Spoken English Classes

Are communication skill important?

Verbalhub is one of the greatest Spoken English Institutes in Delhi. Our Spoken English Courses in Delhi are specifically developed to foster the best English knowledge in all the four important sections of the language including Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing. We recognize the difficulty for individuals to describe themselves in English. We offer the best Spoken English Classes in Delhi that will support students or professionals to attain proficiency in spoken English.
At our Spoken English Classes in Delhi, we follow practical-based training that makes the Spoken English sessions enthusiastic and interactive, enhancing the Spoken English skills.
We believe in a step-by-step prep approach that includes grammar, articulation, full elimination of MTI, best practices, and knacks that will help you improve your Spoken English and build up your confidence.

How Verbalhub is different from the rest?

● We focus on enhancing speaking and listening skills that help students communicate easily and freely without any delay.
● Our courses are designed by experts that are two-way conversational and are one of the best teaching methods.
● Our primary focus is on boosting the self-confidence of students which helps to improve their English fluency.
● At Verbalhub, you will grasp the language while also learning personality development, interview skills, presentation skills, and accent training.
● Our Spoken English programs in Delhi are devised in a way that focuses on the requirements of every student because the learning capabilities of every student are different.
● Our study curriculum at the Spoken English Classes in Delhi fulfils the International Requirements of the market standard.
● We at Verbalhub provide the essential training to improve the Business Communication Skills of the students.

Duration Course Course Fee  
20 Hours Free Study Material and Class Video Rs.8,000

Why Verbalhub for Personality Development Training?

1. We shine your this part knowing that you all have multi-faceted personalities that are made up of a variety of elements, while 10% of your personalities are determined by what you see outside such as your physical appearance and behavior, the remaining 90% are determined by what you think.
2. We boost you this part understanding that this is made up of your values, motivations, anxieties, and complexes, as well as your general outlook on life. As a result, this is the area where you need to focus on making a greater and more permanent change in your personality.
3. You are free here to open up and discuss your areas of improvement in your personality development training sessions held in a secure and friendly setting. We also make it a point to share what we've learned along the way in our lives and business training.
4. Our experts' professional experience makes our seminars more relevant and answers many of the problems our participants are now facing.
5. If you'd like to offer your staff a personality makeover by organizing a personality development training session for them. We are the best choice to fulfill your requirement.
6. Our highly qualified instructors can assist kids in developing both their exterior and, more importantly, inner personalities.

Advantages of Learning Spoken English in Delhi at Verbalhub
● We follow a structured and effective learning process
● Professional and Experienced faculty members
● Flexible timings students can choose class timings according to themselves
● Practical learning is key to success, and we do that

These are just the highlights, and when you join our institute, you also learn other basic skills like presentation skills, interview skills, personality development, accent training, and email etiquette.

By joining the Spoken English Classes in Delhi, students will attain their career aims, such as pursuing their education or career in foreign countries and learning the English language to fulfil the professional demands. We are located in Delhi, and students interested in joining the Spoken English classes in Delhi can contact us or register through our official website.

Various Courses Offered:
Learning the English language is a fantastic way to link with people around you, and it also helps to understand and explore diverse cultures across the world. Our Spoken English courses are for everyone, we help students from basics to advanced levels while boosting their confidence and removing the different barriers.

Different phases in the Spoken English Training at Verbalhub:
1. Phase 1
2. Pre-basic
3. Basic
4. Intermediate
5. Professional English

Phase 1

: It is a course best for students or people unknown of the English language. We make sure that you don’t feel stranded among your buddies anymore because the phase 1 course will help you pull off the easy and simple discussions in English! By completing this course, you will be able to catch up with buddies and speak freely in English.

Duration: 30 Hours

Course Content:
● Alphabet and Numbers with spellings
● How to greet people
● Name of Days and months and different Seasons
● Colours
● Types of Sentence structure (is and are).
● Rhymes to improve speaking
● Conversation activities with ‘Wh’ questions.
● Word meaning that you can use in daily situations.
● Simple Verbs and Everyday objects
● How to do the Self-introduction
● Synonym and antonym
● Singular and Plurals


This round is designed for people who have some knowledge of English. Mastering the grammar and vocabulary is one thing while communicating with professionals in English can get difficult for you. Basic knowledge of English with no confidence is of no use, but this course will prepare you to initiate the conversion with anyone.

Duration: 30 Hours

Course Content:
● Starts with Self-introduction
● Everything related to Verbs
● how to coordinate words in a sentence
● Different parts of speech and exercises
● Adpositions in detail
● Three types of Tenses include present, past, and future
● How to use Tenses along with conjunction and Sentence structure
● Articles and Jumbled sentences
● Plurals and related rules
● How to do small presentations
● Homophones(words with similar pronunciation but different meanings) and their uses
● Translating sentences while building your vocab


Round appropriate for individuals who can handle the basic dialogues in English but not the complicated ones. If you are one of the people who do not know how to maintain a long conversation or converse on intricate matters, then this program is for you. Mentors will help you increase your confidence and teach you different methods to survive complex conversing situations.

Duration: 30 Hours

Course Content:
● It will also start with Self-introduction
● Etiquette of pleasing someone
● Explaining the Parts of Speech with Activities and Practical Training
● Tenses, Articles and Homophones
● Different methods to improve Vocabulary and Grammar
● Special activities to improve Public speaking skills



Advanced round is suitable for individuals who know how to start and manage the discussions in English but make grammatical errors. During the course, students will train while discussing complex topics to develop their conversational English skills.

Duration: 30 Hours

Course Content:
● Active and Passive voice
● Noun, Pronoun, and adjective
● What are the Degrees of Comparison
● Direct and Indirect Speech
● Tenses with detailed explanations with exercises like storytelling
● Role Plays, Debates, Mock Interviews, and Panel interview session
● Students will be able to speak without any preparation
● Basic Etiquette to initiate the conversation on phone or video call
● Narrating a Story
● Viva assessment

Professional English:


People who already have good communication skills but want to comprehend the knowledge of Advanced Grammar and lack soft skills. We will help you attain a professional level of English speaking. Once you complete this course, you will be loaded with all the skills that you need to communicate freely.

Duration: 30 Hours

Course Content:
● Study materials designed by the experts to improve grammar and vocabulary
● You will improve your Interview skills, Personality Development, and Presentation Skills
● Removal of the MTI resulting in Accent neutralization
● This course also focuses on writing skills

Once you complete the Spoken English course, you’ll develop the knacks and confidence to express yourself well in English anywhere, whatever the circumstances. Verbalhub's primary goal is to prepare you for communicating freely and simply in English throughout the world.

For more details about the course, speak to our representative, who will direct you further to Verbalhub Spoken English Classes in Delhi.