CAT + GMAT Coaching

CAT + GMAT Coaching is a combined preparation course for both these exams. Experts at Verbalhub believe both the CAT and GMAT have a similar syllabus that tests the verbal, analytical, and quantitative skills of aspirants.
Both the exams are computer-based, and the only difference is that CAT is just computer-based test and GMAT is an adaptive test. Once a candidate clears any one of these exams, they become eligible for pursuing management courses from top B-schools in India and abroad.
CAT is a national-level exam (Only valid in India), while the GMAT is globally recognized. CATG (CAT+ GMAT) coaching is a hybrid program for students who want to qualify for both the CAT and GMAT.

The Differences between these two exams
1. GMAT has an additional section on Analytical Writing Assessment(AWA). In this, candidates have to write an essay within 30 minutes. There is no writing section in the CAT exam.
2. GMAT English section is designed by Native English speakers and is more challenging than the CAT English section.
3. The CAT Quant section is very hard and requires a lot of practice, and if you have mastered the CAT quant section, then the GMAT quant will pose no threat to you.

Why do you need to prepare for the GMAT and CAT parallelly?
CAT and GMAT have similar sections like English, Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, and Reasoning. According to the experts, CAT's Maths prep help in GMAT Maths prep, and GMAT English prep helps in CAT English prep.
Pursuing MBA from top B-schools is a tough task, and it needs a lot of preparation plus patience. It is wise to consider all the options which will lead you to an MBA. If you are only preparing for the CAT, it can only get you admission to Indian B-schools, but GMAT is a gateway to more than 6000 B-schools.
GMAT is a bit more expensive than the CAT, but if you get in the top percentile, you may get a scholarship covering almost every expense that you will bear while pursuing your MBA from abroad. Candidates preparing for the CAT should prepare for the GMAT because it will help them get the best B-school.

How does Verbalhub proceeds with the CATG + CAT + GMAT Coaching
VerbalHub follows the most simple and effective technique while preparing students for the CAT and GMAT. We start with a counselling session in which students are given the orientation of the course they have joined. After the counselling session, students appear in a simple test based on the CAT and GMAT syllabus and pattern. Students are advised to move into the round based on their test results.
We follow a round-wise prep system which helps us monitor our students at every stage. There are four different rounds for the CAT + GMAT preparation, and each prepares our students for different things.

The four rounds:
Round 1: Basic introduction to the course
Round 2: How to score the average score
Round 3: Advanced tips and tricks to score the maximum
Round 4: Strategies for the final day

Round 1: Basic introduction to the course
Students with below-average scores start with this round. It includes every basic concept that is important for the exam. Firstly students get a detailed description of the CAT + GMAT syllabus. Mentors also outline the similarities between these two exams.
We also provide handwritten notes to the students from toppers to make their preparation simple and easy. Once the students gain familiarity with the basic concepts and syllabus, they appear in a test.
If they score well in the exam, they move to the other round. If students' scores are not good enough, they remain in the first round. Students also get a list of mistakes they need to eliminate

Round 2: How to score the average score
Once students gain an understanding of the basic concepts, they come to the second round, which is about how to get the average score in the exams.
You cannot get the highest possible score just by studying for a single day. You take mini-steps before reaching your goal, and it is the same with both exams. Mainly we prepare our students to score the average score in the exam.
We equip our students with general tips and tricks to score average scores in the CAT and GMAT. In the last, we test our students to whether they are eligible to move to another round or not.

Round 3: Advanced tips and tricks to score the maximum
In the third round, we load our students with advanced strategies and tricks to get the maximum in CAT and GMAT. We prepare students for the highest score because it is difficult to get a scholarship with less score, especially in the case of the GMAT.
Our mentors have developed special techniques that can be utilized to solve complex questions in less time. In this round, we invite students for one-on-one discussions with the mentors.

Round 4: Strategies for the final day
The last round is about the strategies that students can use on the final day means on the exam day. Strategies play an important role when you appear in the final exam.
● How to apply common sense to the tricky questions
● How to identify and eliminate awkward options
● How to reach the maximum and reduce stress
● Last-minute strategy with final test-taking mantra

These are the just highlights, and when you join Verbalhub, you will have more useful specialities in your backpack that will help you ace the CAT and GMAT.

Online Live Training
Fees: 25,999/
Offline Class Training
fees: 31,999/
Hybrid Course (Online + Offline)
Fees: 31,999/
100 hours plus Online Offline Live Training.
Life Time Validity
Back to Back Doubt Session
Free Access of Class Recording Videos
10,000 plus Practice Questions with answer keys
5000 Sectional Tests Paper Based
5000 Sectional Test Computer Based
Weekly full Test Assessment
Monthly Study plan Revision
1000 VARC Practice Questions with Video Solutions.
1000 Quant Practice Questions with Solutions.
1000 Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning Practice Questions with Solutions. 36 Full-Length Test
30 plus books and study materials
Hand-Made Notes, PPT and PDF
Whole Course Study Materials.
Life Time Validity
100 hours Online Live Training.
1000 Verbal Practice Questions with Video Solutions.
1000 Quant Practice Questions with Solutions.
100 Sectional Computer Adaptive Tests.
11 Full-Length Computer AdaptiveTests.
150 Practice Questions of AWA with Solutions.
50 IR Practice Questions with Solutions.
Whole Course Study Materials Around 25 Books
Free Class Video Access.
Hand-Made Notes, PPT and PDF
Whole Course Study Materials.
24*7 Service for Class and Doubt
Regular Counseling
Monthly Study Plan Revision