Why VerbalHub is the best and right choice for your GRE Preparation.

Why VerbalHub is the best and right choice for your GRE Preparation.

VerbalHub believes that Different Students Require Different Approaches to Learning hence we begin with the evaluation of test takers. The test takers is given a set of questions that include easy, medium, difficult question. As per performance scale, we prepare a report card, a road map is designed to begin preparation, GRE test takers is given one of the rounds. The rounds are step by step improvement that keeps track of preparation.

Round 1: Foundation
Round 2: 310 General Tips & Tricks
Round 3: 320 percentile Advance Strategy
Round 4: Scoring Tricks for 340 percentile plus

Round1: GRE prep begins with a foundation in which the GRE test takers is given detailed information about syllabus. This round basically focuses on the development of very basic understanding of preparation. The test takers is explained all the terminology of the preparation, books and study materials that to be followed, general strategy to crack GRE or to get GRE desired score, and basic questions papers to solve.

Round 2: The second Round is about 80 percentile general tips & tricks. The GRE test takers is given a detailed idea about all concepts, approach, and strategy. The test takers is given sectional test of each individual section and approach is tested. If GRE test takers performs well, they are suggested for Round 3; if they lack anywhere in approach and strategy, they are invited to rejoin Round 2, brush up concept, and improve the approach. At the end of Round 2, the test takers invited for one-on-on discussion about preparation, doubts, and further planning for the exam.

Round 3: This Round is completely based on Strategy, doubts, and discussion; the mentors of VerbalHub work on error log and prepare the test takers for high score. In case of conceptual weakness, the takers are strengthened in the weaker section. After that, the mentors invite GRE test takers and guide how to approach difficult questions, how to overcome silly mistake, how to manage time and how get rid of pressure.

Round 4: This is elite round. This Round is to prepare to score 720, 740, and 760 plus. Our experts work on the following: 1. How to apply common sense to trick the questions
2. How to identify awkward options
3. How to follow splitting strategy
4. How to use key words to destroy the difficult questions
5. How to reach 740, 760, and 780 from 700.
6. Final test-taking mantra
7. Last-minute strategy.

Why the VerbalHub is the best.

We make strategies and equip test takers with skills for the desired height. We believe in The smart beginning is half done. We work on Individualized and Customized Learning Plans. A customized learning plan consists of phases, on the other hand, an individualized learning plan consists of sop, counseling, and batch.
Sop: Standard operating procedure is a set of step-by-step instructions to achieve efficiency, quality, and uniformity of performance. Counseling: Right judgment and balance thinking is the key to success. It begins with an evaluation. After evaluation, VerbalHub starts listing: study material, study hours, guidance, sectional tests, and full tests. Individualized works in every phase; After giving them batch, they are counseled for each step.

We believe in your score is our object.