IIFT Coaching One-on-One

IIFT One-on-One

Verbalhub’s IIFT coaching classes are a promise for your business career. This is the best IIFT coaching institution that offers both online and offline courses. The faculty members at VerbalHub, who are experts in their respective fields as well as masters in IIFT entrance exam coaching, use a comprehensive and structured approach to cover all essential topics.

In addition to their world-class teachers, VerbalHub also provides personalized coaching and mentorship programs that are tailored to each student's unique needs. VerbalHub, which is known as the best coaching for IIFT understands that no two students are alike, and they work hard to provide a customized learning experience that maximizes each student's potential.

VerbalHub also offers a wide range of study materials, including mock tests and previous year question papers hence this allows students to familiarize themselves with the exam format and gain confidence in their abilities before the big day. With VerbalHub's expert guidance and comprehensive resources, students can be confident that they are well-prepared to ace the IIFT exam and secure admission to their dream institute.

In conclusion, if you're serious about pursuing a career in business management, VerbalHub's IIFT coaching classes are the perfect choice. Their expert faculty, personalized coaching programs, and comprehensive study materials make them the best option for students who want to achieve their dreams of becoming successful management professionals. Enroll now and initiate a step toward the fulfillment of your dream.

250 hours plus Online Offline Live Training || Life Time Validity || Back to Back Doubt Session || Free Access of Class Recording Videos || 10,000 plus Practice Questions with answer keys || Unlimited Sectional Tests || Weekly full Test Assessment || Monthly Study plan Revision || 1000 VARC Practice Questions with Video Solutions || 1000 Quant Practice Questions with Solutions || 1000 DILR Practice Questions with Solutions || 51 Full-Length Test || 30 plus books and study materials || Hand-Made Notes, PPT and PDF || Whole Course Study Materials.

Why IIFT One-on-One?
1. Interactive Session.
2. Personalized Attention.
3. Productive and efficient learning.
4. Instant feedback and clarification.
5. Close watch and monitor.
6. Development of strategy concept by concept.
7. More practical than theory.
8. Focus on special skills set.

Live Online Training
• 30 hours Verbal Foundation.
• 40 hours Quant Foundation.
• 25 hours DILR.
• 20 hours 90 Percentile Strategy for Verbal with concept and shortcuts.
• 20 hours 90 Percentile strategy for Quant with concept and shortcuts.
• 20 hours 90 Percentile Strategy for DILR with concept and shortcuts.
• 15 hours Advanced strategy Verbal 99 percentile plus level.
• 15 hours Advanced strategy Quant 99 percentile plus level.
• 15 hours Advanced strategy DILR 99 percentile plus level.
• All Test Evaluation and Assessment Report.
• Last hour Tips & Tricks.
• Record your own session.

Practice Questions
• More than 1500 practice questions with video solution
• 500 easy, 500 medium, and 500 difficult level questions
• Both conceptual test and sectional test

Sectional Test
• 1000 Sectional Tests Paper Based
• 500 Sectional Test Computer Based
•500 Conceptual Test

Full-Length Test
• 51 full-length test with solution
• Full-length test discussion and error log
• Complete analysis of test

Course Study Material
• Verbal Study Guide
• Quant Study Guide
• DILR Study Guide
• Special strategy notebook

5 reasons to Join VerbalHub
1. Effective and proven methodology to maximize your accuracy.
2. Customized syllabus and study pattern.
3. Unlimited questions for unlimited practice.
4. 24*7 doubt clearance availability.
5. Analytics to track your progress.