GMAT 2024 Preparation Tips & Tricks Guide

GMAT 2024 Preparation Tips

Preparing for the GMAT for the year 2024 involves a strategic approach that combines understanding the test format, practicing extensively, and managing your time and stress effectively. Nevertheless, the pattern of exams for coming years has changed and this pattern has inclined more toward decision-making, data analysis, and accuracy under the deadline thus Everyone should work on planning differently. I am going to write GMAT 2024 preparation tips & tricks in two parts: first psychological preparation and second pen and paper planning. Let us discuss first at the beginning then we will switch to the second for GMAT 2024 preparation tips & tricks.

Get updated with GMAT 2024 syllabus

As GMAT 2024 is coming with a new name called GMAT Focus Edition which has now only three sections. It is a shorter version of the GMAT classic that has four sections.

Verbal Aptitude: This section will test your patience, decision-making ability, critical thinking, and time management. It has two parts: Reading comprehension (13 to 14 questions with four passages) and Critical Reasoning (8 to 10 questions) with an allotment of duration 45 minutes with 23 questions.

Quantitative Aptitude: This section will check the accuracy of your calculation skills. It combines two major parts of mathematics: Arithmetic and algebra with a duration of 45 minutes with 21 questions.

Data Insight: This section is new however it is the revision of IR with slight changes and with modern management skills. It will test your data understanding, interpretation, and analysis. The allotted time is 45 minutes for 20 questions.

Once you have an idea of what is tested and what is a pattern of test make up your mind to prepare psychologically. Assess yourself and give the answer to the questions: how many hours a day you can study, how much time you can devote every week, and how many months you need to target your desired GMAT score. note: mental preparation is the foundation of your success.

Now, pen and paper study plan for GMAT 2024.

1. Write down your target date of the exam: either three or four months. After that write for the first month, second month, and third month planning.

2. Collect study materials and make a list of books to go through. Write the names of books for foundation, concept, and practice.

3. After that begin your journey with the preparation of the foundation and give at least one month.

4. Focus on weak areas to improve better and faster which should be through initial practice tests. Allocate more time to improve in areas where you're weaker, whether it's quantitative skills, verbal reasoning, or integrated reasoning.

5. Develop critical thinking and time management skills that start practicing the questions with a focus on critical thinking and analytical skills.

6. Develop strategies to manage time effectively during the test, like quick decision-making and avoiding spending too much time on a single question.

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    8. Consistently practice GMAT questions and full-length tests and review your answers, especially the incorrect ones that need attention.

    9. Simulate real test conditions for questions, sectional tests, and full tests. This helps in building endurance and getting accustomed to the test’s length and format.

    10. Last but not least, first be disciplined to follow your study plan and be consistent for study. One day 8 hours of study and the second day zero hours of study will not be that productive as much as you do on a regular basis. No matter if it is 15 minutes or 30 minutes but should be on a daily basis. Second, learn step by step. Begin with foundation and then strategy or concepts. Do practice after each conceptual learning to confirm your conceptual understanding. Third, maintain error logs. After each test and full test, write down the points of dos and don'ts. Once you fix your error then move to the next tests. All steps will prove the best GMAT 2024 Preparation Tips & tricks and will lead you to a 700+ GMAT score.