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Your voice can reveal a lot about you in addition to delivering your message. People will judge you depending on how you communicate. In short, your professional success will be determined by your speaking abilities. Both native and non-native English speakers can benefit from our voice training program. All pupils with poor diction who are hampered by their substantial mother tongue impact can benefit from this course. The course also seeks to teach proper articulation and instill a neutral accent to facilitate free-flowing communication.
With the growing number of English speakers worldwide, clear and effective communication is more important than ever. This is where we enter the picture. Our tool was created with those difficult vowels in mind, supporting you with clear vowel enunciation, identifying and correctly pronouncing stressed and unstressed syllables, and changing your original accent into a neutral one, making you sound more "native."


Your voice not only communicates your message but also reveals a lot about you. Your professional success will be determined by your ability to communicate. "Anyone who wishes to be a more effective communicator but believes that one or more components of their vocal delivery are preventing them from doing so will get the double advantages

We will help you improving
• The best information and exposure for the course.
• Tongue and mouth exercises will be supervised on daily basis.
• MTI will be removed completely.
• Exposure to accents from the US and the UK will be given.

Duration Course Course Fee  
20 Hours Free Study Material and Class Video Rs.7,000

What is covered by Verbalhub's voice and accent training?
The focus of the curriculum is on how to improve one's English accent and pronunciation. The courses are specifically designed to assist you in engaging in lengthy talks, presentations, and phone calls, all of which will help you boost your company's professional image by ensuring that listeners comprehend what you're saying. These include sections on improving voice quality, texture, tone, and social and professional confidence and effectiveness.
The focus of the workshop is on removing your accent. Understanding phonetics and exercising jaw exercises and getting the appropriate vowel and consonant sounds and syllable and word stress focus on modifying speech patterns, superior voice production, fine-tuning intonation, and rhythm. Participants will benefit from the general voice and accent training, which will help them learn voice modulation and speech therapy. Verbalhub's voice and accent training focus on removing accents through increasing English pronunciation abilities. The next five lessons dive deep into the subject of phonetics. The class is taught about the various sound groups one by one through movies, group activities, and individual contemplation. The participants use live activities to recognize phrases and pronounce them aloud in specified intonation and rhythms, starting with short and long vowel sounds, voiced consonants, and speech sounds.
Voice and Accent Training teaches how to change speech patterns, rhythm and tone, and syllable stress to increase speech quality and speaking effectiveness.

Voice and Accent Training Online
If you are looking for the best Voice and Accent training in Delhi-NCR, VerbalHub is the right place for you.
Our English voice and accent training program will help you neutralise your accent, and our mentors will guide you to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation.
We also offer Voice and accent training online programs for students not able to join in-class sessions. Our Voice accent training online course is best for working professionals who want to move abroad for better career options.

Verbalhubs's Voice and accent training course is different from other coaching institutes.
» We help our students in removing their Mother tongue Influence.
» Tongue and mouth exercises under the supervision of mentors.
» You will receive training according to the particular country's(UK or US) accent.