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    What is an Executive MBA

    The Executive Master of Business Administration, or Executive MBA, came very late into the IIMs after the Regular MBA. Like the Regular MBA, the Executive MBA provides a holistic business-related education in diverse subjects like marketing, finance, and accounting.

    IIMs Eligibility Criteria for EMBA

    The candidates must have mentioned the below things if they want to do E-MBA from IIMs

    • ● Graduation with a minimum of 50 percent aggregate marks from recognised university or college
    • ● Working experience(3 to 5 years) in a business firm or having their own business at the time of applying
    • ● They should have a valid scorecard for XAT, CAT, GMAT, GRE, and other related exams.

    You need to have the following things if you are thinking about EMBA from IIMS.

    Executive MBA fees:

    Fees for executive MBA can vary according to the types of institutes or universities. Generally, it can be upto 15 lakhs.

    Some of the Differences:

    How do working professionals benefit from an Executive MBA?

    Regular EMBA or Executive Post Graduate Programmes is a perfect option for working professionals executives who desire to enhance their skills and carry their organizations to the next level of development.

    What does it do to your Business Career?

    The Executive MBA degree concentrates on

    • ● Leadership Skills
    • ● It helps boost your business skills
    • ● It helps boost your business skills

    But E-MBA is only designed for Business professionals with experience.
    If you aspire to be in a leadership role, enrolling in an E-MBA could be the best next step you want to take in progressing towards the C-suite(executive-level managers within an organisation).

    Executive MBA Jobs profiles

    • ● Completing an Executive MBA program will enable you to create a strong impact within your corporation.
    • ● Help you to make a more useful decision.
    • ● It will provide you with more responsibilities and leadership roles.
    • ● It will open opportunities for better jobs with great salaries across different business industries.

    Jobs for Executive MBA include influential roles like CFO, CEO, CMO, etc., or maybe a senior consultant and VP roles, and business partner roles at top firms.

    At present times, these Executive MBA and Graduate Programmes are catching up fast in the Indian institutes. Many institutes have started Executive MBA Programs throughout the country on a part-time or full-time basis.

    In this article, we have tried to explain how EMBA has changed the scenery for the working professionals who have high hopes to reach the top spot in their field. We have highlighted every detail in the article regarding the Executive MBA from IIMs,

    • ● What are the requirements or eligibility criteria
    • ● What are the executive MBA profile
    • ● How Executive mba from IIM for working professionals can improve their business life

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