GMAT ™ Official Guide Bundle 2024

Insight of GMAT ™ Official Guide Bundle 2024

As of 2024 and further, the GMAT has undergone significant transformations, bringing about a streamlined three-section format and introducing an innovative Data Insights section. These changes reflect the evolving landscape of business education and industry demands, emphasising higher-order reasoning skills and critical data literacy.

In the 2023 edition, notable modifications have been made, including the removal of the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section and Integrated reasoning.

The new edition of GMAT brings a groundbreaking addition with the introduction of the Data Insights section. This cutting-edge segment is designed to assess your competency in data analysis and interpretation, critical skills demanded by today's rapidly evolving business landscape. Integrating elements of Integrated Reasoning and Data Sufficiency question types, this section unveils a new dimension of digital and data literacy, emphasising its relevance in contemporary business scenarios.

Let's talk about the GMAT ™ Official Guide Bundle 2024

Students preparing for the GMAT can benefit from the GMAT ™ Official Guide Bundle 2024. This ultimate prep collection includes the complete set of Official Guides, giving you all the tools to assess, practice, and hone your skills with over 1400 real GMAT™ Focus Edition questions. It's your one-stop-shop to kickstart your preparation.

What's included GMAT ™ Official Guide Bundle 2024:

  • i. Four eBooks covering questions from every section of the GMAT Focus Edition.
  • ii. Dive deep into detailed answer explanations to understand how GMAT constructs questions.
  • iii. Progress gradually by tackling questions in order of difficulty, from easy to hard.
  • iv. Find your way around your study sessions easily with a question index. It sorts practice questions by page number, subject area, and difficulty level.

Plus, get the perks of four Online Question Banks:

  • ● Customise your practice sets by choosing question types and difficulty levels.
  • ● Get access to over 300 extra questions that are only available in the Online Question Bank.
  • ● Seamlessly switch between devices for a flexible studying experience.
  • ● Go through practice questions under real time condition and impression.
  • ● Analyse key performance metrics to identify focus areas and track your improvement.
  • ● Master key concepts with flashcards.

This GMAT™ Official Guide Bundle 2024 is your best way to get success on exam day.

GMAT official guide 2023 bundle & GMAT bundle 2022

In the GMAT official guide 2023/24 bundle, certain topics and chapters have been rearranged for better information delivery. The GMAT exam structure includes three sections: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and Data Insights section. The guide is available online, priced between USD 100-160 (INR 10,111.76).

Why the Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guide vs GMAT bundle 2022?

The Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guide, focusing on the 7th edition, consists of a package with six online practice tests and individual practice questions for verbal, quantitative, and integrated reasoning. The bundle includes a Navigator product providing alternative explanations for Official Guide questions.

Candidates can access an online study plan through GMAT's Atlas Platform. This bundle is ideal for those retaking the exam, reviewing material, and with a solid 8-week preparation period. It also features a self-study toolkit with a comprehensive guide, online resources, and a syllabus to track progress.

The 7th edition has expanded topics to highlight specific aspects and concentrate on common questions. It has undergone changes and expansions, including additional tips and points. Comprising three books, the quantitative section and related topics are in one, while verbal topics like CR, RC, and SC are in another.

This edition has moved 20-30% of the content online, accessible through Manhattan GMAT's online study plan. While excellent for aiming for a score of 730 and above, candidates need to access extra topics online. Notably, the 7th edition lacks a GMAT roadmap found in earlier editions.

What are the differences among GMAT official guide 2021 bundle, GMAT official guide 2022 and 2023 vs Manhattan Series?

Comparing content between the new and old editions of Manhattan, there are differences in various topics. For instance, in the new edition, FDPs are reduced by 16%, Algebra by 33%, Word Problems by 24%, Number Properties by 39%, and Geometry by 45%. Overall, the total content is reduced by 31%. In the verbal section, SC is reduced by 17%, RC by 15%, and CR by 19%, resulting in a total reduction of 17% in verbal content.

Information about the 7th edition of Manhattan All the GMAT reveals a broader coverage of content and strategies designed to help candidates achieve high scores on the exam than the GMAT official guide 2021 bundle.

The questions have been made simpler, catering to candidates aiming for scores of 675+ rather than 701+. The 90+ percentile topics have been mostly eliminated, with a 17% reduction in verbal content and a 30% reduction in quantitative content.

Notably, the challenging questions have been replaced with easier ones to facilitate simpler calculations. The new edition provides answer choices for back-solving in both quantitative questions and verbal sections. Practice question papers have been introduced for all topics.

What features does GMAT 7th edition feature?

In terms of specifics, the 7th edition features changes in the number of questions for various topics, such as Fraction, Decimal, and Percentages (112 questions), GMAT Word Problems (114 questions), GMAT Algebra (134 questions), GMAT Geometry (70 questions), Number Properties (68 questions), RC (110 questions), SC (211 questions), and CR (200 questions).

The integrated reading (IR) section has seen more questions. While this is helpful for candidates struggling in specific sections, the verbal and quantitative sections have been shortened and simplified.

A review of the book suggests that for candidates already scoring around 550 or 600 and aiming for 750+, the 7th edition is an ideal companion.

However, it may only help beginners reach a score of 680+, not 700+. The book bundle is recommended for those retaking the exam with 6-8 weeks until the test date.

What does it include?

Some topics have been moved online, accessible through GMAT's Atlas platform. The bundle includes a self-study toolkit comprising a comprehensive strategy guide, online resources, and a syllabus for progress tracking. As the 7th edition is a condensed and simplified version, it is a valuable purchase for candidates willing to reduce their preparation time by 20-30%, with the trade-off of a potential 20-30 point change in their GMAT score.

GMAT Official Advanced Questions

The GMAT Official Advanced Questions is a pack of 300 challenging GMAT questions from last exams. Priced affordably at USD 22 (INR 1649) for the print version and USD 30 (INR 2249) for the online version, this book serves as an Online Question Bank for creating personalized practice sets.

Major sections of the GMAT

The GMAT exam comprises four sections: IR, Verbal, AWA and Quantitat. The first three sections have a total of 79 questions, while the Analytical Writing section features one descriptive question.

Full details about the book

The book contains 150 challenging GMAT math questions, 150 tough GMAT reading and language questions, and problem-solving tips from the people who make the actual test.

The online questions are accessible both online and through a mobile app. Designed to aid candidates in achieving top GMAT scores, the GMAT Official Advanced Questions book is particularly beneficial for those retaking the exam. It aligns with the Enhanced Score Report (ESR) category and is available at an affordable price.

Why should beginners avoid this book?

The book is not recommended for beginners due to the higher difficulty level, but it is pertinent for candidates seeking score improvement. With a total of 300-plus questions, it provides a challenging opportunity for self-assessment and score enhancement.

The content is organised by fundamental skills, allowing candidates to focus their studies effectively. The book's features include key performance metrics for performance improvement and access to the Online Question Bank through the Wiley Efficient Learning Mobile app.

GMAT Official Advanced Questions book

The GMAT Official Advanced Questions book offers convenience with an online question bank accessible through a mobile app and online platforms. It enables candidates to create customizable practice tests and study offline by downloading the question bank via the mobile app.

The book's structure aligns with the GMAT Enhanced Score Report (ESR) format, providing a targeted study plan. The online tools facilitate studying on the go, as candidates can sync the question bank across multiple devices. In essence, this book is a valuable tool for candidates aiming to distinguish themselves and excel in their GMAT exams.

Details about GMAT Official Advanced Book

The guide allows you to customise it by adding your own notes and highlighting important information. The questions in the book are sorted into different types questions such as PS, DS, CR, RC, and SC.

The distribution includes approximately 60 PS, 80 DS, 50 RC, 45 CR, and 50 SC questions. Further, CR questions are subdivided into Analysis/Critique and Construction/Plan types, while SC questions are divided into Communication and Grammar.

These categories align well with Enhanced Score Report (ESR) classifications. Unlike the old Powerprep Software, every question in the book comes with explanations checked by experts in the subject. These explanations help you understand the concepts and clear up any uncertainties about GMAT Critical Reasoning (CR) and Sentence Correction (SR) answer choices.

The GMAT Official Advanced Book's Problem Solving questions encompass geometry, algebra, sets, and series. Specific topics include Counting/Sets/Series (12 questions), Geometry (10 questions), Rates/Ratios/Percentage (7 questions), Equalities/Inequalities/Algebra (20 questions), and Values/Orders/Factors (18 questions). In the Critical Reasoning section, topics cover Analysis/Critique (26 questions) and Construction/Plan (23 questions).

The Data Sufficiency section mirrors PS topics, covering Counting/Sets/Series (9 questions), Geometry (19 questions), Rates/Ratios/Percentage (4 questions), Equalities/Inequalities/Algebra (29 questions), and Values/Orders/Factors (22 questions). For Sentence Correction, the book addresses Communication (30 questions) and Grammar (21 questions). RC comprises 50 questions.

Why do experts recommend this book?

In total, the book contains 300 questions. It is recommended for GMAT retakers seeking score improvement. With its 300 hard questions, structured by fundamental skills and customizable practice sets, the book is an excellent resource for GMAT preparation. The expert-reviewed explanations further enhance its value. For candidates aiming to boost their scores and those who have ordered an ESR, this book is a necessary addition.

GMAT Official Guide 2022 Bundle

The GMAT bundle 2022 is a comprehensive collection featuring e-books and an online Question Bank, offering over 2,000 authentic GMAT questions from past years. These questions serve as valuable tools for evaluating and practising GMAT Exam Preparation.

Designed to boost your confidence in handling the math part of the GMAT test, this guide includes lots of real questions in both the book and online that includes past GMAT exam’s questions. This inclusive package includes flashcards, a question bank, and the flexibility to create customised GMAT practice tests based on difficulty levels.

Additionally, GMAC educator videos are available. The GMAT Quantitative section enables users to create custom quiz sessions, review, and synchronise metrics across devices. For effective GMAT 2022 preparation, ample practice with previous year papers or mock tests is crucial, and the GMAT Official 2022 Guide Bundle proves to be a valuable resource for candidates seeking such practice.

This has more than 2,000 questions from previous GMAT exams. The GMAT Quantitative Review is updated and comes with handy sheets for reviewing formulas and concepts. There are also 50 extra questions to get used to the exam format and structure, along with detailed and updated explanations for the answers.

Are essay samples available?

The bundle also includes actual essay topics, scoring information, and sample responses, covering sentence correction, GMAT reading comprehension, and critical reasoning. The questions are categorised based on difficulty level, providing a clear understanding of what is tested on the GMAT. The GMAT Official Guide 2022 Bundle further assists with navigation through its organisation by page number, difficulty level, and subject matter, facilitating ease of use.

Does the GMAT official guide 2022 bundle books online question bank?

The bundle extends its offerings with three online question banks, supplementing the sample questions in the books with 170+ online exclusive questions. This comprehensive collection ensures a thorough and targeted approach to GMAT preparation, making it an essential tool for candidates seeking to enhance their skills and perform well in the GMAT exam. GMAT official guide 2022 bundle books online question bank is a complete source of GMAT practice.

How to access the GMAT official guide bundle?

Students can find the Bundle on the Wiley's Efficient Learning website and mobile app, offering access to the online Question Bank. Instructions for downloading and utilising the eBooks and GMAT Online Bank will be provided via email. Additionally, the bundle is available for purchase on Flipkart and Amazon. The pricing details for the GMAT Official Guide Bundle 2022 are $81.99 or 4,297 INR. This comprehensive bundle is a valuable resource for GMAT preparation, ensuring accessibility through various platforms and providing essential materials for effective study.

Students can prepare for the GMAT exam by engaging in comprehensive and consistent practice, encompassing over 1,000 questions: quant, verbal, AWA, and IR. Each question comes with detailed explanations, offering insight into the reasoning behind the answers and aiding in performance improvement. The questions are categorised by difficulty level, allowing you to start from easy and progress to hard as you enhance your knowledge.

The GMAT prep bundle is equipped with user-friendly features, including a mobile app for convenient on-the-go practice, offline access to content across all devices, and the flexibility to tailor custom practice sets based on difficulty, fundamental skills, question type, and various filters.

The practice test mode enables regular performance assessments with an opportunity to retry questions for improvement. Key performance metrics aid in monitoring progress, and online GMAT flashcards are readily available for swift revision at any time and place. A notable addition to this edition is the Online Diagnostic Evaluation, providing insights into strengths and areas needing focus. This bundle offers comprehensive guidance and resources, ensuring an effective GMAT preparation experience.

Utilising the GMAT Bundle effectively in your exam preparations involves several key steps. Firstly, the books within the bundle serve as valuable tools to evaluate your progress across different sections of the GMAT exam. This assessment aids in establishing a baseline for preparation and identifies both strong and weak areas.

Why are GMAT Verbal and Quantitative reviews important?

For a targeted focus on weaker sections, the GMAT Verbal and Quantitative reviews can be particularly helpful. Custom practice sets within the bundle should be employed to gradually increase the difficulty level as improvement is observed.

Additionally, the bundle serves as a tool to test your readiness for the actual GMAT exam. The Online Question Bank, functioning as a mock test, simulates the conditions of the real GMAT exam, providing an effective gauge of preparedness.

However, there is no such expiration for materials downloaded into the VitalSource Bookshelf App. If you encounter any difficulties with pages or websites, contact for assistance.

GMAC GMAT Official Guide Bundle 2022

The GMAT Official Guide Quantitative Review is a comprehensive resource featuring 370 actual questions from past GMAT exams, accompanied by detailed answers and explanations. This is tailored to provide focused practice for the Quantitative section of the GMAT exam, this guide presents a plethora of authentic questions both in the book and online, drawn from historical GMAT exams.

This book includes flashcards and a question bank, allowing users to create customised GMAT practice tests based on difficulty levels. The GMAT Quantitative guide empowers users to create custom quiz sessions, review, and synchronise metrics across devices.

Authored by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the association of leading graduate business schools globally, this guide is part of GMAC's commitment to promoting top-notch products and providing classroom and offline classes. GMAC stands as a primary source for research in graduate management education. Since it started in 1954, GMAC has been in charge of the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) exam.

The GMAT is unique because it's the initial and solitary standardized test made by business schools for business schools. It specifically evaluates skills that are key to succeed in management course.

Recognized globally, the GMAT exam is widely accepted, with over 2,300 schools and 7,000 programs worldwide acknowledging its significance.

Full information about the Book - GMAT Official Guide Quantitative Review

The GMAT Official Guide Quantitative Review helps you get better at the maths part of the GMAT test. It comes with an ebook and an online question bank.

The ebook features 373 questions from previous GMAT quant sections, including 25 additional practice questions, each accompanied by detailed answers and explanations. Questions are categorised from easiest to hardest, and a question index provides a clear overview of the practice questions. New additions include quick reference sheets for common formulas and concepts, along with an exam overview to familiarise candidates with the content and format.

The Online Question Bank offers custom-made practice sets based on question types and difficulty levels, providing a comprehensive review and the option to reattempt practice sets. Accessible through the Wiley Efficient Learning mobile app, the online bank allows on-the-go practice, offline use, and seamless switching between devices. Flashcards are available for mastering key concepts, and key performance metrics assist in assessing focus areas and tracking improvement. Candidates can review and reattempt practice sets, including a practice exam mode.

Upon purchase, buyers will receive an email containing instructions for downloading the ebook and login credentials for accessing the Online Question Bank. This complete guide helps you prepare well for the math part of the GMAT test.

GMAT ™ Official Guide Bundle 2024 is for your upcoming exam in regards to target GMAT score however GMAT Official Guide 2023 bundle will help you revise all the previous questions of reading comprehension and critical reasoning from the verbal section and algebra and arithmetic from the quant section. Even it will help to work in improving data insight. gmat official guide 2021 bundle and gmat bundle 2022 gmat bundle are books to brush your foundation practice. If you want some extra practice questions, you may pick the GMAT Official Guide 2022 bundle and GMAT Official Guide 2022 bundle books online question bank. This list of complete GMAT official guide bundle is the perfect source to target GMAT 700 and 700+.