GMAT Focus Edition vs GMAT

GMAT Focus Edition

The GMAT, an updated version of the test or GMAT change in format, has become the benchmark for evaluating a candidate's suitability for business studies. In response to these changing needs, the creators of the GMAT came up with the GMAT Focus Edition by making a few GMAT changes. This latest test is designed to provide a more specific and targeted evaluation.

Let us discuss a comparison between the traditional GMAT and the GMAT Focus Edition, aiming to enhance your understanding of these developments and clear any doubts you may have. With the help of exploration the certain differences between, you can gain insights into the evolution of the test. As you prepare for the GMAT, this comparative analysis will assist you in comprehending the significant alterations and making informed choices about your test preparation approach.

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Let's start with what these tests features: GMAT vs GMAT Focus Edition

First is the exam structure: If it's the GMAT then it has four sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing while on the other hand GMAT Focus Edition comes with a reduction and has three sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Data Insights.

Talking about the Test Timing: In the case of GMAT, you get 3 187 minutes. If you take break of ten minutes, it will be 197 minutes. GMAT Focus Edition timing is 135 minutes. If you want to take break, it will be 145 minutes.

What to expect from these tests: GMAT has 80 questions in total while GMAT Focus Edition has 64 questions in total.

Sections Overview: Time Distribution Starting with the GMAT:

Quantitative & Verbal Reasoning: In the GMAT, you have 62 minutes to complete 31 questions in the Quantitative Reasoning section. For the Verbal Reasoning section, you are allocated 65 minutes to tackle 36 questions. This section is test of RC, CR, SC and Reasoning.

Integrated Reasoning & Analytical Writing Assessment: timing of IR is 30 minutes with the task of twelve. This portion assesses your ability to synthesise information from various sources, analyse data presented in different formats, and make informed decisions based on complex scenarios. In the Analytical Writing Assessment, you have 30 minutes to add your point of view. This section measures your ability to critically analyse an argument and express your thoughts in a well-structured and coherent essay.

GMAT Focus Edition:

Quantitative & Verbal Reasoning: QR timing for the exam is 45 minutes and number of questions is 21 that is the assessment of mathematical and problem-solving skills within a shorter time frame. Similarly, VR timing for the exam is 45 minutes and the number of questions is 23. This section emphasises your language proficiency and reading comprehension abilities.

Data Insights: Exclusive to the GMAT Focus Edition, the Data Insights section offers 45 minutes to answer 20 questions. This part evaluates your ability to analyse and interpret data, making it a unique feature of the Focus Edition.

Option of Review & Edit: GMAT doesn't have review & edit while GMAT Focus Edition has review & edit for all sections and questions, including bookmarks.

Scoring: The GMAT scores can be between the range from 200 to 800 while GMAT Focus Edition scoring range from 205 to 805.

What is the minimum validity: five minutes

Similar Fees: Both the exams demand the same fee which is $275.