8 Best GMAT Online Courses to Boost Scores for 2024

Best GMAT Online Courses

GMAT, standardised test, evaluates a candidate's readiness for graduate-level business education, assessing skills in critical thinking, writing, and mathematics.

This is a premium exam recognised internationally and in India opens the gateway to esteemed business schools, and if you have a high GMAT score that would be a great advantage when you start master’s in Business or MBA.

In the digital era, the landscape of GMAT preparation has evolved, providing students with the flexibility of online courses. Online coaching not only accommodates diverse schedules but also offers targeted and personalised approaches to address your strengths and weaknesses. Let's start with the GMAT online courses and explore how they can be instrumental in boosting your scores.

Benefits of Online Coaching

  • ● Adaptable Study Hours: Engaging in online GMAT classes provides a flexible approach to learning. In contrast to traditional offline classes that focus on face-to-face interactions, the popularity of online sessions stems from the resources, comfort, flexibility, and affordability they offer. These virtual classes empower students to prepare for the GMAT at their convenience; offers the freedom of GMAT preparation at any time during the day.
  • ● Ample Practice Resources: Participating in a free GMAT online class provides access to a plethora of practice materials, surpassing the offerings of traditional classrooms. Some online sessions even provide paid mock tests enriched with additional textual explanations and answers. These resources serve to simulate the GMAT exam environment, aiding in the identification of strengths and areas requiring improvement. Regular practice tests not only enhance understanding but also assess the individual's preparation level for the main exam.
  • ● Cost-Efficient Alternative: Opting for GMAT online prep classes proves to be a cost-effective choice, with pricing generally lower than offline counterparts in coaching institutes. Many online sessions extend the opportunity for trial tutorials, allowing prospective students to experience the teaching style before making an official commitment. This cost-friendly approach makes online GMAT classes an accessible option for a wider range of individuals.

The Top 8 GMAT Online Courses for 2024

1. VerbalHub Online Courses for GMAT:

VerbalHub goes beyond mere coaching, it's a strategic partner on your GMAT prep journey. With customised courses to cater to diverse needs and lifestyles, VerbalHub ensures a personalised approach for every aspirant. They also offer special courses for Retakers.

Here are a few benefits that makes VerbalHub the best online coaching for GMAT
  • ● Affordable Options for Every Budget:
  • Recognizing that success should be accessible to all, VerbalHub offers courses that align with every budget. Whether you're on a tight financial leash or looking for a bit more flexibility, VerbalHub has a plan for you.
  • ● Online Courses for Personalized Preparation:
  • Enrolling in VerbalHub's online courses unveils a world of personalized study plans and practice sessions. Aspirants follow a path crafted specifically for them, practicing with four computer-adaptive tests to fine-tune their skills. It's not just about preparation; it's about preparing strategically for success.
  • ● Additional Learning Resources:
  • VerbalHub extends beyond the classroom, offering free e-books, lessons, and a library of instructional videos on their YouTube channel. This commitment to supplementary resources ensures a holistic learning experience beyond the standard course curriculum.
  • ● Risk-Free Trial and Score Improvement Guarantee:
  • VerbalHub is confident in its approach. They pledge a generous free trial for aspirants to experience the effectiveness of their programs firsthand. Additionally, VerbalHub promises a money-back guarantee if test-takers don't witness a score improvement of at least 60 points.

This dual commitment to flexibility and results underscores VerbalHub's dedication to your success. It's not just a course; it's a promise of progress and achievement.

2. Magoosh with Video Lessons

Magoosh is like the friendly helper for anyone gearing up for the GMAT. It's cool because they get that everyone learns differently.

You can go solo with the self-study option or have a bit more guidance with their guided study choices. Magoosh is all about giving you the freedom to prep in a way that suits you best.

They throw in diagnostic tests and score predictors. These tools are like your secret weapons to be even more ready for the GMAT. The diagnostic tests help you give clue about a bit more practice. The score predictors are like fortune-tellers for your GMAT performance, giving you a heads-up on what to expect.

So, with Magoosh, getting ready for the GMAT is not just about studying; it's about having a buddy that makes it all easier and more fun.

3. Kaplan: Thorough GMAT Prep

Kaplan's GMAT prep course is best for mastering the GMAT, available live and on-demand. It's not just about traditional learning; it's a practical and effective approach to gearing up for the GMAT challenge.

GMAT aspirants get over 140 hours of online instruction and practice sessions at your fingertips with Kaplan. It's like having a rich source of GMAT. Kaplan ensures you're not just learning; you're honing your skills to tackle the GMAT confidently.

What sets Kaplan apart is the "score higher" promise. It's a commitment to boosting your confidence levels. Alongside that, Kaplan throws in pre-test-day experiences, providing a sneak peek into the GMAT scenario before the actual test. It's all about ensuring you're well-prepared and equipped.

So, with Kaplan, GMAT preparation isn't a fantastical journey; it's a practical approach where Kaplan is your reliable companion, ensuring you're well-prepared to face the GMAT challenges head-on.

4. The Princeton Review with Versatile Learning Plans

The Princeton Review, famous for being really good at helping with tests, is now sharing its knowledge with online GMAT courses. So, whether you like going at your own speed or want a bit of classroom time with the fundamentals, The Princeton Review has something for everyone.

They've made these courses with all kinds of schedules and ways people like to study in mind. It's like having options that fit you perfectly. Their goal is to make sure every GMAT hopeful gets a plan that suits them, making it a custom-fit approach.

So, with The Princeton Review, diving into GMAT prep isn't complicated. It's like having a guide that understands everyone's way of learning and tailors the GMAT journey just for you. Easy, right?

5. PrepScholar: Budget-Friendly GMAT Classes

PrepScholar knows that being excellent at GMAT shouldn't cost a fortune. They're all about making GMAT classes affordable for everyone. No need to worry about the budget – PrepScholar has got you covered.

It's like having a roadmap for your GMAT journey. And guess what? They toss in four computer-adaptive tests. It's like having practice sessions that adapt to your learning style.

PrepScholar promises that your scores will get better. It's like a double assurance that your GMAT prep is on the right track. So, if you're looking for a budget-friendly yet super effective way to tackle the GMAT, PrepScholar is the way to go.

6. Manhattan Prep: Varied Learning Paths

Manhattan Prep distinguishes itself by offering a variety of course options to cater to different learning styles. From interactive online classes and GMAT bootcamps for intensive study to private tutoring sessions, Manhattan Prep provides a versatile platform. Their free GMAT starter kit, encompassing valuable resources, further supports aspirants on their GMAT journey.

7. Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep offers a flexible approach with options for self-study or live classes. The self-study program encompasses video lessons and a vast pool of over 5,000 practice questions. For those preferring a more interactive experience, live online classes and private tutoring options further enrich the learning journey, providing flexibility to suit individual preferences.

8. The Economist with Performance Assurance

The Economist makes it easy with three course options that cover a span of 4-6 months. They really focus on making things fit just right for each person – it's like getting a course that's made for you.

And get this: they're serious about results. They promise you'll see a 70-point boost in your score, or they'll give your money back. It's like a guarantee that they're in this with you.

But wait, there's more! When you sign up, you also get a free three-month digital subscription to The Economist magazine. You get a bit of everything to make your learning experience super rich and interesting.

In the vast expanse of GMAT preparation, these online courses stand out best because of their expertise and knowledge, each offering a unique perspective and approach.

Whether you choose courses of VerbalHub, the comprehensive programs of Magoosh, or the flexible options from Kaplan, the journey to acing the GMAT is within your reach. You can seize the opportunity, choose the online course that resonates with your learning style, and start a prepared journey toward achieving a stellar GMAT score in 2024.