GMAT Prep Courses

Would you recommend online GMAT prep courses or in person classes?

online GMAT prep courses or in person classes

Do you favour taking the GMAT in person or online? It ultimately depends on your preferences and circumstances because both have benefits and drawbacks. Here are a few crucial factors to consider before making a decision.

Advantages of taking the GMAT in person

Removed are Distractions from the Environment

It may be better for you to take the GMAT in person if you are easily distracted by your surroundings. In this case, you have more control and there are no outside distractions.

Real-time remarks from the examiner

The proctor's ability to offer immediate feedback is another benefit of taking the GMAT in person. The proctor can assist you more quickly and possibly more effectively than an online chat box if you have any questions or concerns while taking the test.

The Disadvantages of Taking the GMAT in Person

Place and Schedule

Your availability in terms of time and location is severely constrained if you take the GMAT in person. It's possible that you won't have access to a testing location nearby or that the testing times won't work for you.


The GMAT is $250, and travelling to take the test in person could be expensive. Both the structure and content of the Exam are the same.

Comparing the GMAT online and in person

The GMAT is a computerised examination, so the questions and testing conditions are the same whether you take it in person or online. Whether you take the GMAT online or in person, it will last 3 hours and 7 minutes, and you can choose the order in which you take the examinations.

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Pros of Taking the GMAT Online


The GMAT's finest benefit is that you can take it online from any place with an internet connection. This is a big advantage for people who can't travel or don't live close to a GMAT testing centre. The online model also offers additional scheduling freedom. You can choose to take the exam whenever it is convenient for you, as long as you follow some time restrictions.

Examining in the Same Setting as Your Studying

If you are taking the GMAT at home, the atmosphere will be the same as the one you studied and practised in for this test. Your mind will feel more at ease and this can assist to reduce anxiety if you take the exam in an environment you are accustomed to. If you study for the GMAT and take the test in the same place, your mind will more easily connect the material.

Test Anxiety

For some test takers, the thought of taking an exam in person might be very distressing. For those who fit this description, taking the GMAT online may be the best option. You won't have any tension from driving to a testing location if you take the GMAT from the comfort of your home.

Cons of Taking the GMAT Online

Less Individual Attention

When taking the GMAT online, you don't directly communicate with the proctor. You'll be able to communicate with one other through the chat, and you may also call to speak with the proctor in real time. This could be a disadvantage, though, if you prefer in-person explanations or expect rapid, thorough responses to your concerns.


Some people might feel less comfortable taking an online test, especially if they have never taken one before. Make sure you are familiar with the procedures you must complete before starting the exam and the GMAC security regulations for online testing before registering.

Nothing that Scratches

One thing you cannot do when taking the GMAT Online is physically take notes. To utilise during the exam, you can either buy your own whiteboard or use a virtual one. This could be a disadvantage if you like to take exams with actual copies of all your materials in front of you.

Pros of taking the GMAT in Person

Distractions from the Environment are Removed

If you are easily distracted by your surroundings, taking the GMAT in person can be preferable for you. You have more control in this scenario, and all outside distractions are eliminated.

Real-time comments from the proctor

Another advantage of taking the GMAT in person is the proctor's ability to provide real-time feedback. If you have any questions or concerns during the test, the proctor can help you more promptly and possibly more efficiently than through an online chat box.

Cons of Taking the GMAT in Person

Location and Scheduling

The major disadvantage of taking the GMAT in person is that it limits your availability in terms of time and place. It's possible that there won't be a testing site close by or that the testing times won't be convenient for you.


The GMAT costs $250, and taking test in person could be costly if you have to travel. The Exam's format and substance are both the same.