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British Accent Training Course

To make a career in MNCs, it is likely that you need accent either American or a British accent as a British accent, as well as an American accent, opens the door to new opportunities and a new career. What if you are struggling with your accent, it may close the drop of your growth. But where there is will there way; if it is the case verbalhub is the solution to your all voice & accent problems. Verbalhub, the best platform for British accent training courses and Solution to Accent Training, offers not only offline British voice & accent training but also British accent classes online.

How Verbalhub conducts British accent training online or offline?

Your voice & accent training is conducted in four phases.
  • 1. Counseling: Before you proceed, you have to go through one communication mock test. You are handed over some questions which you have to answer in five to ten sentences. Then you are assessed, and based on the assessment, one interview is conducted with the senior teacher who guides you on how to proceed with the whole course and what will be your study plan. This counseling gives you a road map for your British accent online course or offline.

  • 2. V & A foundation: This round takes your alphabet's pronunciation into consideration. You are made to practice of all the letters in a British accent. You are given some exercises to do so. Once you are okay with the pronunciation of the alphabet, you are trained for word pronunciation and you are taught syllables. As syllable is the base of accent training. At the end of the session, there will be short mock tests, if you secure 60 to 80% accuracy, you will be promoted to the next round. In case you are not much confident, your training will start once again.

  • 3. British V & A training: This comes with the real training of your accent. Here you go through a British accent coach online or offline that’s means you get complete training with detailed discussion. This round focus voice modulation, and emphasis on tone and voice. After this, you have to give your voice test to check whether your learning is fine or if you need more training.

  • 4. Final Round: This round is all about practice. You are given different topics to speak about and make yourself realize that you are now an expert in the British accent. You are given to participate in GD, PI, extempore, presentation, argument anddebate. This final round makes you comfortable and expert in voice and accent. In the end, Verbalhub understands the role of communication skills in a career as well as in life. The mentors will master you on the British or American accent with the help of feedback and attention.

How VerbalHub is the best British accent coach online or offline?

Experienced Coaches: The coaches have had healthy experience with native speakers as well as had experience in teaching accent training online.

Personalized Attention: one-on-one guidance give you personalized attention in which you are going to get feedback to help you improve your accent perfectly. Flexible Schedule: Our online classes are conducted at your convenience so you can learn at your own pace, anywhere, anytime.

Affordable: The price was kept the lowest so that everyone should access it and get the chance to improve his or her voice and accent. Key Features of Verbalhub Accent Training Course Our comprehensive online course covers every aspect of accent training.

Some important features of our accent training course:

Phonetics: Learn the correct pronunciation of vowels and consonants and develop your phonetic skills to speak like a native.

Intonation: melody, rhythm, and stress on a particular word with fluctuation.

Accent Reduction: Identify your speech patterns and reduce your mother tongue influence to sound more fluent.

Role-Playing: Practice real-life situations and conversations to enhance your confidence and fluency.

Mock Interviews: Our mock interview sessions prepare you for interviews and speaking engagements.

Enroll in Verbalhub Accent Training Classes Today! At Verbalhub, we believe that everyone can improve their accent with the right training. Join our online accent training course today and take the first step towards clear, confident communication. You may visit or contact us to have more ideas about our online and offline courses as well as pricing.