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We, the best GMAT prep course, serve online GMAT prep course and we offer number of courses such as GMAT coaching end-to-end, GMAT coaching one-on-one, GMAT coaching fast track and GMAT coaching specific. We suggest cheapest GMAT prep course considering that your learning should not be deprived just because of cost. Join GMAT prep course online and check GMAT Course Plan & Fees, GMAT Success Stories & Reviews, GMAT Faculties, and GMAT Batches.

Best Online Prep for GMAT!

In case you want to go with your own GMAT prep course online, I am sharing name of books for self study and name of lists of free tests for self-assessment.

GMAT Study Materials

  • 1. Official Guide for GMAT Review: This resource contains authentic GMAT questions and explanations, offering the most accurate representation of the test.
  • 2. Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides: These comprehensive guides cover all GMAT sections, providing detailed strategies and practice questions. They are renowned for their high-quality content.
  • 3. PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible: Specifically focuses on enhancing Critical Reasoning skills, providing thorough explanations and strategies for tackling these question types.
  • 4. PowerScore GMAT Sentence Correction Bible: Similar to the Critical Reasoning Bible, this book is dedicated to improving Sentence Correction skills with comprehensive explanations and practice questions.
  • 5. PowerScore GMAT Reading Comprehension Bible: A PowerScore publication aimed at mastering Reading Comprehension passages and questions.
  • 6. Kaplan GMAT Premier: Offers strategies, practice questions, and online resources to prepare for the GMAT, including various practice tests.
  • 7. Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course Set: A set of books covering all GMAT sections, including practice questions, strategies, and online resources.
  • 8. Cracking the GMAT by The Princeton Review: Offers a thorough overview of the GMAT, encompassing strategies, practice tests, and techniques for each section.
  • 9. GMAT Advanced Quant by Manhattan Prep: Focused on advanced quantitative concepts, suitable for those aiming for a high Quantitative score.
  • 10. GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review: A companion to the Official Guide for GMAT Review, concentrating on the Verbal section, providing additional practice questions and explanations.

GMAT Test Platforms

  • 1. Official GMAT Website: Offers two official practice exams on its website, closely simulating the GMAT test experience.
  • 2. Manhattan Prep: Provides a complimentary GMAT practice test upon registration, along with additional free resources and practice questions.
  • 3. Veritas Prep: Offers a free GMAT practice test upon registration, alongside various other free resources for preparation.
  • 4. Kaplan: Provides a free GMAT practice test and practice question bank upon account creation, accessible through a free account.
  • 5. Magoosh: Presents a free GMAT practice test upon account creation, along with free practice questions and video lessons.
  • 6. Princeton Review: Provides a complimentary GMAT practice test upon sign-up, accompanied by other free GMAT preparation resources.
  • 7. GMAT Club: A popular online community for GMAT test-takers, offering a free GMAT practice test, study plans, resources, and practice questions.
  • 8. PrepScholar: Presents a free GMAT practice test upon account creation, coupled with other GMAT prep resources.
  • 9. e-GMAT: Offers a free GMAT practice test upon registration, alongside various free resources and articles for preparation.
  • 10. 4Tests: Provides a no-registration-required, free GMAT practice test.

As business becomes increasingly global, the need for management training that transcends cultural and geographic boundaries is more important than ever. GMAT exams are a key component of the admission process for many graduate programs around the world. The GMAT exam is a prerequisite for starting the MBA program. Taking the exam can be intimidating, but preparing for the GMAT prep course will make preparing for the test you need easier. VerbalHub is the best institute for gmat prep classes that not only provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to do well on the GMAT exam but they also network with other students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in business.

Let’s explore a little about the GMAT exam.

The GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is intended to assess specific analytical, written, quantitative, oral, and reading skills written in English for use in admission to graduate management programs such as MBA programs. It is a computer-based adaptive test. It requires knowledge of certain rules and some knowledge of algebra, geometry, and arithmetic. GMAT preparation includes knowledge of analytical writing, sound data processing, logic, and problem-solving skills, with critical thinking skills considered essential to real-world business and management success.

How are online GMAT preparation courses helpful?

Here are some of the benefits of an online gmat prep course:

Gain trust- If you take an online GMAT prep course, you will see questions similar to those on the actual test. This allows you to feel safe and in control doing so. Many people have anxiety about not knowing what will happen when they take the exam, but our goal is to eliminate that anxiety completely.

Thorough preparation- Taking a gmat preparation course allows you to thoroughly prepare for each GMAT exam section. You will get far better results by taking an online course than by following your own self-study system.

A targeted approach - While preparing online, you can focus on your weaknesses with tools tailored to your needs. Online GMAT lessons are categorized by topic so you can study the content you need the most help with over and over again.

Customized attention - Online prep courses have weekly one-on-one sessions with live instructors. This online course creates the atmosphere of a classroom but with the flexibility of on-demand online instruction and the personal touch of a live teacher.

Cost Effective – Did you know that online courses can be up to 70% cheaper than traditional courses? Why pay more when you can get similar results for less?

Improve speed- One of the points of taking a GMAT test is that each section has timings. If you take an online GMAT prep course, you know how quickly you need to complete each section to get a perfect score. You can also learn strategies to improve your overall time.

High-quality content- Online video lessons create a classroom environment and deliver high-quality content with minimal effort.

If you are still trying to decide about online preparation courses, you can easily apply to GMAT Training Center for offline coaching, depending on your location.

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