GMAT 2024: Registration, Eligibility, Exam Pattern, and Exam Dates

Online GMAT 2024 Exam: The GMAT 2024 exam will take place online. It's a national-level test held multiple times yearly. GMAC organises the GMAT exam. This test is for admission to MBA programs. Successful candidates can apply to various institutes across India and internationally. This article is going to discuss GMAT 2024: Registration, Eligibility, Exam Pattern, and Exam Dates.

A simple GMAT exam 2024 overview

Starting with the Full Form of the GMAT: Graduate Management Aptitude Test

Organising Authority for GMAT 2024: Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)

Prominence of Exam: National Level

Application Mode: Online Mode

To streamline the application process, GMAT 2024 has adopted an online mode for applications. Aspiring GMAT 2024 candidates can easily submit their applications online. This means that candidates can take the test from the comfort of their own homes or any suitable location with a reliable internet connection.

GMAT 2024 serves as a crucial gateway for candidates seeking admission to various institutes not only in India but also internationally. Aspiring management students can use this overview to understand the key details about the GMAT 2024 exam, including its full form, conducting authority, national-level status, application mode, and the online format of the exam.

When will the GMAT 2024 registrations start?

In 2024, GMAT is offering a more flexible way for aspiring candidates to take the exam. Unlike fixed dates, the GMAT 2024 exam can be written anytime, anywhere and on any date. This means you get to choose a date that suits you best.

If you want to tackle the GMAT on a specific day that aligns with your schedule?

You can do just that! To make sure you secure your chosen date, it's advisable to book your slot 2 or 3 months before your desired day.

In fact, you can register whenever you wish. Yes, you read that right – the registration window stays open all year round. This flexibility empowers you to plan your GMAT preparation at your own pace. In short, GMAT 2024's registration system is there to accommodate your preferences as per your desired requirements.

GMAT Application Fee 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide

Planning to take the GMAT 2024? Let's talk about the application fee for GMAT 2024 – an important step in your GMAT journey.

How to Pay:

The registration fee for GMAT 2024 can be deposited online. It's super convenient – no need for paper checks or waiting in lines.

Amount Details:

Now, let's get down to numbers. The application fee for each candidate is USD 250, which roughly converts to Rs. 20,465.

Payment Options:

You can pay for the GMAT 2024 with multiple options such as American Express, Visa or MasterCard.

Important Note:

Once you've made the payment, it's essential to remember that the application fee is non-refundable means once you submit it there is no turning back. Be sure you're ready to take the challenge of acing the GMAT adventure before hitting that payment button.

To sum it up, paying the GMAT fee is easy. Go online, choose your preferred card, pay the USD 250 (Rs. 20,465).

GMAT 2024 Eligibility Criteria


GMAT 2024 is open to everyone, regardless of nationality. Whether you're from India or any other country, you're welcome to apply.

Marks Criteria:

No need to stress about specific marks. There are no mark-based restrictions for applying to the GMAT exam.

Age Limit:

Candidates should be 18 by age. So, if you meet the legal adult milestone, you're eligible to take on the GMAT challenge.


To be eligible, you need a graduation degree or equivalent. It's a straightforward requirement – make sure you have that degree in hand.

Attempt Limit:

Here's the breakdown on attempts. You can take the exam up to 5 times in one year. Just remember, there should be a minimum gap of 16 days between each attempt. So, plan your attempts wisely!

Whether you're a recent graduate or someone with experience, as long as you meet these simple requirements, you're all set to initiate your GMAT 2024 experience.

Information about the GMAT 2024 Exam Pattern

If you're up for the GMAT 2024, it's essential to understand the examination pattern. Let's see the details in a clear and simple manner:

Number of Sections:

There will be three parts, Verbal, Quant, and Data Insight, new section, each focusing on different aspects of your abilities and skills.

Time Limit:

You're allotted 2 hour 15 minutes with option break: each section 45 minutes

List of Subjects for GMAT 2024:

The question paper encompasses three subjects:

  • ● Quantitative Aptitude (Math)
  • ● Verbal Aptitude (English)
  • ● Data Insight

Each section assesses different facets of your aptitude, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation.

The GMAT 2024 syllabus is organised into three distinct parts, each playing a crucial role in evaluating a candidate's skills and aptitude. These sections include Data Insight (new), Quantitative Aptitude, and Verbal Aptitude. The entire syllabus is conveniently accessible through the online mode on the official website.

In the Quantitative Aptitude section, candidates will tackle topics such as Arithmetic and Algebra, testing their quantitative abilities and problem-solving skills. The goal of data insight is to provide knowledge that can inform decisions, drive strategic business moves, or offer a deeper understanding of both operational and customer behaviors. Insights are typically derived through various methods of data analytics, including descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, each offering a different level of understanding and foresight into the data.

The Verbal Aptitude section evaluates critical thinking through Critical Reasoning, and assesses comprehension skills via Reading Comprehension.

Quantitative Aptitude:

Arithmetic: Arithmetic tests are assessments designed to measure a person's ability and proficiency in using numbers and mathematical concepts. They typically involve problems or questions related to basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as more advanced topics depending on the level of the test. These tests might be used in educational settings, for job assessments, or in various competitions to gauge an individual's numerical abilities, speed, accuracy, and problem-solving skills. Arithmetic tests can range from simple, timed quizzes focusing on basic operations to complex examinations involving word problems, algebra, geometry, or even statistics and calculus..

Algebra: Algebra tests are assessments aimed at measuring a person's understanding and proficiency in algebra. These tests typically cover a range of topics within algebra, including but not limited to:

Basic Algebraic: Understanding variables, constants, coefficients, and the use of arithmetic operations with algebraic expressions.

Equations and Inequalities: Solving inequalities, systems of equations, quadratic equations, and linear equations.

Factoring and Simplifying Expressions: Ability to factor polynomials, simplify expressions, and manipulate algebraic fractions.

Functions and Graphs: Understanding and interpreting various types of functions, including linear, quadratic, polynomial, and rational functions, and their graphs.

Word Problems: Applying algebraic methods to solve real-world problems or word problems that require forming and solving equations.

Data Insight:

Two-Part Analysis: You might be presented with a scenario involving a business decision. Two-Part Analysis will require you to evaluate two statements and determine the relationship between them to make an informed decision.

Multi-Source Reasoning: Imagine you have information from multiple sources like charts, graphs, and text passages related to a market trend. Multi-Source Reasoning will test your ability to synthesize information from these various sources to answer complex questions.

Table Analysis: You could encounter a table containing data on sales figures, profits, and expenses. Table Analysis assesses your capability to analyze and draw conclusions from tabular data.

Graphic Interpretation: You might be presented with a complex graphic, such as a scatter plot or a bar chart, depicting data related to consumer behavior. Graphic Interpretation gauges your ability to understand and interpret information visually.

Verbal Aptitude:

Critical Reasoning: Critical Reasoning evaluates your ability to analyze arguments. You may be asked to assess the validity of an argument and identify assumptions or flaws within it.

Reading Comprehension: This section involves reading a passage, deriving the information and answering the questions based on para. For instance, you might read a passage about a scientific discovery and answer questions testing your understanding of the main idea and details.

These examples represents the types of questions you might encounter in each section of the GMAT 2024, helping you prepare for the diverse challenges presented by the exam.

Online application process for GMAT 2024

Access Official Site: Go to the GMAT 2024 official website through the given link.

Enrol: Register by providing essential details to initiate the application process.

Form Filling: Select the sign-up button, complete the registration.

Personal Data: Input information such as your residence, contact particulars, and gender.

Profile Confirmation: Confirm your profile details and set an exam schedule that suits you.

Payment: Fulfil the registration fee requirement and keep the receipt with yourself.

How to get my GMAT 2024 Admit Card?

To secure your GMAT 2024 Admit Card, follow these steps for a seamless process:

Online Access: The GMAT Admit Card is exclusively available online. Visit the official website to retrieve your admit card, ensuring you have a stable internet connection.

Information Encompassed: The admit card holds crucial details, including your name, examination timing, date, and essential guidelines for the exam. Make sure to review this information thoroughly.

No Postal Dispatch: Admit card is not dispatched physically; it's your responsibility to access and download it online.

Printed Copy Preservation: After downloading, print a copy of your admit card. This printed version is essential to admit into exam centre.

Identity Verification: On the exam day, it's mandatory to present a valid identity proof along with your admit card. Ensure the details on both documents match accurately.

Find the nearest test centre for GMAT 2024 in India

GMAT 2024 has various test centres in different states for your convenience. In Delhi, you can choose from EduPro and Pearson Professional Centers.

Uttar Pradesh: Pearson Professional Centers and UPTEC Computer Consultancy Limited.

Rajasthan: Sakar Edutech Private Limited

Gujarat: A1 Professional Assessment Center or H L Centre for Professional Education.

Haryana: Ansal University.

Punjab: Thapar University and Winsoft Computer Centre.

Andhra Pradesh: KL University and Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering.

Madhya Pradesh: Sarva Mangla Maa Samiti – Inspire Me.

Jharkhand: Infinity Academy.

Maharashtra: Unisoft Technologies, Pearson Professional Centers, Think Education Advisory Services LLP, and GATS.

Assam: Assam Don Bosco University, and Telangana has Pearson Professional Centers and Edu-Kinect.

Kerala: Indira Institute of Education and Rajagiri College Of Social Sciences.

Bihar: Gencor Learning Solutions Private Limited,

West Bengal: Agile Technologies And Solutions.

Odisha: KIIT University.

Tamil Nadu: Vellore Institute of Technology, Pearson Professional Centers, Indra Institute Of Education, and National Institute Of Technology (NIT).

Karnataka: Dr. T M A Pai Polytechnic, Manipal Campus, Pearson Professional Centers-Bangalore, and Think Education Advisory Services LLP.

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