What are the total fees of an MBA from IIM?

MBA from IIM

 What are the total fees of an MBA from IIM?

IIM charges MBA students between INR 10 and INR 23 lakhs in tuition. IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, and IIM Ahmedabad charge the highest tuition rates, totaling INR 23 lakh. IIM MBA tuition is currently reported to be usually under INR 12 lakh. The difference in the MBA fee structures for the old and new IIMs stems from the fact that the government provides financial support for the newly founded IIMs, whilst the old IIMs must cover all costs on their own without any assistance from the government. Every MBA aspirant who wants to begin a career in business and management has their sights set on IIMs. One definite way to guarantee a wealth of prospects after completing management education at these institutions is an MBA.

The IIM fee structure, cutoffs, and the number of seats are the three topics that students are most curious about learning about. The cost of attending IIMs varies depending on the student's preferred field of study, the institute's market worth, and the location of the institution. These institutions have various PGPM, executive, and FPM tuition fees. Every year, IIMs typically increase their MBA tuition by 2-3%. Continue reading for comprehensive information on the IIM MBA tuition schedule and available seats.

The IIM MBA fees cover both lodging and boarding in addition to additional costs. The following costs are covered by the IIM fees for MBA through CAT 2022:

IIM Ahmedabad Fees 2022

According to the previous year's IIM Ahmedabad fees for MBA/PGP, it was approximately Rs 23,00,000. (Inclusive of tuition fees of Rs 16,99,000). The PGPX Program Fee was Rs 28,00,000. The IIM Ahmedabad fees include items like lodging, meal costs, tuition, and other related costs. Candidates should be advised that personal expenses such as those travel, lodging, clothing, laundry, and other costs are not included. The students will also receive financial aid from IIMA.

IIM Bangalore Fees 2022

Around Rs. 24,50,000 is the entire cost for the MBA and PGP programs at IIM Bangalore. The tuition, internet, library, hostel room, and other costs are included in the MBA IIM Bangalore fees. In addition, students must pay the mess and the caution deposit in advance. The shortlisted students will receive financial aid and scholarships from IIMB in order to enroll in the MBA/PGP program on a CAT basis.

IIM Calcutta Fees 2022

The cost of the programs IIM Calcutta offers varies depending on the curriculum. IIM Calcutta charges a total of Rs 27,00,000 for the MBA degree and Rs 11,25,000 for the PGPEX-VLM program. MBA, MBA Ex, PGPEX-VLM, and PGDBA are among the programs offered by IIMC. include the cost of tuition, books, supplies, lodging, and economy airfare for study tours arranged by IIMC for MBA/PGP.

IIM Lucknow Fees 2022

Students who are selected for final IIML admission will be required to pay six terms' worth of IIM Lucknow tuition. The MBA tuition at IIM Lucknow is the same as last year at Rs 19,25,000. Fees at IIM Lucknow may differ for SC and ST students. Please visit the official website to see the complete details of the IIM Lucknow fee structure by category and program.

IIM Kozhikode Fees 2022

The IIM Kozhikode fees must be paid by applicants who receive a final admission offer in order to confirm their enrollment. IIM Kozhikode charges a total of Rs 10,00,000 for the program, which must be paid in 7 installments. The total cost of the PGP-Finance program is Rs 20,50,000. Each program at IIM Kozhikode may have different costs, including PGP-LSM, PGP-BL, PGP-Finance, PGP, MBA, and Executive-MBA.

The aforementioned costs cover textbooks and course materials, program delivery, simulations, and access to all on-campus amenities like the library. These costs do not, however, cover the cost of boarding and lodging for the IIMK's proposed campus immersion programs.

IIM Indore Fees 2022

For the academic class of 2022–24, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore, will provide the PGP and PGPMX fee schedule. The entire cost of the PGP and PGPMX programs at IIM Indore is Rs 16,96,422 and Rs 16,10,000, respectively. The tuition at IIM Indore includes the use of the library, computers, and other amenities. There are accommodations.

The price of textbooks is not included in the IIM Indore tuition. The participants are responsible for paying the textbooks' estimated annual cost of Rs. 15,000 on their own. Each year, participants are given access to covered medical policy insurance for a total of Rs. 1,50,000, with premiums being paid on an as-needed basis.

IIM Trichy Fees 2022

PGPM, PGBM, PGPM-HR, FPM, and E-FPM are all offered by IIM Trichy. According to the pattern from the previous year, those applying for the PGPM program will need to pay a total of Rs 14,00,000, while those applying for the PGPBM program will need to pay a total of Rs 11,80,000.

The Rs. 11,80,000/- in non-refundable IIM Trichy fees cover textbooks, the library, tuition, case permission royalties, the academic course pack, exams, and alumni activities. The IIM Trichy fee is set up to be paid in nine installments as per the following schedule for convenience.

IIM Amritsar Fees 2022

Tuition, library, IT & computer, books and case materials, hostel & electricity, medical & student activities, and other costs are all included in the IIM Amritsar tuition. The overall cost of the MBA program at IIM Amritsar is Rs 16,00,000. Candidates must all pay the acceptance fee to confirm admission to IIM Amritsar in order to be included on the institution's final merit list for admission to the 2023–25 PGP academic batch.

IIM Rohtak Fees 2022

Every candidate considers IIM Rohtak's cost structure after receiving the confirmation call from the institute. Postgraduate management, executive, and fellowship programs are all offered by IIM Rohtak. Those who meet the requirements for admission to IIM Rohtak will be required to pay Rs. 16,65,000 for its two-year PGP program, following the trend from the previous year.