VerbalHub IELTS Coaching Review - Arjun Singh

IELTS Coaching Review - Arjun Singh

IELTS Coaching Review by Arjun Singh

Before I begin writing anything, I want to write a few words about the IELTS institute. For any IELTS course, the IELTS coaching centre is very important and the trust goes to Verbalhub. Whatever I have performed, my big thanks go to Verbalhub.

Now about me

My name is Arjun Singh, and I come from a small town in Bihar. Life hasn't always been easy for me, but I've learned that struggles are just opportunities in disguise. Today, I want to share my inspirational journey of how I conquered the IELTS examination with the guidance of Verbalhub Education, and how it transformed my life.

I belong to a farmers' family whose earning struggles for daily life thus education was not a privilege that came easily. I completed my 10th and 12th from the Bihar Board, but I knew that if I wanted to achieve something significant, I needed to aim higher. With this determination in my heart, I enrolled myself in Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar University for my graduation.

While pursuing my degree, I realized the importance of financial education. I knew that having basic computer skills and knowledge of the internet would open doors to a brighter future. So, I dedicated myself to mastering these skills in my spare time, knowing that they would play a vital role in my personal and professional development.

During this time, I was fond of reading books. Books became my companions, opening up new horizons of knowledge and expanding my perspective. They taught me that success doesn't come to those who wait but to those who work hard and remain sincere in their efforts.

Cricket was another passion of mine. Whenever I found myself overwhelmed with studies, I would head to the local ground and lose myself in the game. It not only provided me with much-needed recreation but also instilled a sense of discipline and teamwork in me.

As I entered the practical and professional world, I got to know the worth of the English language and its proficiency. I understood that to truly thrive in today's globalized world, I needed to excel in English. That's when I came across Verbalhub Education, which is known for IELTS coaching and which is famous for its high degree result.

I reached out to Verbalhub Education, and their team warmly welcomed me. They understood my background and the challenges I had faced in my journey. They saw the potential in me and offered their unwavering support and guidance.

Under the tutelage of Verbalhub Education, I embarked on my IELTS journey. The IELTS Classes were comprehensive and learning-friendly which bestowed the trick of achieving the score. From the speaking module to the writing tasks, the instructors provided valuable insights and strategies to improve my performance.

The journey was not without its hurdles. There were times when self-doubt crept in, and the weight of expectations felt overwhelming. But with the positive outlook instilled in me since childhood, I persevered. Verbalhub Education's mentors were there every step of the way, offering encouragement and helping me overcome my insecurities.

The IELTS preparation was intense, but I never lost sight of my goal. I embraced the hard work required, knowing that it would lead me to a brighter future. Every day, I practiced English typing, honing my skills and familiarizing myself with the exam format.

Finally, the day of the IELTS exam arrived. With nerves fluttering, I entered the examination hall, carrying confidence, patience, and the art of implementation of learning. Verbalhub Education. The speaking module tested my ability to communicate fluently, and I showcased the progress I had made under their guidance.

In the writing tasks, I poured my heart and soul onto the paper, crafting compelling essays and reports. I drew inspiration from my life experiences, highlighting the struggles and triumphs that had shaped me into the person I had become.

Months passed, and the results were announced. I was ecstatic to discover that I had not only cleared the IELTS exam but had excelled in it. Verbalhub Education's guidance helped me achieve the scores I had dreamed of.

The IELTS certification opened doors to numerous opportunities. It paved the way for higher education abroad, better job prospects, and the chance to explore new cultures. It was a testament to my hard work, sincerity, and unwavering support of Verbalhub Education.

Looking back, I realize that the true strength lies within us. It's the strength to dream, to persevere, and accept the challenge that stopped me. Life may present us with struggles, but it's there is always the fruit of good and honest effort.

I am forever grateful to Verbalhub Education for encouragement, guidance, and most importantly result oriented learning.

So, to all those who find themselves facing hardships, I urge you to embrace them as opportunities for growth. Believe in yourself, work hard, and seek guidance when needed. Remember, your struggles today will shape your success tomorrow.

Secret of my high score.

1. Regular assessment.

2. Weekly mocks attempt.

3. Special planning for full tests.

4. More effort for mapping and multiple-choice single answer of listening.

5. A lot of practice for true, false not given of reading.

6. Daily practice for Cue-Card speaking.

7. List of phrases and conjunctions for both speaking and writing.