ISB Admission Process for MBA and ISB MBA Courses

ISB Admission Process for MBA


MBA at ISB is a dream management course therefore ISB courses are frequently search key words. Hence, The emergence of the Indian School of Business (ISB) stemmed from the need for a top-tier business school in Asia. An elite group of the most accomplished minds from the corporate and academic spheres, foresaw the demand for leadership in the emerging Asian economies.

They recognized that the rapidly evolving business landscape would call for young leaders who not only grasp the intricacies of developing economies but also possess a global perspective. The ISB is committed to cultivating such leaders through its innovative programs, exceptional faculty, and pioneering ideas.

Guidelines for Attaining Admission to ISB

In accordance with the 2023 rankings from the Financial Times (FT) Global MBA Ranking, the Indian School of Business (ISB) has attained the leading position in India for its Post Graduate Programme (PGP).

ISB has consistently showcased impressive performance in these assessments, emerging as the exclusive Indian business school to secure a spot within the global top 50, firmly securing the 39th position on a worldwide scale and securing the 6th rank within the Asian region.

Remarkable Contributions to Research

Beyond its commendable standing within the MBA rankings, ISB has garnered acclaim for its remarkable contributions to research. The institution has clinched the foremost position in India and the 61st position globally for its research productivity, harmoniously aligning with its mission to stand as a research-focused management establishment. This remarkable recognition for research underscores the unwavering commitment of ISB in producing high-calibre output year after year.

ISB Courses

Although the fees for ISB courses vary, it range from 30,000,000/ to 48,000,000/ INR. Thus average ISB course fees is 39,000,000/ INR. Furthermore ISB online MBA fees will be discussed.

  • List of ISB Courses
    • 1. Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP): 41,9800/
    • PGP in Hyderabad
    • PGP in Mohali
    • 2. Post Graduate Program in Management for Working Professionals (PGPpro): 30,46000/
    • PGPpro in Hyderabad
    • PGPpro in Mohali
    • 3. Post Graduate Program in Management for Senior Executives (PGPMAX): 41,63000/
    • PGPMAX
    • 4. Post Graduate Program in Management for Family Business (PGP MFAB) 41,48000/
    • 5. Advanced Management Program (AMP) 10,85,000/
    • 6. Executive Fellow Program in Management (EFPM) 47, 000, 000/

    Deadline for ISB admissions

    The impending deadline for ISB admissions in the year 2024 has been set for September 10, 2023.

    For students in their final and penultimate years of academics, the application window for ISB YLP (Young Leaders Program) for the 2024 intake has been formally announced. The initial stage deadline for ISB YLP is steadily approaching on October 22, 2023.

    Prospective applicants interested in ISB and who choose not to submit GMAT or GRE scores have the option to consider applying for the ISB PGPpro or the ISB PGPMAX programs.

    ISB Essays for the 2024-25 academic year:

    Convey an authentic portrayal of your character, accentuating both your strengths and vulnerabilities. Illuminate pivotal aspects that have contributed to your personal journey. Utilise relevant examples as necessary. (Maximum 400 words)

    • 1. Contemplate two distinct scenarios—one depicting a triumph and the other portraying a setback. Delve into the individual and interpersonal insights gained from these experiences. (Maximum 400 words)
    • 2. Given your prior experiences and future aspirations, delineate how you intend to harness the PGP at ISB to actualize your professional goals. Optional (Maximum 250 words)

    ISB Eligibility for MBA for the year 2024:

    In this current year, there are several noteworthy considerations to bear in mind when seeking admission to ISB. Therefore ISB MBA eligibility is key factor to know for any MBA course from ISB. Here you are with ISB eligibility criteria for different courses.

    • ● Possession of a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent in any field of study.
    • ● Submission of a valid GMAT or GRE score by the application deadline.
    • ● Accumulation of a minimum of 24 months of full-time post-qualification work experience by April 8, 2024.

    ISB MBA admissions are open to both GMAT and GMAT Focus Edition scores. Now Let's talk about the different programs at ISB.

    Post Graduate Programme (PGP)

    The Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) offered by ISB is a highly regarded one-year management course with a global reputation. Recognized as one of the finest business schools globally, ISB enriches emerging managers with diverse perspectives and international insights. This meticulously crafted program aims to elevate business management capabilities through a curriculum rooted in pioneering research and internationally acclaimed teachings, delivered by world-class faculty.

    PGPpro at the ISB

    Specially curated for practising professionals and entrepreneurs boasting a minimum of 5 years of professional experience, the PGPpro program spans 18 months and is available across Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. Representing a Weekend Executive MBA-equivalent endeavour, this initiative has been designed to equip working professionals and business owners with the essential skills and expertise necessary to embrace leadership roles on a global scale.

    PGPpro employs a Modular Approach and diverse interventions to facilitate the immediate application of newly acquired knowledge within participants' workplaces.


    The PGPMAX, tailored for experienced executives with a professional background spanning 10 to 25 years, has a duration of 15 months and is offered in Hyderabad and Mohali. Distinguished as the exclusive EMBA-equivalent program from India to secure a place within the Global Top 50 in The FT EMBA 2022 Ranking, this curriculum is carefully crafted to cater to adept professionals, senior-level executives, and business owners.

    This platform provides seasoned corporate experts with the opportunity to earn an Executive MBA-equivalent degree within a structure that minimally disrupts their work commitments. The primary objective of this initiative is to augment and diversify the existing skill set of participants, offering advanced knowledge and extensive exposure to the latest advancements within their respective industries or enterprises, while preparing them to shoulder greater responsibilities.

    PGP MFAB (Post Graduate Programme in Management for Family Business)

    The PGP MFAB (Post Graduate Programme in Management for Family Business) is meticulously crafted to empower the future leaders of family enterprises, spanning a duration of 15 months in a modular format across the Hyderabad and Mohali locations. This program strategically aims to equip the emerging generation of family business proprietors with a distinct and robust skill set, enhancing their capabilities and priming them to adeptly seize opportunities and navigate challenges.

    Geared towards preparing these upcoming family business leaders, the initiative provides comprehensive insights into business operations, mastery of contemporary management methodologies, tools, and techniques, and the refinement of leadership skills. Additionally, it fosters an environment of innovation, nurturing the development of enduring businesses that can flourish across successive generations.

    Advanced Management Programme that students can apply for at ISB

    The Advanced Management Programme in Business Analytics (AMPBA) is designed to equip professionals in the business realm with essential contemporary business analytics skills. The program spans 12 months, with an additional 3-month Capstone Project phase. A minimum of 2 years of professional experience is a prerequisite. This offering is available at both the Hyderabad and Mohali campuses.

    Tailored to cultivate future leaders within the healthcare sector, the Advanced Management Programme for Healthcare (AMPH) offers premium management education to mid and senior executives in healthcare. The program has a 12-month duration, necessitating at least 5 years of professional experience. Locations for this program encompass both Mohali and Hyderabad.

    Addressing the growing emphasis on infrastructure in emerging economies, the Advanced Management Programme for Infrastructure (AMPI) caters to the demand for adept leaders capable of comprehending the multidimensional challenges in this sector. The program's duration is set at 12 months, with applicants required to hold a minimum of 5 years of professional experience. This program operates in both the Mohali and Hyderabad locations.

    Uniquely crafted to meet the surging demand for techno-business managers within Manufacturing and Operations sectors, the Advanced Management Programme in Operations and Supply Chain (AMPOS) aims to cultivate future leaders poised to contribute to India's ascent as a manufacturing hub. The program extends over 12 months and mandates candidates to possess a minimum of 5 years of professional experience. It is available in both Mohali and Hyderabad.

    As the flagship program of the Bharti Institute of Public Policy, the Advanced Management Programme in Public Policy (AMPPP) stands as a collaboration between the Indian School of Business and The Fletcher School, Tufts University, USA. Tailored for seasoned professionals, the program spans 12 months, with a prerequisite of at least 5 years of professional experience. Locations encompass both Hyderabad and Mohali.

    What is ISB's EFPM?

    ISB's EFPM is designed to elevate proficiency for seasoned senior professionals, lasting 3 years, located in Hyderabad. This executive format, doctoral-level program equips business practitioners with a comprehensive skill set for enhancing their understanding of business theory, merging innovative concepts with practical application, and mastering intricate business challenges through advanced research methods. Tailored for senior executives, EFPM deepens comprehension of research methods and their application in navigating the contemporary business landscape.

    ISB Admission Eligibility: ISB follows the strict eligibility criteria to get students to enter the institute. ISB has three categories in MBA program PGP (Post Graduate Programme), EEO (Early Entry Option), YLP (Young Leaders Programme). All the categories have more or less equal eligibility criteria

    Eligibility criteria for PGP:

    1. Valid GMAT/GRE score to take admission in the Post Graduate MBA program.

    2. Have a Bachelors's or equivalent degree.

    3. Minimum 24 months of full-time work experience to get admission into ISB institute.

    Eligibility criteria for EEO:

    1. Valid GMAT/GRE score to get admission.

    2. Bachelors or equivalent degree.

    3. Less than 24 months of full-time work experience.

    Eligibility criteria for YLP:

    1. The candidate should be in the pre-final and final year of college.

    2. There is no requirement for full-time work experience.

    3. A candidate should be a current college-going student.

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    ISB Admission Deadline: Admission for the post-graduate program 2023-24 intake will be open in the month of June 2022. Although admission has been closed for the post-graduate program 2022-23. Hence, for admission, one needs to apply in the month of June every year to get entered into ISB for the MBA program. ISB Course program: School offers majorly 4 academic programs for the post-graduate, research studies, and Doctoral programs.


    • Finance

    • Operation

    • Marketing

    • Human Resource Management

    • Information System

    • Education Management and Leadership

    • International Management and Strategy

    Executive MBA:

    • Branding and Marketing Management

    • Corporate and Entrepreneurial Finance

    • Operation and Technology Management

    Ph.D. (Residential and Executive)

    • Accounting, Finance, and Economics

    • OB, HR and International Management

    • Operations, Information System, and Marketing.

    ISB Admission Process for MBA: The admission form gives you an important and mandatory section to fill while filling the admission form for the MBA program. Apart from this section one need to fill his/her personal details and declaration section and integrity part with very carefully. One makes sure that one fills the form completely and carefully before final submission.

    1. Academics Records: Do mention your 10th, 12th, and graduation details. Additional certification if you have any. Any post-graduate degree or diploma (if any).

    2. Work-Experience: One has to show his/her latest job role and responsibility and achievement. And fill in all the necessary important details or work experience in detail.

    3. Awards and Activities: One has to clearly mention awards, activities, and their interest & hobbies in a similar section.

    4. GMAT/GRE test score: One has to mention his/her GMAT/GRE test score that would be valid for five years from the date you take this test.

    5. References: one needs to be mention at least one reporting manager, previous manager or current client/previous client, or any business partner to evaluate their quality of work rather than position designation.

    6. Essay: Put your thoughts, experiences, and opinion in a very depth way. But mind the word limits while writing an essay for your selection process.

    Selection process: The ISB sets certain parameters for each applicant to the post-graduate program in Management.

    1. Academic Performance: Your application keenly shows your past academic records and your performance in GRE/GMAT exam. However, ISB schools do not follow any cut-off criteria. The institute follows the overall score of academics including 12th standards score, graduation score, post-graduation, or any certification score if applicable along with overall GMAT/ GRE score.

    2. Personal Attribute: At ISB, the institute looking for multi-tasking and versatile and well-rounded individuals who can do perform well in society in a very meaningful and positive way. ISB to take consideration of the diversity in all the way of individuals like education background, work – experience nationality and many more things.

    3. Leadership Quality: Applicants are also evaluated based on their leadership quality. How efficient a candidate is to decide a stress full situation.

    IN nutshell you can take an idea of when and how you can apply for the ISB College for the post-graduate MBA program. A candidate can also avail of fee waivers and scholarship facilities at the ISB institute and make his/ her golden career from here.

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