GMAT Verbal Target 44 Plus

GMAT Verbal Target 44 Plus

50 Plus hours of Online Live Training || 50 Sectional Tests + Doubt Sessions ||250 SC Practice Questions with Video Solutions || 250 CR Practice Questions with Video Solutions || 250 RC Practice Questions with Video Solutions || 11 Full-Length Tests || Whole Course Study Materials || Special Tips & Tricks Notes || 24*7 Doubt Sessions || Question Bank Access.

GMAT Verbal is a kingmaker in GMAT score mainly if someone targets 700 plus. The majority of GMAT test-takers come from Engineering backgrounds thus they are good at the quant section of the GMAT exam, but GMAT Verbal troubles them, and without a good score in verbal they cannot achieve desired score hence working on GMAT verbal with the Target 44 Plus takes to a new height as the course has been designed keeping in mind that the test takers are aware of the fundamentals but unable to apply them and mainly struggle in implementation.

How Verbal Target 44 plus works

Concept: First the course brushes up on all the concepts of basic. Primarily it focuses on how to apply the concept rather than go through the theory. At the same time, it takes the tests of implementation too. And then the learners are given practice questions based on each concept. Every concept is not only discussed but also taken care of for implementation on a different level. For example, if the question is easy, how fast strategy can be applied; at the same time, if the question is very difficult, and how smart strategy can be used in time.

Strategy: This part is an evaluation round in which the test taker has tested whether the test taker has the right approach for the question or not. More than 100 questions of each SC/ RC/ CR discussed, guided, and corrected test takers’ approaches and thought processes. While implementing the strategy, time management is taken into premier consideration. Based on the discussion, the error log is prepared then the test taker is given practice questions to sharpen the command over the concept. After each practice, a certain mock test is taken to assess the performance after that next step is taken.

Full-length test: This is the most crucial round for Target 44 plus. The purpose of this phase is to help test takers on each step and stage. After the full-length adaptive test, the test taker is guided for each wrong answer, considering the points: what was a common error, what was a silly mistake, what was the level of question in which there was a struggle, what was time pressure, which topic was most bothering, how was accuracy and many more. After that teacher prepares a plan about how to not only increase but also be consistent with the score. The same cycle is repeated for 11 full-length tests. In case of any inconsistency, the break is given to manage the psychological control and thought process.

What more VerbalHub will offer with Target 44 for the Verbal section of the GMAT?
Premier services
1. Unlimited hours of training.
2. Live training.
3. Recorded Videos for all classes
4. 25 books from different sources.
5. 1000 practice questions with video solutions.
6. 2500 practice questions.
7. 50 sectional adaptive tests.
8. 11 full-length adaptive tests
9. Regular doubt sessions

Study Materials
You will be given more than 25 books from a different platforms. The reason why different sources are given is that GMAT is not about the test of certain questions instead it is a test of logical approach and logical thinking. Multiple sources of material give more diverse thought to learning.
Moreover, the teachers guide what to read and when to read as per the assessment report. They do not suggest to follow the traditional method of reading but to follow the points that help in quality learning.

Online Live Training
There will be unlimited hours of training in the full course. All the sessions will be live and the recording of each class will be available just after the class. There will be no restriction for doubt sessions and other study-related discussions.

Concept Practice
There will be 30 to 40 questions for each concept. After each concept there will sectional test. Based on the test teacher will guide how to build the control over the strategy.

250 SC, CR, and RC Practice Questions with Video Solutions
To make your preparation easy, VerbalHub provides its students with video solutions for SC, CR, and RC Practice Questions. Students can watch the videos even they will have access to download and save. Besides these, you will get unlimited mock tests for the Verbal section.

Sectional Tests
During the prep course, you will be evaluated at the end of every section. You will be given different sectional tests based on which you will receive help from the mentors if there is a problem.

11 Full-Length Tests
Before the final exam, students can utilize the full-length tests provided by Verbalhub. And the Full lengths of tests will help you get familiar with the exam pattern.

Course Study Material
• Official Guide & Verbal Review.
• Foundation book for each concept.
• Practice Book for each concept.
• Special strategy notebook.

5 reasons to join VerbalHub
1. Effective and proven methodology to maximize your accuracy.
2. Customized syllabus and study pattern.
3. Unlimited questions for unlimited practice.
4. 24*7 doubt clearance availability.
5. Analytics to track your progress.