CAT One-on-One

CAT One-on-One

50 hours of Online Live Training || 500 VARC Practice Questions with Video Solutions || 750 Quant Practice Questions with Solutions || 750 Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning Practice Questions with Video Solutions || 11 Full-Length Test || Whole Course Study Materials || Free Class Lecture Video Access.

Why CAT one-on-one?
1. Productive and efficient learning.
2. Instant feedback and clarification.
3. Better use of time
4. Close watch and monitor.
5. Learning at own pace.
6. Development of strategy concept by concept.
7. More practical than theory.
8. Freedom of time.
9. Focus on special skills set.
Live Online Training
• 20 hours Verbal & 30 hours Quant.
• 5 hours foundation of Verbal.
• 5 hours foundation of Quant.
• 5 hours foundation DILR
• 10 hours 90 Percentile Strategy for Verbal with concept and shortcuts.
• 10 hours 90 Percentile strategy for Quant with concept and shortcuts.
• 10 hours 90 Percentile Strategy for DILR with concept and shortcuts.
• 5 hours Advanced strategy Verbal 99 percentile plus level.
• 5 hours Advanced strategy Quant 99 percentile plus level.
• Last hour Tips & Tricks.
• Record your own session.
Practice Questions
• More than 1500 practice questions with video solution
• 500 easy, 500 medium, and 500 difficult level questions
• Both conceptual test and sectional test
Full-Length Test
• 11 full-length test with solution
• Full-length test discussion and error log
• Complete analysis of test
Course Study Material
• Verbal Study Guide
• Quant Study Guide
• DILR Study Guide
• Special strategy notebook
5 reasons to Join VerbalHub
1. Effective and proven methodology to maximize your accuracy
2. Customized syllabus and study pattern
3. Unlimited questions for unlimited practice
4. 24*7 doubt clearance availability
5. Analytics to track your progress

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We “VerbalHub” offer videos for all concepts in your budget. Even you can pick the catogaries of videos for practice all types questions that will help you brushing and strengthing all your concepts. There are videos for shortcuts as well as strategies. Just fill the form and update your knowledge.

  • Sentence Correction
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Detail Concept
  • Strategies for Concept

Our Team

  • Master in Mathematics from Delhi University. || Master in Computer Science from Jaipur National University || Working as Chief Executive Officer in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates || 10 Years + experience as Maths Faculty || 10 years + experience in Business Development

    Dilip Kumar Rathore, Quant Trainer
  • Masters in Geography from Delhi University || Masters in English from Indira Gandhi University || Bachelor in Education from Uttarakhand University || 7 years of experience in Training || Academic Head in Delhi Public School

    Jyoti Joshi, IELTS Trainer
  • MBA from Xavier School of Management. || Masters in English from Delhi University. || 9 years + experience as a Language Trainer || IELTS & PTE certified Trainer || 8.5 Band in IELTS.

    Imaam Hasan, Language Faculty