GMAT Focus Edition Verbal Target 44 Plus

GMAT Verbal Target 44 Plus

50 Plus hours of Online Live Training || 50 Sectional Tests + Doubt Sessions ||250 SC Practice Questions with Video Solutions || 250 CR Practice Questions with Video Solutions || 250 RC Practice Questions with Video Solutions || 11 Full-Length Tests || Whole Course Study Materials || Special Tips & Tricks Notes || 24*7 Doubt Sessions || Question Bank Access.

GMAT Verbal: A Deciding Factor for a 700+ Score

In the pursuit of a GMAT score beyond 700, GMAT Verbal emerges as the ultimate determinant. A significant proportion of GMAT test-takers hail from Engineering backgrounds, naturally excelling in the quant section. However, they often grapple with GMAT Verbal, which becomes the pivotal challenge. Without a strong verbal score, achieving the desired overall score remains elusive. Hence, honing GMAT Verbal skills with a focus on reaching a Target of 44 Plus catapults one to unprecedented heights. This course is meticulously crafted, recognizing that test-takers possess foundational knowledge yet struggle with its practical application.

Operational Mechanics of Verbal Target 44 Plus:

Conceptual Reinforcement: The course initiates by revisiting foundational concepts that includes implementation of the application of these concepts rather than mere theoretical comprehension. Simultaneously, implementation assessments are conducted. Subsequently, learners engage with practice questions aligned with each concept. Each concept is not only elucidated but also expounded upon through diverse implementation levels. For instance, for straightforward questions, swift strategies are employed, while for challenging questions, astute time-efficient strategies are demonstrated.

Strategic Evolution: This phase is an evaluative circuit wherein the test-taker's approach to questions is rigorously examined. Over a hundred questions from Sentence Correction (SC), Reading Comprehension (RC), and Critical Reasoning (CR) are deliberated upon, guiding and refining the thought processes of the test-takers. Strategy implementation is seamlessly integrated with time management principles. Post-discussion, an error log is curated, followed by practice questions to refine conceptual mastery. After each practice iteration, an indicative mock test gauges performance, paving the way for subsequent steps.

Comprehensive Test Simulation: The pinnacle of the Target 44 plus approach lies in this segment. It serves as an all-encompassing guide, directing test-takers through each phase and facet. Post the comprehensive adaptive test, meticulous analysis is undertaken for each incorrect response. Factors such as common errors, inadvertent slip-ups, question difficulty levels, time pressure, problematic topics, and accuracy are meticulously scrutinized. Based on these insights, an inclusive plan is devised, designed not only to enhance performance but also to ensure sustained consistency. This cycle iterates through a series of 11 full-length tests. In instances of inconsistency, intervals are provided to regain psychological equilibrium and fine-tune thought processes.

In essence, GMAT Verbal mastery holds the key to unlocking the coveted 700+ score. The Verbal Target 44 Plus program leverages conceptual understanding and strategic prowess, refining implementation skills and elevating performance. Through systematic iterations and meticulous analysis, this course propels aspirants towards their GMAT goals, fostering both competence and resilience.

What more VerbalHub will offer with Target 44 for the Verbal section of the GMAT?
Premier services

Ø Unlimited hours of training.
Ø Live training.
Ø Recorded Videos for all classes
Ø 25 books from different sources.
Ø 1000 practice questions with video solutions.
Ø 2500 practice questions.
Ø 50 sectional adaptive tests.
Ø 11 full-length adaptive tests
Ø Regular doubt sessions

Diverse Learning Resources: You will gain access to a curated collection of over 25 books from various platforms. This diversity in sources is deliberate, recognizing that GMAT is more than a test of specific questions—it evaluates logical approach and thinking. This multifaceted material broadens your perspectives, fostering a well-rounded learning experience. Additionally, our instructors will steer you away from traditional reading methods, focusing instead on targeted points that enhance the quality of your learning.

Comprehensive Online Live Training: The complete course boasts unlimited hours of interactive training. All sessions are conducted live, and class recordings are promptly available after each session. Your learning experience knows no bounds, as doubt resolution sessions and other study-related discussions remain unhindered.

Mastering Concepts: Each concept is reinforced through a comprehensive set of 30 to 40 questions. Following the concept exploration, a sectional test is administered. Your teacher will provide tailored guidance based on your performance, helping you refine your strategic command.

Enhanced Practice with Video Solutions: To simplify your preparation journey, VerbalHub equips you with 250 practice questions spanning Sentence Correction (SC), Critical Reasoning (CR), and Reading Comprehension (RC). These questions come with video solutions, accessible for viewing and even downloading. Furthermore, an abundance of mock tests for the Verbal section ensures your readiness for the real exam.

Targeted Sectional Tests: Throughout the course, your progress will be meticulously assessed at the conclusion of each section. Customized sectional tests will be assigned, offering opportunities for mentor-guided assistance whenever challenges arise.

In essence, VerbalHub's GMAT preparation approach combines diverse learning resources, dynamic live training, concept mastery, and detailed practice, all aimed at nurturing your logical thinking and acumen. The focus on quality over quantity ensures a well-structured and effective learning journey, facilitating your GMAT success. GMAT verbal coaching or GMAT verbal classes are going to create a mile stone in your GMAT verbal preparation.

11 Full-Length Tests
Before the final exam, students can utilize the full-length tests provided by Verbalhub. And the Full lengths of tests will help you get familiar with the exam pattern.

Course Study Material
• Official Guide & Verbal Review.
• Foundation book for each concept.
• Practice Book for each concept.
• Special strategy notebook.

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» Effective and proven methodology to maximize your accuracy.
» Customized syllabus and study pattern.
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