strategy?

As per the experts, CMAT is not a very easy exam. You must start preparing in advance if you are thinking about qualifying for the exam. Types of CMAT exam preparation modes are: self-study or online coaching for the CMAT.

If you think that you can prepare through self-study then you need at least 5 to 6 months for the preparation. The online coaching for the CMAT can assist you to reach your goal within the deadline.

How can CMAT online coaching help you ace the exam?

The Internet has facilitated many things and it is like a boon for many students because they can learn things from home without visiting any coaching institute. Online coaching is possible because of the internet, aspirants can access the best CMAT classes in any corner of the globe.

Studying from professionals: During your CMAT online coaching you will be learning from experienced mentors about how to attempt the CMAT exam. First-time exam takers may get confused about whether to leave or attempt. You will learn these things from the mentors and they will be guiding you at every point.

No time wasting on study materials: Study materials play an important role in the success of any student in any exam. If you are studying from the right study materials it will be easy to pass the exam. without knowing what you need to study, you may struggle in acing the CMAT. In a CMAT online coaching, you will get all the required study material that you need to pass the exam.

  • 1. Mocks are important: To prepare for exams, the most important is the type of mocks you are practicing. When you join a coaching for CMAT you will be given sample and practice papers that you can utilize. By practicing daily your speed and accuracy will improve and you will definitely ace the CMAT.

  • 2. Tips and tricks to ace the CMAT: You must also know the tips and tricks to ace the CMAT exam. With these tips and tricks, you can solve any question in time. Mentors will forge the best tricks into your mind. But do not forget to practice before appearing in the final exam.

  • 3. Staying calm is the key: The more you stay calm the better you will answer in the exam. Follow some tips from experts to remain calm in pressure situations. You will be required to understand things and that can only be done when you stay calm. If you lose calmness in the exam you will lose the exam.

You can learn many things from online coaching. These were ideas about how CMAT online coaching will help you.

When will the CMAT 2023 happen?

The CMAT registration 2023 started in February 2023 and the CMAT's last date of registration was 6 March 2023. Now students are waiting for the CMAT exam date. The CMAT exam is going to be held soon as per the report by NTA.

The students will receive messages on email regarding the CMAT Admit Card 2023 and the date of the exam. For more information related to the CMAT entrance exam, keep checking the CMAT official website consistently.

Do Colleges/Universities take part in the CMAT?

Yes, CMAT is a national-level exam and renowned B-schools take part in this. The students who qualify for the CMAT are given options to take part in the next phase of admissions in opted colleges.

Once you get the required marks in the exam, you are required to take part in a Group discussion that is followed by a Personal Interview. If you wish to take admission you will have to qualify for the GD and Personal Interview.

In the final merit list, scores from PI will be added.

Here is a list of the CMAT colleges: We have also mentioned the Fee and Salary Package


BIMTECH Greater Noida

Total fee for the course: 13.00

Salary Package: 9.38


IFMR Graduate School of Business Krea University

Total fee for the course: 14.56

Salary Package: 13.50


Amrita School of Business Coimbatore

Total fee for the course: 12.86

Salary Package: 6.72


Woxsen University Hyderabad

Total fee for the course: 13.90

Salary Package: 8.60


Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE) Hyderabad

Total fee for the course: 8.00

Salary Package: 6.12


IES’s Management College And Research Centre, Mumbai

Total fee for the course: 9.12

Salary Package: 7.50


Jaipuria Institute of Management Noida

Total fee for the course: 12.50

Salary Package: 11.49


Chandragupt Institute of Management - CIMP Patna

Total fee for the course: 7.65

Salary Package: 7.00


Delhi School of Business (DSB) Delhi

Total fee for the course: 9.25

Salary Package: 8.25

10. MATS MIME Bangalore (Jain University)

Total fee for the course: 9.25

Salary Package: 10.50


National Insurance Academy (NIA) Pune

Total fee for the course: 9.43

Salary Package: 12.50

12. Great Lakes Institute of Management Gurgaon

Total fee for the course: 19.75

Salary Package: 15.60

These are just a few names on the list of CMAT colleges. When the results come out, the institutions also publish a merit list. The students must carefully choose the institution for their courses. Once you apply for the university or a college, you will receive calls from them for the GD and PI rounds.

There are many colleges accepting CMAT scores for admission other than the mentioned college. Once you qualify for this exam you will easily get admission in any one of the colleges.

How to prepare for CMAT 2023?

We will discuss the preparation method for the CMAT. You will have to put in some effort to ace the exam as it is not difficult to score high on the CMAT. Preparing for any exam can be if you have a strategy. Now let's try to understand why strategy is important.

Why is strategy important?

If you follow a certain and clear strategy, you can easily proceed with the CMAT preparations. If you are preparing without a strategy it will create a lot of confusion and you will not qualify for the exam. Let's uncover how you can prepare for the exam that you qualify for with the highest percentile.

1. Come up with a plan

Planning is the core of any exam preparation. If you know how to make a good study plan for the exam then it's fine, otherwise, you can consult an expert about it. Experts have experience and they can help you with all the planning and strategy that you need for the exam. You can also join CMAT coaching if you are a fresher because preparing by yourself is going to be tough for you.

2. Collecting study materials

It is one of the toughest tasks to collect study materials because there are so many study materials available. It confuses students so much that they don’t know which one they should choose. For this purpose, you can refer to exam toppers and how they studied for the exam. You can also follow up on some blogs related to the CMAT preparations.

3. Having the same peer group

If you are finding it hard to prepare by yourself, you can join online groups on social media platforms and post your queries there. You will find someone who can help you with the exam preparations. Preparing with someone makes the preparation easy.

4. Use social media platforms

Youtube is one of the popular platforms for free coaching. You will find numerous channels that offer coaching for CMAT. You can use the information from these channels for your preparations.

5. Mock practice

Without practicing you will never ace the exam. You must get your hands on good mocks that can help you with the CMAT preparation. If you don’t know how to find them, you can subscribe to mocks from prominent institutions. You will be required to pay some amount and you will get an effective series to practice for the CMAT.

6. Highlight your mistakes

Most of the students while preparing for any exam do not work on their mistakes which is not good in the long term. If you really want to ace the CMAT you will have to improve your mistakes. Use a notebook, and write about the mistakes and errors that you make in the practice. Make a practice like you will work on them twice in a week.

7. Online or Offline coaching

The best method to prepare for any exam is coaching whether online or offline. If you are learning from a good institute you will improve yourself in no time as you will be handed over materials or practice tests in short everything for the CMAT preparation.

A mentor will help you throughout the preparation and they also provide counseling on which institutes you should choose for MBA or other related courses. It is up to you whether you want online coaching or offline coaching.

Tips to keep in your mind while preparing for the CMAT exam. The best online coaching for the CMAT is VerbalHub. If you can take favor of it as it has industries’ veteran.

VerbalHub is a premium coaching institute that offers online coaching for the CMAT exam across India it offers both offline as well as online coaching for CMAT.

Why must you aim for the highest percentile in CMAT?

The highest percentile students in the CMAT get calls from the best B-schools in India other than IIMs, thus the best learning will give you better career options than other students. You will get more to explore in the same domain.

Students with average percentile can also get admission but it becomes hard for them to make it to the merit list of top B-schools. If you are preparing for the CMAT, always try your best so you get the best in your life.

We have discussed A to Z about the CMAT by which you are going to get the best colleges. This piece of information is going to update the structure, syllabus, and preparation methods for the CMAT.

The blog is an answer to every query that you have regarding the Common Management Aptitude test. If you still have more queries related to the CMAT or any other exam, mention them in the comment box and we will provide you with the relevant information. If you love or like our blog, please share it with everyone who needs help regarding the CMAT exam.