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Best MAT Coaching Online

When searching for the best online coaching for MAT, students must consider various factors such as the reputation of the coaching centre, the experience and expertise of the faculty, the quality of study material, and the success rate of students.

In addition to online coaching, there are some coaching centres that also offer classroom coaching for MAT. Students must choose a coaching centre based on their individual preferences and requirements. Verbalhub comes into the light that shares the best coaching for MAT and offers it in five phases.

VerbalHub's MAT preparation strategy is designed to ensure that aspirants do not miss out on anything from the exam syllabus. The process begins with a counselling session where mentors identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students and create a personalised study plan accordingly. The preparation is divided into four phases, each building upon the previous one.

What is MAT and Why MAT coaching?

MAT (MAT Full Form: Management Aptitude Test) is a popular entrance exam in India for MBA and other management courses. To excel in the MAT exam, many aspirants opt for MAT coaching. With the advancement of technology, many coaching institutes have started offering MAT coaching online, which has become a convenient option for many students.

Online MAT coaching offers many advantages. Students can attend classes from the comfort of their homes and save time and money on transportation. Moreover, online coaching platforms provide access to recorded lectures, study materials, and practice tests, which students can use to prepare for the exam at their own pace.

Phases of MAT exam online coaching and offline

1 Counselling In the first phase, mentors orient students with the MAT exam pattern, difficulty level, and basic concepts. A test is conducted to assess their understanding of the basic topics, and based on assessment, the teacher suggest a detail study plan that includes followings:

  • i. Books name

  • ii. Topics name

  • iii. Duration per topics

  • iv. Practice time

  • v. Practice phases

2 Foundation: The second phase is slightly advanced and focuses on enhancing speed and accuracy through practice tests. The mentors provide one-on-one feedback to help students strengthen their foundation. You not only develop your fundamentals but also learn the technique to deal with all types of questions. After each concept you get certain practice questions so that you check your approach and ask doubts. After completion of the foundation round, there will be a short mock test. If you secure 70% accuracy, you are promoted to advanced round. If not you are given fast track revision in order to cope up with the errors.

3 Strategy round: The third phase is crucial, as it teaches students how to secure 90% accuracy and deal with exam pressure. Students learn difficult concepts and problem-solving techniques to prepare for the exam's unique challenges.

4 Scoring round: The final phase is dedicated to achieving the highest possible score in the MAT exam. Mock tests are used extensively to improve problem-solving skills and develop an effective approach to attempting different question types. This phase is completely personalised and every student is given personal mentorship to remain consistent with the highest score

How Verbalhub is the best mat coaching online

VerbalHub's MAT preparation strategy is designed to ensure students' success, aspirants must put in hard work and dedication to ace the exam. By following this step-by-step approach, MAT aspirants can be well-prepared and confident on exam day with the help of phases. Even it allows students to choose flexible time for the class and in addition to they get class video recording as a back so that they can watch if they miss any class or the class time does not match with the time table.

Why is VerbalHub the best option for MAT coaching?

VerbalHub's MAT coaching is the best due to its experienced and qualified faculty, comprehensive study material, doubt-clearing sessions, and successful track record. Additionally, the coaching centre offers online and offline coaching options, making it convenient for students to choose the mode that suits them best.

Reasons why you must opt of VerbalHub online course:

Best Live classes

Live lectures will help you learn all the important concepts of the MAT syllabus. Additionally, doubt sessions for different topics/sections are available to clear any uncertainties. Choose from weekend or weekday batches according to your preference.

Authentic Study materials

A specific collection of resources, such as video lectures, ebooks, assignments, and tests, is available for each topic. You have the flexibility to review the materials repeatedly as per your needs. Apart from the academic content, you'll also acquire valuable insights into best strategies, time saving shortcuts, and tips related to solving different types of MAT questions.

Mock to Test your strengths and weaknesses

Different sets of questions are available to evaluate your performance. The tests are almost the same as the actual exam, pattern and level of difficulty. Once you have finished the test, you have the option of test analysis which will help identify your strengths and weaknesses. These mocks are prepared for the experts so you don’t miss anything.

Online 24X7 Discussion Groups

In case you have more queries or doubts related to the MAT exam, there is an option of 24X7 discussion groups that you can utilise where the mentors will provide you answers related to your queries.

VerbalHub’s MAT Online Coaching has been meticulously crafted to emulate traditional classroom settings. Our courses offer comprehensive support to students throughout their preparation journey.

With pre-assessment tests, you can assess your proficiency level in specific topics. Conceptual videos, live lectures, and e-books provide excellent conceptual clarity. Live lectures and discussion groups enable you to interact with teachers in real-time, just as you would in a physical classroom. Lastly, our mock tests' analysis allows you to track your progress and identify areas where you can further improve.

Let’s try to understand the MAT exam

The Management Aptitude Test(MAT exam) is a pan India management entrance examination. The All India Management Association (AIMA) conducts the MAT four times every year in February, May, September, and December. MAT is a perfect exam for anyone at any age to get admission in the top B-schools in India.

The exam evaluates the aptitude capabilities of candidates who aspire to pursue management courses in various B-schools across India. In this blog, we will discuss the various aspects of the MAT exam and its significance in the management education landscape.

Eligibility Criteria for the MAT exam:

The eligibility criteria for the MAT exam refers to the set of conditions or requirements that a candidate needs to fulfil in order to be considered eligible for the exam. The eligibility criteria for the MAT exam are as follows:

  • ● Bachelor's degree: The candidate must have completed a bachelor's degree from a recognized university. This is a mandatory requirement to be eligible for the exam.
  • ● No age limit: There is no upper or lower age limit for appearing in the MAT exam. Anyone who meets the educational qualification criteria can appear for the exam, irrespective of their age.
  • ● Appearing candidates: Candidates who are in the final year of their bachelor's degree can also apply for the exam. However, they need to provide proof of their qualification before the start of the admission process.

In summary, the eligibility criteria for the MAT exam require the candidate to have a bachelor's degree from a recognized university, with no age limit for appearing in the exam. Candidates appearing in the final year of their bachelor's degree can also apply for the exam, provided they can provide proof of their qualification before the start of the admission process. For additional information always visit the official website of MAT.

Exam Pattern:

The MAT (Management Aptitude Test) exam is a computer-based test that is used to evaluate the aptitude of candidates seeking admission to management programs. The test comprises five sections with a total of 200 multiple-choice questions. Here is a complete analysis of exam pattern section wise:

  • 1. The first section is Language Comprehension(also known as Reading Comprehension), which evaluates the candidate's ability to read and understand passages, as well as their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
  • 2. The second section is Mathematical Skills, which assesses the candidate's ability to apply mathematical concepts to solve different problems.
  • 3. The third section is Data Analysis and Sufficiency, which evaluates the candidate's ability to analyse and interpret different sets of data, as well as their proficiency in data sufficiency.
  • 4. The fourth section is Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, which assesses the candidate's logical and analytical reasoning abilities. This also helps to identify the problem solving abilities of students.
  • 5. The final section is Indian and Global current affairs, which evaluates the candidate's knowledge of current affairs and general knowledge.

The total time for the MAT exam is 150 minutes, which means having around 45 seconds to solve each question. Each section has 40 questions, and each question carries one mark, which means that the maximum score that can be obtained is 200 marks.

It's important to note that there is negative marking of 0.25 marks for each incorrect answer, which means that candidates should only answer questions that they are sure of and avoid guessing if they are uncertain.

Significance of the MAT exam:

The MAT exam, or Management Aptitude Test, is significant for several reasons:

Widely recognized: The MAT exam is accepted by more than 600 B-schools across India, making it a popular and widely recognized exam for admission to management courses.

Entry to top B-schools: The MAT exam scores are accepted by many top-ranked B-schools, including the Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) and other premier institutes. Scoring well in the MAT exam can thus be a gateway to pursuing a management course from a reputed institute.

Versatility: The MAT exam is conducted four times a year, giving candidates the flexibility to choose the exam date that suits them the best. Additionally, the MAT exam scores are valid for a year, giving candidates ample time to apply to various B-schools.

Assessment of key skills: The MAT exam assesses candidates on various skills required for pursuing management courses, such as quantitative aptitude, data analysis and sufficiency, language comprehension, and critical reasoning. Thus, scoring well in the MAT exam can indicate a candidate's readiness and potential for pursuing a management course.

Overall, the MAT exam is a significant entrance exam for management courses in India, providing candidates with a range of opportunities and options to pursue their management education goals.

Preparation Tips:

Preparing for the MAT exam requires a well-planned strategy and a great execution, and here are some tips that can help MAT aspirants prepare effectively:

Understanding the syllabus completely: Candidates should understand the topics covered in each section and create a study plan accordingly. Knowing the syllabus will help candidates focus on important topics and avoid wasting time on irrelevant ones.

Practise mock tests: Mock tests are a great way to familiarise oneself with the exam pattern and improve speed and accuracy. Candidates should try to practise mock tests regularly, as this will help them identify areas that need improvement.

Learn time management: Time management is a crucial factor in cracking the MAT exam. Candidates should try to manage their time effectively by dividing it equally among all the sections. They should also prioritise easy questions to save time for difficult ones.

Emphasise on weaker areas: Candidates should identify their weaker areas and work on improving them. They can refer to study materials or online resources to strengthen their weak areas. It is also essential to focus on maximising their strengths.

Stay updated with current happenings: The Indian and Global Environment section of the MAT exam tests candidates' knowledge of current affairs and news. Hence, candidates should stay updated with the latest news and events by reading newspapers, magazines, and online sources.

By following these preparation tips, candidates can increase their chances of cracking the MAT exam and securing admission to their desired management program.

MAT Registration

How to register for the MAT exam?

Firstly, visit the official website of All India Management Association (AIMA) - Click on the "MAT" tab in the menu bar and select "Register for MAT" from the drop-down menu.

Fill in the essential particulars such as personal information followed by educational qualification and finally your photo and signature in a detailed format and size and communication address.

Select the mode of exam - computer-based or paper-based test.

Choose the test centre preference as per your convenience and upload a scanned copy of your photograph and signature in the mentioned format and size.

After this you will be required to pay the registration fee online through debit/credit card, net banking or UPI payment modes. Once the payment is successful, take a print copy of the application form and keep it with safety for future consideration.

Once you have registered for the MAT exam, you will receive a notification that you have successfully applied for the MAT exam. After some time, you will get an email about the admit card which will have details like test centre, date and time of the exam. Make sure to have a copy of admit card with the right photo identification proof to the exam centre on the day of the exam.

MAT result

The MAT result is usually declared a few weeks after the exam has been conducted.

The MAT result will contain the following details: Candidate's name, Roll Number, Form Number, Total marks obtained out of 200, and Section-wise score for each section - Language Comprehension, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Mathematical Skills, and Indian and Global Environment.

MAT Colleges

Here are the top 7 MAT colleges in India with details on their fee structure and placement packages:

  • 1. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME), Bangalore:

XIME is one of the top-rated MAT colleges in India. The MBA program fee at XIME is around INR 10 lakhs. Once the course is completed, the placement package(Average) offered to students is about INR 7 lakhs/annum.

  • 2. Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad:

IMT is a premier B-school that offers a two-year full-time MBA program through the MAT exam. The MBA program fee at IMT is around INR 17 lakhs. Once the course is completed, the placement package(Average) offered to students is around INR 11 lakhs/annum.

  • 3. Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai:

Great Lakes is a renowned MAT college that offers a one-year full-time MBA program. The MBA program fee at Great Lakes is around INR 16.5 lakhs. Once the course is completed, the placement package(Average) offered to students is around INR 13 lakhs/annum.

  • 4. T.A.P.M.I, Manipal:

TAPMI is one of the best MAT colleges in India. The MBA program fee at TAPMI is around INR 16.6 lakhs. Once the course is completed, the placement package(Average) offered to students is around INR 11.5 lakhs/annum.

  • 5. K.J S.I.M.S.R, Mumbai:

KJ Somaiya is a renowned MAT college that offers a two-year full-time MBA program. The MBA program fee at KJ Somaiya is around INR 14.9 lakhs. Once the course is completed, the placement package(Average) offered to students is around INR 9.5 lakhs/annum.

  • 6. Christ University, Bangalore:

Christ University is a premier institute that offers a two-year full-time MBA program through the MAT exam. The MBA program fee at Christ University is around INR 7.4 lakhs. Once the course is completed, the placement package(Average) offered to students is around INR 7 lakhs/annum.

  • 7. Balaji Institute of Modern Management (BIMM), Pune:

BIMM is a renowned MAT college that offers a two-year full-time MBA program. The MBA program fee at BIMM is around INR 8.9 lakhs. Once the course is completed, the placement package(Average) offered to students is around INR 6.5 lakhs/annum.

Fee structure may vary as per the courses for more information regarding the same matter visit the official websites of these colleges.

Why should you aim for the Highest Percentile in the MAT exam?

The Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is a highly competitive exam taken by numerous aspiring MBA students each year. If you score the highest percentile, it can make a significant difference in the quality of the MBA program you get into. If you get into a top B-school, you will have better job opportunities available to you after graduation.

Firstly, top B-schools usually have a high cut-off score and consider only candidates with excellent scores. Scoring in the highest percentile in the MAT exam can increase your chances of getting admission to a top-tier management institute. These institutes offer high-quality education, world-class infrastructure, and experienced faculty, providing you with a competitive edge over your peers.

Secondly, scoring well in the MAT exam can help you secure scholarships and financial aid, which can offset a significant portion of the tuition fees. Many business schools offer scholarships to students who score in the top percentile in the entrance exam, making it a crucial factor in determining your eligibility for financial aid.

Finally, companies often recruit MBA graduates from top-tier business schools. Scoring in the highest percentile in the MAT exam increases your chances of getting hired by leading companies, as they are always looking for the best talent in the industry.

In conclusion, aiming for the highest percentile in the MAT exam is essential to ensure you get admitted to a top-tier business school, secure scholarships, and get better job opportunities after graduation. It requires hard work, dedication, and consistent effort, but the benefits are well worth the effort.