Best GMAT Preparation course for GMAT verbal

GMAT Preparation course for GMAT verbal

VerbalHub believes that every student requires a different learning approach for the GMAT prep. Keeping that in mind, we evaluate the test-takers with an exam. The mentors at VerbalHub set the exam questions based on the GMAT syllabus. The evaluation process goes as follows:
● All the test takers receive a question set.
● The question set has all types of questions from easy to hard ones covering all the sections of the GMAT syllabus.
● A report card is formed based on the performance scale.
● Finally, a road map is prepared to start with the GMAT preparation.
Based on the report card of the exam, test-takers advance to one of the four rounds. If a test taker falls below 600, he gets Round one. This four-round GMAT prep process at VerbalHub is a step-by-step improvement that keeps the preparation of the test-takers in check.

Round 1) Foundation:

The GMAT prep starts by building a solid foundation which begins with providing detailed information on the GMAT syllabus to the GMAT test-takers in this round.
The first stage of the GMAT prep process at VerbalHub also comprises the following things:
● The prime focus is to develop a fundamental understanding of the syllabus of the GMAT exam. The test-takers get a detailed explanation of all the terms and concepts of the study materials.
● Mentor them for a general strategy.
● Provide a basic question paper to them to solve.

Round 2) 650 General Tips and Tricks:

The second round includes:
● Teaching 650 general tips and tricks to the GMAT test-takers.
● Giving a detailed idea of every concept, approach, and strategy to the GMAT test-takers.
● Conduct sectional tests of each section and test the test-takers approach.

All the well-performing GMAT test-takers go to the third round. Those lacking in their approach or strategy are advised to rejoin the second round again. They brush up on the concepts and improve their study process and approach in the second round.
After that, the test-takers move to round 3 for one-on-one discussion. The is one-on-one discussion revolves around the preparation process and further planning for the GMAT exam aspirants. All this happens in the third round.

Round 3) 700 Advance Strategy:

The third round is related to the strategy, doubts, and discussion. The mentors at VerbalHub work on the test-takers error log and equip the test-takers to get a high percentile in their GMAT exam. If anyone has a conceptual weakness, the mentors strengthen the weaker department of the GMAT aspirants. The GMAT test-takers are then invited by the mentors and guided on the following things:
● What should be their approach to solving difficult questions?
● How do avoid making silly mistakes in the exam?
● Time management and avoiding exam anxiety.

Round 4) Tricks to get more than 720, 740, and 760 percentile in the GMAT exam:

The fourth round is of the GMAT prep process at VerbalHub is the elite stage. The GMAT test-takers are trained and prepared to score 720, 740, and 760 plus in the exam. The expert mentors focus on strengthening the following elements in this round:
● How to trick the tough ones by just using common sense.
● How to identify the awkward options.
● How to follow a splitting strategy.
● How to overpower the difficult questions using keywords.
● How to get more than 740, 760, or even 780 plus score.
● Some exam time tips and last-minute strategies.

Why makes VerbalHub the best destination for your GMAT prep?
At VerbalHub, mentors create strategies and inculcate certain skills in the GMAT test-takers that help them reach their desired heights in the GMAT exam. VerbalHub believes in smart-beginnings where we do half of our work. Experts at VErbalHub employ both Individualized and Customized Learning Plans while providing the best possible coaching to the GMAT aspirants.

The customized learning plan consists of certain phases, whereas on the other hand, the individualized learning plan has SOP, Counseling, and batch.

SOP or Standard operating procedure : is a step-by-step instruction set that helps the test-takes become efficient and have quality and uniformity in their performance.

Counseling: Our mentors help the GMAT test-takers to make better judgments. They also promote balanced thinking as it is the key to success.

Batch: This starts with the evaluation of the test-taker. It is then followed by the listing of the following things: a) Listing the study material, b) management of study hours, c) Conducting sectional and full tests to provide the best guidance. The individualized learning process helps the test-takes in every phase. After test-takers get the batch, mentors at VerbalHub guide them through each step.