Is it a better choice for choosing FMS, Delhi over IIM-B and IIM-C?


 choice for choosing FMS

The three Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), also known as IIM Bangalore or IIM B, IIM Calcutta or IIM C, and the Faculty of Management Studies at the University of Delhi, are included on this list for anyone who wishes to pursue an MBA or who is passionate about learning about business management and the skill set necessary for the same (FMS).

It is rare that you have the opportunity to make a decision, so if you do, make sure to carefully consider all of your possibilities before making your decision. It is rare that you have the opportunity to make a decision, so if you do, make sure to carefully consider all of your possibilities before making your decision.

Your decision or choice should never be made in such a way that you need to regret it later, whether this opportunity arises in your life while you are the CEO of a company, the owner of a startup, or even when you are going to pick the proper college for yourself.

To give closure to the efforts, sacrifices, and perseverance that you and perhaps your family, teachers, and friends may have put in, you should choose a college with proper research and carefully considering even minute details so that your efforts don't just go in vain. Passing the entrance exam, the CAT, is in itself a great accomplishment and also a proof that you truly aspire to study business.

There is no denying that the aforementioned institutions are the greatest business schools in India and, to a large extent, Asia. However, there are some further distinctions between each of these colleges that may help you choose one over the rest, choosing between IIM B, IIM C, or FMS.

The All India Ranking

The National Institutional Ranking Framework, or NIRF, created by the Ministry of Human Resource Development assesses Indian colleges based on a variety of criteria and offers a ranking list for each college.


According to NIRF, it is ranked number two in India.


According to NIRF, it is ranked third in India.


According to NIRF, it is ranked thirty-five in India.

Based on the year 2019, each of these ranks.



For the class of 2020–2022, MBA aspirants must pay INR 23,00,000 in total programme fees, INR 15,000 as a refundable security deposit, and INR 20,000 each for meal and housing costs.


The programme fee for the academic year 2021–2022 is INR 27,00,000 (non-refundable), payable in four instalments. This cost includes tuition, housing, books, and economy flights for study excursions.


The annual tuition for the MBA-Full Time programme at FMS is roughly INR 10,480.

Notable Alumni

The college's alumni network frequently discusses how the institution has prepared and assisted its students in succeeding in the corporate sector and in tackling issues in the real world using their knowledge and abilities.


Radhakrishnan served as the Chairman of the Space Commission, Secretary of the Department of Space, and President of ISRO from November 2009 to December 2014.

Sameer Suneja and Vega Tamotia are two other noteworthy former students.


Being the former CEO and Chairman of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi is one of the top 100 most powerful women in the world. Ajit Balakrishnan, an Indian business leader and administrator, is one of the school's other prominent graduates. He is the company's creator, current chairman, and chief executive officer. is a Mumbai-based internet business.


Indian entrepreneur and investor Raghav Bahl is well known for owning a number of TV stations, including TV18 India. Anupama Verma and Ira Singhal are two other famous graduates.



There were 432 eligible batches in all. 518 offers were made in total.


The maximum CTC was 80 LPA, and the average CTC is 27.9 LPA. 444 people made up the entire group, with 73% men and 27% women.


THE highest CTC increased to 58.6 LPA, while the average CTC for the top quartile is 37.3 LPA.

Courses Offered


Master of Business Administration, 1-year full time.

Master of Business Administration, 2-years weekend.

Master of Business Administration, 2-years full time.

Master of Business Administration (Business Analytics)


Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Post Graduate Programme for Executives

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics


MBA Fulltime


MBA-Executive HCA

Particulars IIM B IIM C FMS
Location situated on Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore, Karnataka, India Situated in Joka ,Kolkata in West Bengal ,India. Situated in New Delhi , Delhi in India.
How to travel? The distance to IIM B from Bangalore International Airport is about 45 kilometres. The distance to IIM B from City Railway Station is about 13 kilometres. The Institute is located along Diamond Harbour Road, 35 kilometres from the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, 18 kilometres from the Sealdah Station, and roughly 20 kilometres from the Howrah Station. The Joka Tram Terminus is 2 km and the Thakurpukur Bus Terminus is 3 km south of the university, respectively. The best ways to get here are therefore buses and cabs. The following metro stations are within a 1-kilometer range of it: Vidhan Sabha, Vishv Vidyalay, and Civil Lines. Thus, the metro is the best option.
Fees For the 2020–2022 batch, INR 23,000 For the academic year 2021–2022, the programme price is INR 27,00,000. The yearly cost is INR 10,480.
Average Placement The CTC was INR 24.54 LPA on average. The CTC was INR 27.3 LPA on average. The CTC was 37.3 LPA on average.
Highest Package The most expensive package cost INR 48.5 LPA. The most expensive package was INR 80 LPA. The highest package cost 58.6 LPA (INR).
Seats 412 480 230