IELTS Teacher's Training Course

IELTS Online Teacher Training
Online Live Training
Fees: 21,999/
Life Time Validity
Job Placement
100 Hours Training
Complete Course Materials
Modern Teaching Methodology
One Month Live Internship
9 Band Achievement Training
Voice & Accent Training
Special Reading Technique
Formal Speaking Technique
Personality Development Training

IELTS Teacher Training Offline
Classroom training
Fees: 31,999/
Life Time Validity
Job Placement
100 Hours Training
Complete Course Materials
Modern Teaching Methodology
One Month Live Internship
9 Band Achievement Training
Voice & Accent Training
Special Reading Technique
Formal Speaking Technique
Personality Development Training

IELTS Teacher's Training Course in Delhi

Educating others is the most appreciated thing, and a Teacher, Coach, or Trainer always has a special place in our society.
Renowned institutions are always looking for suitable IELTS teachers, which means you can easily make a career as an IELTS teacher. If you aspire to become an IELTS trainer, you can do that easily, you just need to put in some effort and you can become a certified IELTS Trainer. To become a certified IELTS Trainer, join Verbalhub, which is the best IELTS teacher training in Delhi.
In the present times, you will find IELTS coaching on every street. There is a need for smart and intelligent IELTS trainers as the market for IELTS teaching is spreading very fast.
Once you start searching, you will find that the requirement of the IELTS trainer or teacher is omnipresent from the ground level to multinational companies.
If you think you don't have enough qualifications to become an IELTS teacher, then you need nothing to become an IELTS teacher besides a fondness and love for teaching. An IELTS teacher training course from Verbalhub will help you become a proficient teacher.
If you are passionate about your career, you can easily become an IELTS teacher or trainer. If you have completed high school and have confidence in yourself, you can become an IELTS teacher, and your starting salary will be 30k and that can reach up to 60 to 70 k INR.
Now how to become an IELTS Teacher!
Join the IELTS Teacher Training program

VerbalHub aims to provide the best IELTS Teacher Training by offering the aspirants Live classes wrapping everything from Introductory English to advanced. Verbalhub also offers IELTS Teacher Training courses online for aspirants from other cities.
VerbalHub's IELTS Teacher Training course is created in a way that will help you earn the preferred band score and become a successful teacher.
Verbalhub will help you to master all sections of IELTS Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.
If you are looking for the best IELTS teacher training in Delhi-NCR or an IELTS teacher training course online, Verbalhub is the right and best choice for an IELTS instructor course.

Verbalhub offers a certified IELTS trainer course
IELTS teacher training course will help you comprehensively understand how to teach students preparing for the IELTS exam. IELTS teacher training program will equip you with all the knacks required to be an extraordinary trainer. Verbalhub provides a certified IELTS trainer course to aspiring IELTS instructors. With an IELTS trainer certificate, you can easily get a job as an IELTS instructor.

How do things work at Verbalhub?
Once you join the IELTS prep course at Verbalhub, you will be tested, and based on the results, you will be given one of the rounds.

The IELTS preparation program is divided into four Rounds
Round 1: Foundation, Evaluation, and Counseling
Round 2: General Tips & Tricks
Round 3: Advance Strategy
Round 4: Scoring Tricks for 7, 8, 9 Band

Round 1 Training: You will be taught how to guide students for foundation, how to assess the students' learning and improvement skills, and how to encourage students to score high through the course curriculum and study plan.

Round 2 General Tips and Tricks: You will be taught the tips and tricks of the teaching method for the IELTS foundation and first stage.

Round 3 Advance Strategy: This part will include skilled teachers to improve the level of a score of the students. You will be given the teaching tricks for IELTS Advanced Strategy.

Round 4 Band Gaining: This is the most crucial part in which you will be taught how to work on the improvement of the score. What should be a study plan to score high and how to work on the error part of the learners.

These four rounds help the teachers eliminate all the doubts and weaker points. To become a good IELTS trainer you need to achieve a good band score in IELTS.

Why choose Verbalhub for the IELTS teacher training?
VerbalHub's IELTS teacher training provides the teaching aspirants with 125 hours of Live Interactive sessions and you get feedback every day once the session is over. Your performance is monitored daily, and if there is any sort of mistake, mentors will highlight it and provide you with a solution.

● Weekly Mock Test Analysis alongside
● Loads you with tips and tricks
● One-on-one interaction with senior mentors to guide you throughout the process

Verbalhub believes in quality teaching and learning and teaches you the best student-centric methods to gain the most promising results from your students in the future.

Influential Facts why you should join Verbalhub for IELTS Teacher Training

1. Career Growth
If you want to glorify your career, IELTS Teacher Training is the right choice for you, and once you qualify for the IELTS exam, it will open more options to grow your career. IELTS is accepted throughout the world whether you want to study or work. With our teaching training certification, you will easily find a teaching job for yourself.
IELTS Teacher Training from Verbalhub will equip you with new skills you can utilize in any domain and you will receive an IELTS trainer certificate.
After completing IELTS teacher training and acing the IELTS exam, you can apply for a job at MNC, and once you obtain an appointment at an MNC, your starting salary will be 30K, and with time it will increase.

2. Placement option
You know Verbalhub is different from the rest of the coaching because as you complete the IELTS teaching training course, you will get assistance from senior mentors to get a job, and in case, if you want to shift abroad for studies or employment, Verbalhub will guide you till the time you fulfill your goals.

3. Course Training
IELTS teacher training at this renowned institute is designed in a manner that there is no time wastage. This way, we help you with time management, and you perform well in the IELTS exam. With a good IELTS score, you will get a good job in the teaching domain.
For IELTS prep, we devise a step-wise-step module followed by four rounds as mentioned above.

4. Duration
The duration of IELTS teaching training differs because we offer prep courses for single sections of IELTS. Aspiring teachers or learners can choose and join course prep according to their requirements. The duration of the IELTS prep course can vary from 30 to 60 days. If you want to know more about the IELTS teaching training, directly contact us.

5. Fee Structure
VerbalHub offers the most affordable IELTS teaching training course in Delhi-NCR. You get everything at just 15K/, and our course includes study materials, video lectures with lifetime access, and guidance from a Senior trainer.

Why Verbalhub for IELTS training?
Verbalhub is a prominent coaching institute based in Delhi-NCR that strives to provide top-notch education and teaching training to learners. Verbalhub has multiple centers in Delhi-NCR where you can visit and enter anytime.
We also provide aspiring IELTS mentors with teaching certification once they finish the IELTS course. After completing the IELTS teaching training, your job horizon will expand, and you will have more work opportunities than ever.

To conclude,
Verbalhub will help you become proficient in the English language so you can help students ace the IELTS exam. We will help you to think and act like native English speakers.
By entering the IELTS teacher training in Delhi, you will help your students reach their career aims, such as following their higher education or job in foreign countries.