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Why Self Paced Course?

GRE Self Paced End to End
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60 + 40 hours of Lecture Videos.
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2500 Verbal Practice Questions with Video Solutions.
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500 Sectional Computer Adaptive Tests.
500 Sectional Adaptive Test.
11 Full-Length Computer Adaptive Tests.
150 Practice Questions of AWA with Solutions.
Whole Course Study Materials Around 25 Books.

GRE Self Paced Fast Track
Fees: 9,999/-
60 + 40 Hours Lecture Videos.
Life Time Validity.
Free Study Plan.
2500 Verbal Practice Questions with Video Solutions.
2500 Quant Practice Questions with Solutions.
500 Sectional Computer Adaptive Tests.
500 Sectional Adaptive Test.
11 Full-Length Computer Adaptive Tests.
150 Practice Questions of AWA with Solutions.
Whole Course Study Materials Around 25 Books.

Self Paced Course gives you freedom of your own preparation strategy. You don’t need to impatient about the class time and the class calendar. As the name suggests self paced online courses, self paced training has been developed for your convenience in which you can follow your timetable and prepare according to your own pace. Here you are with self paced MBA exam preparation in the lowest budget.

Everything About the GRE Test

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an international-level test that is widely recognized and accepted by graduate schools and business programs around the world.

As an aspiring graduate student, your GRE scores play a crucial role in determining your admission to the program of your choice. It is essential to understand the format, content, and strategies required to excel in the GRE test.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all aspects of the GRE test, including the best GRE online coaching options available to help you achieve your desired score.

GRE Test: What’s Important?

The GRE test comprises three pivotal sections: Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. Each of these sections plays a crucial role in assessing the diverse skills and abilities that are indispensable for achieving success in graduate studies.

Verbal Reasoning:

The Verbal Reasoning segment evaluates your aptitude for comprehending written material, critically assessing arguments and analyzing written content. This section comprises

● Reading comprehension

● Sentence equivalence

● Text completion questions

It challenges and evaluates your vocabulary, critical thinking, and reading comprehension skills.

Quantitative Reasoning:

This component examines your proficiency in mathematics and your capacity to solve problems. It includes

  • ● Multiple-choice and numeric entry questions

  • ● Understanding of basic concepts,

  • ● Data analysis, geometry, algebra, and arithmetic.

Possessing robust analytical and quantitative skills is paramount for achieving excellence in this particular section.

Analytical Writing:

This segment gauges your proficiency in eloquently expressing intricate concepts and bolstering them with sound logical reasoning. This section encompasses two distinct tasks that put your composition skills to the test

  • ● Critically Analysing an Issue/Argument

  • ● Assess your critical thinking, analytical writing, and persuasive skills.

Crafting well-structured and coherent essays with solid arguments is the key to success in this section.

How will VerbalHub’s Self Paced Course for GRE help you?

When it comes to finding the absolute best Self Paced GRE online classes, VerbalHub truly stands out as an extraordinary platform that goes above and beyond to provide you with unwavering support and invaluable resources during GRE preparation.

Self Paced Courses Provide Flexibility

GRE prep is challenging, but self paced courses can provide flexibility and convenience for students. Self paced courses allow individuals to study at their own pace, providing the freedom to set their own schedules and progress through the material at a speed that suits their learning style and availability.

Achieve the GRE Dream Score

Our ultimate goal is to empower you in achieving the score you've been dreaming of with our GRE test prep. With a team of incredibly talented tutors who possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise, coupled with a meticulously designed curriculum, VerbalHub ensures that you are fully prepared for the GRE test.

Self paced Online Courses With a Comprehensive Curriculum

Self paced online courses designed for GRE preparation present an all-encompassing educational journey, incorporating a wide-ranging syllabus that encompasses the exam's various components, such as verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing.

These flexible Self paced Online Courses go beyond traditional learning methods, offering engaging interactive modules, thought-provoking practice exercises, and simulated examinations, empowering students to acquaint themselves with the test structure and enhance their proficiency in each individual section. Self paced courses also provide flexibility for individuals pursuing a self paced MBA program.

Reasons why VerbalHub has become the favored choice among test takers aiming to conquer the GRE:

Custom-made Study Plan just for you:

Let's talk about something super cool we offer - personalized study plans during the GRE course. We totally understand students are unique and they are in some cases strong and in some cases weak. So guess what? We make up a study plan that's custom-made just for you!

Have your own personal guide in GRE classes:

With this awesome personalized approach, VerbalHub makes sure that you make the most out of your study time. We pinpoint those areas where you need a little boost and help you focus on them. It's all about maximizing your preparation and getting you ready to rock that GRE test!

GRE practice test material

In this GRE prep course, we got everything you need to supercharge your prep and tackle that test with confidence. We are talking about GRE mock tests, sample questions, and comprehensive study guides that will have you feeling like a GRE pro in no time!

VerbalHub's practice tests are designed to be just like the real deal. We have developed the tests to complete real GRE test format, So when you take these practice tests, you're not just gaining knowledge, you're gaining valuable insights into the test itself.

Real MVPs at VerbalHub - Expert Tutors

Mentors are like GRE superheroes, loaded with the knowledge and skills to help you conquer that test. We've got the inside scoop on the GRE test format and all the important content you need to know.

But what sets these tutors apart is their personalized and student-centric approach. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy. We give you special treatment, and guidance according to your specific needs. We'll identify those weak spots and work with you to strengthen them.

Trickiest parts of the test - GRE Vocabulary building

We all know that the Verbal Reasoning section loves to test our word mastery therefore we have a special vocabulary teaching learning technique to boost your English vocabulary dictionary.

We know that having a solid vocab is key to acing that Verbal Reasoning section. So, we have some special exercises and resources just for you that you will learn during the GRE coaching.

Picture this: Word lists, Flashcards, and Interactive Exercises are all designed to make those words stick in your brain like glue.

With VerbalHub's vocabulary-building tools, your vocabulary will grow with your performance in the Verbal Reasoning section. You will be decoding those tricky passages with ease and nailing those sentence completions like a pro during the best GRE prep.

Golden Pass

With our online coaching platform, you can start studying from the cozy comfort of your own home. No more traveling through traffic or squeezing into crowded classrooms. VerbalHub brings the learning straight to you, wherever you are. You can access all amazing resources with just a few clicks.

You will have access to top-notch coaching, no matter where you are. You are going to have detailed ideas about GRE practice test free. VerbalHub offers the best GRE prep course, where you really learn how to ace this tough exam. During the GRE prep classes at VerbalHub, you will learn how to solve tough questions with ease and 100 percent accuracy.