Visa Counseling

Apply for a visa with expert guidelines!!

Planning to visit an international country? Are you new in this field and not aware of the visa process? Here you are! Have a look below at why you will get free consultancy for the visa application.
Applying for a visa is a hectic process. Without document verification and paperwork, the process is incomplete. Always hire the best organization that can guide you with every process. The visa procedures and applications have complex combinations. Expert guidelines are required for the visa process.
The various types of visa
Talking about the types of visa it is based on your profession. Student visa, investor visa, business visa, visitor visa, etc are some of the types.
Business visa
This visa is applicable for those people who want to establish a business in foreign. The respective countries’ government authorities issue this type of visa. Buyers, experts, and specialists, training of multinational companies can avail business visas.
Tourist visa
You can take free consultancy for a tourist visa. Those who belong to an international country. They can meet their friend, casual visits, etc require a tourist visa. This visa is not used for any other purpose such as education, and business, etc. Foreigner regional registration office is the one who issued a tourist visa.
Work visa
This type of visa will allow entering the foreign country for a fixed period. For different countries the process is different, and requirements are different. This visa is applicable only at the time of work and immigration.
Dependent visa
A visa that allows spouses and children to travel globally to join the family members. According to law family can stay with the one who is working outside.
Student visa
A student visa is used only for educational purposes in foreign countries. This type of nonimmigrant visa, who wants to pursue higher education in a foreign country. You need to enroll yourself in the university of your country. After enrolling you can get a student visa application.
Transit visa
As the name suggests transit visa applies to those who transit from India to other destinations. It is a double or single entry visa for a maximum of 15 days.
Employment visa
The skilled and qualified people engaged in various organizations, technical experts can avail themselves of this. The artist sportsman, engineers, teachers, specialist chefs can avail employment visa.
Documents required
At the time of the visa interview, the following documents are required. Your free advisor will guide you accordingly.
• A passport that is original and has six months validity. The recent as well as an old passport.
• Photograph in two formats digital and hardcopy as per the specification.
• Appointment letter print out.
• Monetary affordability, validity, legality.
• Proof of finance like a bank statement.

Bottom line
Without free consultancy, one cannot apply for a visa. Visa is the entry to other nations for short as well as a long period. The maximum duration for entry is 90 days.
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