What percentile do I need to get a call from the IIMs?

CAT is the entrance exam for IIMs

What percentile do I need to get a call from the IIMs?

The CAT is the entrance exam for IIMs and other esteemed B-Schools. After receiving their overall percentile from the CAT result announcement, candidates can look into universities. For those who score between 90 and 100 percentile, the IIM or other top business schools in India may contact them about pursuing an MBA. Those who pass the required cutoff must then apply for the Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI) rounds at the IIMs. For admission to any IIM or other Top MBA colleges in India, the minimum CAT cutoff is expected to be 90 percentile. To get calls from the top IIMs, candidates must obtain exceptional CAT scores. Except for a few new IIMs, the majority of IIMs close their cut-off lists at the 98 percentile. Applicants to the best IIMs, including IIM Bangalore, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Lucknow, IIM Calcutta, and IIM Kozhikode, must have a score of 99 or higher.

A 99+ percentile does not, however, ensure that the candidate would receive a call from the IIMs. IIMs take into account both the overall and sectional cutoffs. Therefore, it is possible that the candidate won't receive all calls from the top IIMs, even if he or she managed to score a 99 or a perfect 100 in one segment and just 70 in the other.

The fact that IIMs construct their own "Applicant Rating Score" for each CAT applicant based on their own criteria is another reason that prevents candidates from receiving calls from IIMs despite having high CAT percentiles. The candidate's marks from class 10 and class 12 (depending on the stream) and their bachelor's degree are used to calculate their score (depending on the discipline).

Candidates are shortlisted for PIs and the Academic Writing Test (AWT) based on this score. The requirements change amongst IIMs. However, almost all of them continue to need a minimum score of 80% in both the 10th and 12th grades. IIMs take applicants with

• Exceptionally high percentile on the CAT (100 or +-1)

Average of 80 or higher in grades 10 and 12; graduation requirement of 78% or higher; and passing all sectional cutoffs

According to the research, this means that in order to get a call from IIM, "having a very good percentile in all areas individually becomes more significant than total percentile."

The following ideas are for applicants to bear in mind to make sure they manage a good percentile on the CAT exam.

1. Only attempt questions that you are familiar with and are aware of their solutions; the paper is not the place for research and development.

2. Consistently attempt the paper in two halves. You can skip through challenging questions on your first attempt.

3. You should only tackle lengthy and challenging questions in round 2; otherwise, mark them in round 1.

4. Read the answer options that are provided beside the questions. It helps you narrow down your alternatives while giving you a direction to compute in.

5. Always make an effort based on your advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if you excel at mathematics and number systems, try your hand at all the questions in this category first.

1. Only attempt questions that you are familiar with and are aware of their solutions because the paper is not the place for research and development. Sectional cut-function off's in IIM selection

Never should a candidate underestimate or ignore the significance of sectional cut-offs. You should plan your approach so that it would enable you to achieve the highest possible marks across all of the sections. Candidates frequently undervalue the VRC section; errors like this should be prevented. Candidates must score between 80 and 90 percentile in each of the three categories to be admitted to IIMs. Candidates' overall percentile is automatically increased if they get high percentiles in each of the three areas separately. Candidates should try to make sure

Since developing balanced strategies is at the heart of the MBA programme, why not begin the process with exam preparation? Therefore, keep in mind that a high CAT percentile alone won't get you there, but a strong academic record along with all the qualities stated above will undoubtedly assist you in receiving an IIM GD/PI call. And when you are there, all you need to do is be assured in what you have accomplished and ready to defend your profile. Whether you have experience or not, all you need to do is persuade the panel of your abilities.