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Why BPO Course?

BPO means Business process outsourcing that has grown drastically in the last two decades thus it has opened the door to work with a multinational company sitting in its native country. BPO has bestowed huge career opportunities as well as the startup. The salary that is offered by any BPO is far higher than any general company. So to bag these opportunities, you need BPO Training courses.

Best BPO Course and BPO Training Online

Why Verbalhub for BPO Training Process?

Verbalhub is a name in the training industry that offers a variety of courses of training such as Voice Accent Training (V & A Training), US accent training, British accent training, Personality Development training, and many more that give the opportunities for a vast career in the industry. VerbalHub is also popular for:

  • 1. Certified trainer.

  • 2. Guaranteed improvement.

  • 3. The BPO industry served to exert.

  • 4. Well-planned course curriculum.

  • 5. And last but not least the lowest fees.

Additionally, Option for BPO training online courses and Offline.

In today's globalized world, having a clear and confident accent can open up new opportunities for you in MNCs thus you need intensive training as there is tight competition for the jobs. And, that is why, Verbalhub's comprehensive voice and accent training is conducted in four phases.

  • 1. First: you'll go through a communication mock test followed by counseling with a senior teacher who will guide you on your study plan. This counseling will be the type of interview that will be recorded and the recording will be shared with you so that you can check and find out your own error however the trainer is going to focus on your pitch, modulation, communication, and diction in the interview. Based on all there will be a report card that will be shared with you with a study plan then your brush round will start.

  • 2. Second: You'll practice alphabet and word pronunciation with a focus on syllables, which form the base of accent training. This round will be focused on the removal of mother tongue influence and the sound of the words like a native speaker. You will get a lot of exercise for it; each exercise will be checked by the trainer.

  • 3. Third: You'll receive real training from a V&A coach (voice and accent coach) who will help you with intonation, emphasis, and modulation. This phase is dedicated to quality speaking with an accent. You will be given options to compete with AI-based voice and accent and you will be able to check your correct pronunciation.

  • 4. Finally: You'll put all your learning into practice with different speaking exercises like extempore, debate, argument, interview, presentation, and general discussion. This phase is to find your voice and convert it into an accent as a native speaker speaks.

Why Prioritize Verbalhub for BPO Course?

At Verbalhub, we understand the importance of clear communication skills for career growth. Our expert coaches provide personalized attention and feedback to help you master the nuances of accent. Catch us through call or mail to get enrolled to move with a successful career.

At VerbalHub, we the team of BPO of industry experts will train you to help you to make fluent in speaking, communication, and sounds so that you stand first in a professional setting. Our expert trainers have years of experience in teaching BPO communication skills and can help you improve your pronunciation, intonation, and grammar through proven techniques.

Why choose VerbalHub for BPO training?

Expert Trainers: The faculties had served the BPO industries for decades and even they were certified for their training.

BPO communication skills: They understand the nuances of the industry and will help you master communication skills in a short period.

Tailored Curriculum: We offer customized training programs based on your proficiency level and requirements. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, our trainers will ensure that you get the right training to improve your communication skills.

Interactive Sessions: Our training sessions are interactive, engaging, and fun. We use a range of training methodologies such as GD (group discussion), debate, presentation, and Q & A (question and answer) sessions to help you practice communication skills in a professional setting.

Affordable Pricing: The price is going to be the lowest in the market in comparison to others. Even we don’t compromise on any quality in training whatever the lowest fees we offer. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality training, and we strive to make our training accessible to everyone.

Key Features of VerbalHub BPO Training:

Pronunciation Practice: Our training includes extensive practice sessions to help you improve your pronunciation. We focus on the specific sounds and intonations that are commonly used in the BPO industry.

Grammar and Syntax: We offer training in English grammar and syntax to help you understand and use the language effectively in a professional setting.

Soft Skills Development: Our trainers will help you develop soft skills such as active listening, empathy, and effective communication to excel in the BPO industry.

Accent Neutralization: If you have a strong regional accent that is hindering your communication skills, our trainers will help you neutralize your accent to sound more professional and confident.

Join VerbalHub today and take the first step towards improving your communication skills for the BPO industry. Our training will not only help you communicate better but also boost your confidence and open up new opportunities in your professional life.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about our BPO training program and book your spot.