Best Self Paced IELTS Coaching

IELTS Self-Paced End to End
Fees: 4,999/-
40 + 20 hours of Lecture Videos.
Life Time Validity.
Free Counselling One-on-One.
Free Study Plan.
All Full Test Evaluation.
Cambridge IELTS Book from 11 to 17.
Cambridge Grammar Books Essential, Intermediate, and Advanced.
Cambridge Vocabulary Books Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.
Special Speaking and Writing Guidance.
Full Tests Evaluation by the Teachers.

IELTS Self-Paced Fast Track
Fees: 3,999/-
20 + 20 hours of Lecture Videos.
Life Time Validity.
Free Counselling One-on-One.
Free Study Plan.
All Full Test Evaluation.
Cambridge IELTS Book from 11 to 17.
Cambridge Grammar Books Essential, Intermediate, and Advanced.
Cambridge Vocabulary Books Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.
Special Speaking and Writing Guidance.
Regular Counselling for Each Phase.

IELTS Coaching: Learn From the Best

Step into the realm of VerbalHub, the unparalleled haven for the most exceptional IELTS training program. If your aspirations soar high towards attaining an impressive score in the esteemed International English Language Testing System (IELTS), you have reached the right destination.

With our unmatched proficiency and unwavering dedication to perfection, VerbalHub has etched its name as the paramount leader in bestowing all-encompassing IELTS coaching. VerbalHub reveres the paramount significance of commanding the English language in the contemporary globalised sphere.

Whether you are a student with dreams of pursuing studies overseas, a professional yearning for international job prospects, or an individual seeking to augment your linguistic prowess, our bespoke IELTS training program is meticulously crafted to cater to your unique requirements.

We help students understanding the basic IELTS Exam Components:

Listening: This section evaluates candidates' ability to comprehend spoken English through a series of audio recordings. The test takers will have to answer to the questions that are asked according to information.

Reading: This section measures candidates' reading comprehension skills that consists of various texts, ranging from articles to academic passages. Test takers are expected to answer the mentioned questions and display their perception of the given information.

Writing: Candidates are assessed on their ability to express themselves through writing. It includes two tasks: IELTS writing Task 1, which involves interpreting and summarising visual information, and IELTS writing Task 2, where candidates present and support their opinions on a given topic.

Speaking: This evaluates candidates' ability of speaking English so called communication skills. Begins with a face-to-face interview with an examiner, during which candidates engage in conversations, discuss personal experiences, and express their thoughts on a wide range of topics.

How can VerbalHub help you with IELTS training?

VerbalHub’s self paced course for IELTS coaching provides structured IELTS training classes specifically designed to prepare candidates for the exam. These courses offer comprehensive guidance and support, enabling students to develop the necessary language proficiency and test-taking strategies.

Solid Preparation: IELTS coaching programs offer a well-rounded approach to exam preparation during the IELTS preparation course. All the IELTS sections are covered during the IELTS prep course. These are self paced courses, through targeted exercises, practice tests, and expert guidance, candidates gain a deep understanding of the test format and requirements.

Familiarisation with the test: IELTS coaching makes students to become familiar with format of the IELTS. In this self paced training, students understand what are the question types, and time constraints. This exercise reduces anxiety and builds confidence, enabling candidates to perform at their best during the actual test.

Language Enhancement: One of the primary benefits of IELTS coaching is language improvement. Experienced instructors provide personalised attention, identify areas of weakness, and offer targeted language training to enhance vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and overall communication skills. These improvements not only benefit the test but also have long-term advantages in academic and professional settings.

Feedback and Evaluation: IELTS coaching provides regular feedback and evaluation to assess a candidate's progress. Trained instructors review practice tests, essays, and speaking performances, providing constructive criticism and valuable suggestions for improvement.

Test Strategies and Techniques: IELTS coaching equips candidates with effective strategies and techniques to tackle different sections of the exam. Students learn time management skills, reading and listening comprehension techniques, essay writing structures, and speaking strategies. These valuable insights significantly enhance performance and enable candidates to maximise their scores.

Study Plans as per the needs: IELTS coaching recognizes this and offers customised study plans. Whether through online classes or in-person sessions, instructors tailor the curriculum to address specific requirements, ensuring optimal progress.

Motivation and Discipline: IELTS coaching provides a supportive and motivating environment for candidates. Being part of a structured course with fellow aspirants fosters a sense of accountability and discipline. It keeps students motivated, encourages regular practice, and ensures a consistent learning trajectory.

Access to Infinite Resources: IELTS coaching programs offer access to a wide range of study materials, practice tests, sample essays, and speaking exercises. These resources supplement the learning process and enable candidates to develop a deeper understanding of the exam requirements.

Why is VerbalHub the best IELTS coaching?

VerbalHub offers an incredible IELTS online/offline courses that are designed to boost your skills and confidence with dynamic classes that are not only captivating but also effortlessly comprehensible, ensuring an unwavering motivation on your journey to success. Under expert guidance, you will be equipped with the indispensable tools to conquer the IELTS exam with unparalleled excellence.

Flexibility and Freedom to Learn

VerbalHub takes pride in offering a diverse range of self paced online courses that cater to learners' individual preferences and schedules. With their self-paced training options, VerbalHub ensures that students have the flexibility and freedom to learn at their own convenience.

Optimal learning experience.

Our self paced courses are meticulously designed to provide an optimal learning experience. Whether you're aiming to improve your language skills, prepare for a standardised test, or acquire new knowledge in a specific field, VerbalHub's self-paced online courses offer a comprehensive and flexible solution.

Understanding unique needs

We understand that each student is different and has unique needs, and that's why our courses are made in a way to cater to everyone whether they are strong or weak in English. Whether it's mastering the IELTS speaking section or acing the writing task 1, VerbalHub has got you covered.

Practice tests with valuable feedback

VerbalHub offers a range of IELTS online classes where you can take IELTS practice tests with valuable feedback to track your progress. It's the perfect way to simulate the IELTS test environment and sharpen your skills.

So, if you're serious about excelling in the IELTS exam, VerbalHub is your go-to choice. Their best IELTS coaching will equip you with the knowledge, strategies, and confidence you need to achieve your desired scores whether it is an IELTS online test or offline test.

Make your learning easy by joining IELTS video classes and getting the desired score within time. The IELTS video course is available in your budget and at your own time. Feel free to explore.

Make your IELTS learning journey easy by taking IELTS preparation videos. Focus on your learning according to your own desires by taking IELTS video lectures. Check the price and get to know the offers.