VerbalHub CELPIP Coaching Review by an Old Student Arvind

CELPIP Coaching Review Arvind

CELPIP Coaching Review Arvind

I am Arvind and I am thanking for my CELPIP score, Overall 10 points: Listening 9, Reading 11, Writing 9, and Speaking 11, which I secured through CELPIP online coaching.

My mantra that may help you to get a decent score in CELPIP preparation.

  • I. Join any CELPIP coaching for a better method of preparation. For example, I joined VerbalHub, which gave me direction at every moment that supported me to score high in the CELPIP exam.

  • II. Follow the planned curriculum that should be predefined. If you change your planning daily it may take a long time to achieve desired points.

  • III. Learn step by step and do practice one by one. If you get confused about how to practice, it is going to trouble you a lot. You had better take one counseling session with one of the verbalhub CELPIP certified teachers, he/she will guide you well.

  • IV. Collect the list of study materials and practice questions and follow them in sequence.

  • V. Take some extra sources too so that you become better in your CELPIP preparation.

  • VI. Make a list of error logs and work on the section in which you find you don’t have tips and tricks. Take the help of a teacher and apply the strategy for getting rid of the error log.

  • VII. Before the final exam, write at least ten full tests and keep a record of each. Check what are common errors and keep in mind those errors when you are writing real CELPIP exams.

In Detail, My Journey.

Hi, my name is Arvind Ghosh and I recently had the pleasure of enrolling in a CELPIP preparation course with VerbalHub Education. As someone who has always been highly motivated and eager to learn new things, I was excited to take on this challenge and improve my language skills.

Before I delve into my experience with VerbalHub Education, let me share a bit about myself. I completed my 10+2 from the CBSE Board in Delhi and went on to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in English Hons. from Delhi University. After completing my undergraduate studies, I decided to further my education by completing a Master of Arts in English from IGNOU.

Now, as I looked to enhance my language skills and prepare for the CELPIP exam, I knew I needed a reliable and experienced partner to guide me through the process. It was VerbalHub Education's CELPIP coaching online.

From the very beginning, VerbalHub Education proved to be a game-changer for me. Their comprehensive course material was designed to not only help me prepare for the exam but also to enhance my overall language proficiency. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable, patient, and always willing to go the extra mile to clarify any doubts or concerns that I had.

What I particularly appreciated about VerbalHub Education was their personalized approach to coaching. They took the time to understand my strengths and weaknesses and designed a customized study plan that catered to my specific needs. This helped me make the most of my time and allowed me to focus on areas that required more attention.

The online coaching sessions were conducted via Zoom and were extremely convenient. Additionally, VerbalHub Education provided me with access to a range of practice tests and mock exams, which helped me gauge my progress and build my confidence.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my experience with VerbalHub Education's CELPIP preparation course. Their expert coaching, personalized approach, and comprehensive course material helped me achieve my goals and ace the CELPIP exam. I would highly recommend VerbalHub Education to anyone looking to enhance their language skills and prepare for language proficiency exams.