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NMAT Exam Pattern

NMAT Exam Pattern: Welcome to VerbalHub's NMAT Course! With a thorough understanding of the NMAT syllabus and exam pattern, you will be well-prepared to tackle the test with confidence.

The NMAT exam follows a standardized format designed to assess your aptitude in various areas. It consists of Language Skills, Reasoning, and Quantitative Skills additionally there are sub-sections, allowing you to demonstrate your proficiency in different aspects. Let's explore each section and its components in detail.

Language Skills: The Language Skills section aims to evaluate your command of English and assess your language proficiency.

It comprises three key areas:

a. Verbal Ability: This section focuses on your understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and language usage. It assesses your skills in areas such as sentence correction, error identification, and word usage.

b. Reading Comprehension: In this section, your ability to comprehend and analyze written passages will be tested. You will answer questions based on the given passages, assessing your reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

c. Vocabulary: This section evaluates your knowledge of words and their meanings. It includes questions on synonyms, antonyms, analogies, and contextual usage.

2. Quantitative Skills: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data interpretation are the Quantitative Skills section that measures your numerical and mathematical abilities. The sub-sections under this section are:

a. Data Interpretation: This component assesses your understanding or analysis of data given in the form of charts, graphs, and tables.

b. Data Sufficiency: In this section, you will get one question with two statements. Your task is to determine if the given statements are sufficient enough as an answer.

c. Problem-Solving: This part evaluates both mathematical reasoning abilities and problem-solving skills. You will be tested on concepts related to numbers, percentages, ratios, and more.

Logical Reasoning:

The Logical Reasoning section evaluates your analytical and logical thinking skills. It consists of questions designed to assess your ability to analyze patterns, solve puzzles, and make logical deductions. The sub-sections include:

a. Critical Reasoning: This component assesses your ability to analyze arguments, identify assumptions, draw conclusions, and evaluate the logic behind a given statement.

b. Analytical Reasoning: In this section, you will encounter questions that require you to analyze data, relationships, and patterns to arrive at logical conclusions.

NMAT Exam Syllabus:

To succeed in the NMAT exam, you have to work on a strong understanding of the syllabus. let us get one by one.
Language Skills
  • 1. Grammar and Usage
  • 2. Vocabulary (Synonyms, Antonyms, Analogies)
  • 3. Sentence Correction
  • 4. Reading Comprehension
  • 5. Quantitative Skills:

  • 1. Arithmetic (Numbers, Percentages, Ratios, and Proportions)
  • 2. Algebra (Equations, Inequalities, Functions)
  • 3. Geometry (Lines, Angles, Triangles, Circles)
  • 4. Data Interpretation (Tables, Graphs, Charts)
  • 5. Data Sufficiency

Logical Reasoning
  • 1. Critical Reasoning (Arguments, Assumptions, Conclusions)
  • 2. Analytical Reasoning (Patterns, Relationships, Puzzles)

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