VerbalHub Education GMAT Review – Aman Sharma

GMAT Review – Aman Sharma

GMAT Review – Aman Sharma

Take Away.

  • 1. Write a mock.
  • 2. Know where you stand.
  • 3. Make a study plan for two or three months.
  • 4. Collect study material according to your learning.
  • 5. Don’t read everything. Read the specific one.
  • 6. Give at least 15 days for your full mock.
  • 7. Learn more shortcuts than meaning-based strategy.

Greetings, I'm Aman Sharma

Life is a rollercoaster ride, and my path to success had its fair share of ups and downs. However, armed with determination, resilience, and the invaluable support of Verbalhub Education which is a known GMAT coaching, I overcame challenges and fulfilled my dream of conquering the GMAT. Let me take you through my unique story, where obstacles became stepping stones to a brighter future.

As a dedicated student, I pursued my matriculation and intermediate studies through the JAC Board. Education always held great importance to me, and I strived to excel academically. After completing my intermediate education, I enrolled in BCA at Subharti University in Meerut, where I honed my skills and developed a passion for technology and digital marketing.

During my college years, I discovered my affinity for various digital marketing techniques. Exploring the realms of SEO, both on-page and off-page, I delved into the art of promoting YouTube channels and effectively running advertisements on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. These captivating skills not only fascinated me but also ignited a desire to excel in the ever-evolving field of digital marketing.

Yet, I felt a void that yearned to be filled. I realized that to truly stand out in the competitive business world, I needed to augment my managerial abilities and broaden my horizons. That's when the GMAT emerged as the key to unlocking prestigious business schools and propelling my career forward.

Eager to embrace this new challenge, I embarked on a quest to find the best GMAT coaching available. Verbalhub Education swiftly captured my attention with its exceptional reputation and numerous success stories. I reached out to them, and their team of experienced mentors warmly welcomed me.

As every journey encounters hurdles, so did I. The GMAT is a demanding examination that not only tests knowledge but also assesses critical thinking and problem-solving prowess. As I delved into the vast GMAT syllabus, I encountered complex concepts and daunting questions that tested my resolve. Self-doubt attempted to creep in, and the magnitude of the task seemed insurmountable. Nevertheless, I firmly decided to persevere. Moreover, there were Verbalhub GMAT Classes to stand with me to clear all my concepts, doubts, and subjective confusion.

To the greatest extent, my heartful thanks to Verbalhub Education, which is no doubt the best GMAT online coaching, for unlimited and beyond expectation favors, I embarked on an intensive GMAT preparation journey. It's productive and result-oriented training via an online coaching program that provided comprehensive and personalized assistance tailored to my unique needs. From elucidating intricate concepts to sharing effective test-taking strategies, their mentors left no stone unturned in ensuring my success.

Mock tests played a pivotal role in my preparation. Taking numerous GMAT mock tests, I meticulously analyzed my strengths and weaknesses, meticulously honing my time management skills along the way. Each test became a stepping stone, propelling me closer to my ultimate goal.

The GMAT official guide became my constant companion. I devoted myself to studying its pages, absorbing the knowledge within, and diligently practicing the concepts. Supplementing my studies with GMAT practice tests, I familiarized myself with the exam format, building confidence in my abilities.

On the day of the GMAT exam, a mix of nerves and excitement filled me as I entered the examination center, armed with the knowledge and skills acquired through Verbalhub Education's guidance.

The GMAT exam truly tested my abilities. It was the test of my patience, my knowledge, and my decision-making ability thus it was a task to make sound judgments under pressure. The journey had not been easy, but as I walked out of the examination room, a sense of accomplishment washed over me, knowing I had given it my all.

Months later, the long-awaited results were announced. Not only had I cleared the GMAT with flying colors, but I had also achieved a remarkable score of GMAT 730. It stood as a testament to my unwavering dedication, tireless efforts, and invaluable guidance provided by Verbalhub Education. A surge of pride overwhelmed me, realizing that I had overcome the hurdles along my path and emerged triumphant.

The GMAT opened doors to a world brimming with endless possibilities. It granted me access to a prestigious business school, HEC Paris, where I could further enhance my knowledge and skills. It paved the way for a career filled with abundant opportunities and exponential growth.

Reflecting on my journey, I now realize that the challenges I faced during GMAT preparation were not merely obstacles; they transformed into transformative experiences. They taught me the value of resilience, the significance of seeking guidance when needed, and the remarkable strength we possess when we set our minds to something.

To all the aspiring GMAT conquerors out there, I wish you all the best. Yes, it will be demanding, and moments of self-doubt may arise. However, remember that every challenge presents an opportunity for growth, and every setback is a chance to bounce back even stronger.

Believe in yourself, work diligently, and seek the guidance of mentors who can illuminate your path. With unwavering dedication and perseverance, you have the potential to achieve greatness. Trust in your abilities, let the struggles fuel your determination and march confidently toward the success you genuinely deserve. I believe in many a little make miracle.