GMAT Focus Edition End to End

GMAT Preparation with the GMAT Focus Edition

How to focus on GMAT Preparation is no more bothering question. Joining GMAT focus edition coaching with the new format of GMAT. If you are determined to stand out on the GMAT and secure your spot in a prestigious business school, the GMAT Focus Edition Prep is your ultimate companion on this journey, providing you with the tools and strategies to navigate the new GMAT format with confidence.

1. Embrace the GMAT Focus Edition

The GMAT Focus Edition Prep is orientated to help you efficiently manage the changes in the GMAT format. With the latest insights and comprehensive study materials, this edition keeps you updated on the new challenges and opportunities that the revamped GMAT presents.

2. Leverage Expert Coaching

Navigate the new GMAT changes with the guidance of seasoned instructors. Our coaching team is well-versed in the intricacies of the GMAT Focus Edition and can provide personalized support to align your preparation with the new format.

3. Understanding GMAT Changes

Stay informed about the recent shifts in the GMAT structure. The GMAT Focus Edition Prep provides you with a comprehensive overview of the changes, allowing you to adapt your study approach to meet the demands of the evolving exam.

4. Master the New GMAT Verbal Format

One of the key elements of the GMAT Focus Edition is its detailed exploration of the new verbal format. Delve into the nuances of this section and learn effective strategies to excel in the fresh verbal question types.

5. Adapting to the GMAT Format Change

The GMAT Focus Edition equips you with insights into the format changes, ensuring that you're well-prepared for the altered question types, pacing, and overall structure of the exam.

100 Hours GMAT Online Live Training || 1000 Verbal Reasoning Questions with Solutions || 1000 Quantitative Reasoning Questions with Solutions || 1000 Data Insight Questions with Solutions|| 100 Sectional Computer Adaptive Tests || 500 Individual Adaptive Tests questions || 11 Full-Length Computer Adaptive Tests || Whole Course Study Materials Around 25 Books Including Official Guide and Verbal Review || Free Class Video Access.

Why GMAT Focus Edition End to End?
• Classroom Environment with Smart GMAT Test Takers.
• Live Discussion with Detailed Solution
• Free & Healthy Q & A
• Instant Clarification of all Doubts
• Individualized Inspection and Guidance
• Theory plus Implementation with different levels of questions.

Live Online Training for GMAT Verbal preparation
Ø 50 Hours Verbal Reasoning Foundation
Ø 10 Hours 600 to 700 level Verbal Reasoning Strategy
Ø 5 Hours 700 Difficult Level
Ø 5 Hours 750 level Tips and Tricks
Ø 5 Hours Target Time Management Strategy
Ø 5 Hours of one-on-one counseling
Ø 25 Hours of Full-Length Adaptive Tests Analysis

Live Online Training for GMAT Quant Preparation
» 50 hours Quantitative Reasoning Foundation
» 10 hours 600 to 700 level Quant Strategy
» 5 hours 700 Difficult Level
» 5 hours 750 level Tips and Tricks
» 5 hours Target Time Management Strategy
» 5 hours of one-on-one Counseling
» 25 Hours Full-Length Adaptive Tests Analysis

Data Insight Training for GMAT Focus Edition Preparation
• 50 hours Data Insight Example
• 10-hour Data Insight Practice and Discussion
• 5-hour Data Insight Template Discussion
• 5-hour Data Insight Score Discussion

Practice Questions
Ø More than 1000 GMAT Verbal questions practice with the video solutions.
Ø 400 easy, 350 medium, and 250 difficult level Verbal Ability questions.
Ø More than 1000 GMAT Quant questions practice with the video solutions.
Ø 400 easy, 350 medium, and 250 difficult-level Quantitative questions.
Ø Concept Test, Sectional Tests, and Full Test.

Full-Length Test
» 11 full-length tests with the solution.
» Full-length test discussion and error log.
» Complete analysis of the test.

Course Study Material
Ø Official Guide & Verbal Review.
Ø Foundation book for each concept.
Ø Practice Book for each concept.
Ø Special strategy notebook.

5 reasons to Join VerbalHub
» Effective and proven methodology to maximize your accuracy.
» Customized syllabus and study pattern.
» Unlimited questions for unlimited practice.
» 24*7 doubt clearance availability.
» Analytics to track your progress.