GMAT Fast Track

GMAT Fast Track

50 hours Plus Online Live Training || 100 Sectional Tests + Doubt Sessions || Live Mock Test Practice || Free Video Solutions || Free Class Video Lecture Access || Special Tips & Tricks Notes || 24*7 Doubt Sessions || Question Bank Access || 11 Full-Length Tests || Comprehensive Study Material.

Just to encourage: Are you a little nervous about the GMAT exam, it is normal and happens with everyone. To ace the GMAT exam, firstly, you need to diminish your anxiety, approach the GMAT test with a concrete plan, and work according to plan.

Quote by one of our toppers: Start with practice tests and credible resources, understand how you learn with patience, and stay optimistic throughout the GMAT preparation.

Quote by one of our toppers: Always remind yourself that you have everything to ace the GMAT!

Why GMAT Fast Track?

If you run short of time or if you have a plan to prepare in just one month, this GMAT Fast Track is for you. The whole course has been designed to cover the vast syllabus in one month. The course has been customized to fulfill the different needs of test-takers keeping in mind the urgency of preparation. Through this GMAT Fast Track course, GMAT aspirants can prepare and ace the GMAT in a short duration that is just one month.

What will be covered in the course?
1. All the basics: first of all the course will include all the foundations in which the concept and strategy will be discussed. For each concept, there will be practice plus doubt session. Before going to the next concept there will be accuracy tests so that the test takers cannot go out of track. There will be some extra sessions for those who will lose control of the concept.

2. Strategies: once the foundation gets over, there will strategy discussion that will include combined concept implementation with all levels of questions. There will be some advanced strategies to maintain the accuracy.

3. Shortcut: GMAT is an adaptive exam in which reward and punishment will be at the same time therefore the balance of time for each level of question is crucial. This round will include 10 sec, 15 sec, and 30-sec strategy. There will be time management learning for different level questions.

4. Full-length adaptive mocks: finally the test attempt strategy will be discussed. It will include how to get rid of a silly mistake, how to control time pressure, and how to maintain accuracy.

How the course will be completed
There will be daily class and doubt will be discussed simultaneously. Both verbal and quant classes will be taken on the same day. The duration of the class will vary but the minimum will be for one hour and the maximum for 4 hours. After finishing one conceptual session, the second conceptual session will be started immediately just after mock tests. Those who have time concerns will be allowed to join some other regular sessions such as morning, evening, weekend, and weekdays.

What does VerbalHub's GMAT Fast Track course offer?

60 hours of Online Live Training
Students who register themselves for the GMAT Fast Track program will get 30 different lectures through both online and offline modes. There will be different sessions for different sections of the GMAT. The best thing about this program is that it takes very less time and prepares the GMAT test-takers for the best outcomes.

Sectional Tests + Doubt Sessions
Test-takers will get evaluated by the best mentors based on sectional tests. If students make errors in the sectional test, they will receive help from their mentors. To clear doubts, special doubt clarification sessions are offered to students.

Live Mock Test Practice
Mock tests are best for any exam preparation. At Verbalhub, students will solve mock tests under the supervision of their mentors. In case students have any issues, they can discuss them with mentors.

Free Video Solutions
We also provide students with free video solutions for complex problems. Students can watch these videos as many times as they want to.

Special Tips & Tricks Notes
To help you ace the GMAT exam, you will also learn tips and tricks to solve difficult questions in less time. You will also learn how to eliminate the wrong options in a question asked in the GMAT exam.

Full-Length Test
• 11 full-length tests with the solution.
• Full-length test discussion and error log.
• Complete analysis of the test.

Course Study Material
• Official Guide
• Foundation book for each concept.
• Practice Book for each concept.
• Special strategy notebook.

5 reasons to join VerbalHub
1. Effective and proven methodology to maximize your accuracy.
2. Customized syllabus and study pattern.
3. Unlimited questions for unlimited practice.
4. 24*7 doubt clearance availability.
5. Analytics to track your progress