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The NMAT exam is a highly competitive entrance exam in India that provides access to management programs offered by NMIMS University and other leading B-schools across the country. Aspirants aiming to excel in the NMAT exam need appropriate training and guidance, which is where NMAT coaching institutes come into play.

Why VerbalHub NMAT Classes

Verbalhub, The most trustworthy NMAT coaching and Known for high-quality NMAT classes by highly experienced Trainers, believes in careful planning before starting any NMAT preparation. This means allowing test takers to adjust to the requirements of the exam and creating a detailed plan of action. Our NMAT prep program is divided into five phases that are designed to ensure success.

Counseling: During the counseling phase, students are given a personalized experience where they can discuss their goals and requirements with their mentors. They are provided with a detailed plan of action that includes the required number of study hours, recommended books, and practice resources.

Foundation: The fundamentals phase is a brush-up round where mentors focus on each individual concept from the ground up. They elaborate on the strategies required for each type of concept and train students on how to apply them. After practicing and perfecting the concept, students are given sets of questions to practice and are encouraged to clear any doubts they may have.

Strategy: The strategy round builds on the foundation laid by the counseling and fundamentals phases. Mentors guide students through different levels of questions, starting with easy-level questions and progressing to medium-level questions. At the end of the round, you will start getting sectional to improve overall NMAT preparation.

Time Management: The time management phase is crucial for scoring high on the NMAT. This phase trains students to manage their time effectively by dealing with easy questions in 15 to 30 seconds, medium questions in 30 to 45 seconds, and hard questions within the allotted time. This phase also includes analytical writing assessment and integrated reasoning training.

Scoring round: Finally, the scoring round is all about taking exams, maintaining an error log, fixing silly mistakes, and improving scores. Students are given full-length NMAT tests that are evaluated by their mentors. Students are then advised on how to overcome their errors and improve their approach to each question. With 11 full tests, Verbalhub's training guarantees high scores and establishes them as the best NMAT coaching.

Need of NMAT course

VerbalHub, one of the NMAT coaching institutes, offers comprehensive NMAT courses that cover all the topics and sections of the exam. These courses are designed to help students build their conceptual knowledge and develop the necessary skills required to crack the exam. One of the foremost benefits of enrolling in a premium NMAT coaching institute is the personalized attention and guidance provided by seasoned faculty members, allowing students to obtain clarification on doubts and receive tailored feedback on their performance to enhance their scores.

Option for NMAT crash course

Another advantage of taking coaching from VerbalHub, a premium NMAT coaching institute, is that it offers NMAT crash courses, which are short-term courses designed to help students revise the entire syllabus quickly. These courses are immensely advantageous for students who are time-constrained or seeking to recapitulate their knowledge prior to their examination. Especially when you run short of time and you could not prep yourself or you are not as much confident as you should be for your exam, the NMAT crash course is going to suit you the most.

Verbalhub, an NMAT coaching institute also, offers NMAT classes at multiple locations, making it easier for students to attend classes near their homes. Students can search for "NMAT coaching near me" and find coaching institutes located in their vicinity. In addition, many premium NMAT coaching institutes now offer NMAT coaching online, which is highly convenient for students who cannot attend physical classes.

Moreover, Verbalhub, one of many premium NMAT coaching institutes, also offers NMAT and SNAP crash courses, which are comprehensive courses designed to help students prepare for both NMAT and SNAP exams. These courses are exceedingly advantageous for students who intend to take both examinations.

In conclusion, NMAT coaching institutes offer a range of courses and benefits to students who are aspiring to crack the NMAT exam. From individualized and attentive instruction to exhaustive and all-encompassing curricula, these academies offer scholars with all the resources and tools necessary to achieve triumph. So, if you are planning to appear for the NMAT exam, consider enrolling in a premium NMAT coaching institute to give yourself the best chance of success.

Let's understand everything about NMAT

The NMAT exam, also known as NMAT by GMAC, which monitors it, is an entrance exam for management programs in India, and is accepted by several leading business schools in India, including NMIMS University, SPJIMR, and ISB. In this piece, we shall undertake an all-encompassing examination of the NMAT examination process, from the initial registration through to the ultimate results.

Registration for the NMAT exam can be done online on the official website. To commence their NMAT journey, students are required to fabricate an account and accomplish the registration process by furnishing their personal and academic credentials. Furthermore, students are privileged to handpick their coveted exam center and an appropriate date of examination while completing the registration. The registration fee for NMAT 2023 is expected to be around INR 2,000, and the last date for registration is usually in October.

Upon successfully completing the registration process, students can conveniently access their admit card by logging into their NMAT account. The NMAT admit card serves as a vital document, encapsulating imperative details such as the designated exam date, venue, and guidelines pertinent to the examination day. It is mandatory for students to show ID and admit cart to the assigned examination centre.

How is the NMAT exam conducted?

The NMAT exam is a computer-based test that is conducted over a 75-day testing window. The NMAT is a tripartite assessment comprising Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning sections, spanning an overall duration of 120 minutes, with each section allowed 40 minutes. The objective of this test is to appraise a candidate's linguistic mastery, analytical finesse, mathematical acumen, and cognitive flexibility.

NMAT by GMAC offers the opportunity for aspirants to appear thrice in the examination during a testing cycle, with an intermission of a minimum of 15 days between each attempt. The selection committee considers the highest score out of the three trials for the admission procedure.

NMAT exam date

The NMAT exam date for 2023 has not yet been announced by GMAC, but it is expected to be conducted between October to December.

Post-NMAT Exam: What's Next?

The NMAT exam, conducted by GMAC, is a computer-based entrance exam for management programs in India. Once the exam is completed, students eagerly await their results. Within this article, we shall deliberate upon the post-examination protocol to be followed subsequent to the NMAT.

Accessing NMAT Results

After the completion of the NMAT exam, students can access their results on the official website. Generally, the NMAT result is declared within 4-5 weeks of the exam date. The scorecard displays the overall score, sectional score, and percentile ranking of the student. It is valid for one year and can be used to apply for management programs in various B-schools across India.

Preparation for NMAT Exam

To perform well in the NMAT exam, students must prepare thoroughly. One way to prepare for the exam is to access the official NMAT mock test, available on the official website. The mock test aims to give students a feel for the actual exam and help them identify their strengths and weaknesses. Numerous educational institutions offer NMAT preparatory classes, including simulated testing sessions and tutorial courses, to assist students in their exam preparation.

Additional Information about NMAT Exam

The NMAT exam is conducted over a 75-day testing window, allowing students to choose a convenient date and time for the exam. The exam is partitioned into three sections: LR (Logical Reasoning), QS (Quantitative Skills), and LS (Language Skills).

How to take care of NMAT Online Registration

The registration procedure for NMAT is a facile and uncomplicated process that can be conveniently accomplished online with just a few facile steps. Below is an in-depth guide for online registration for NMAT:

Step 1: Entails navigating to the official website of NMAT, thereby initializing the registration process.

The foremost action to initiate NMAT registration is to navigate to the official website, namely www.nmat.org.in, which serves as a comprehensive source for all relevant details pertaining to the enrollment process, test schedule, curriculum, and other pertinent information.

Step 2: Create an account

To register for NMAT, candidates need to create an account on the official website. They can click on the 'Register Now' button on the homepage and provide their personal and academic details to create their account.

Step 3: Fill in the application form

Upon successful creation of an account, aspirants are expected to furnish the application form with pertinent information pertaining to their personal data, including but not limited to, full name, birth date, contact address, academic credentials, and other crucial information. It is highly imperative to ensure the accuracy of the information provided as it will be instrumental in verification and communication endeavors.

Step 4: Upload documents

Candidates must upload a valid ID and recent passport-sized Pic during the registration process. The documents should be in the prescribed format and size, as mentioned on the website.

Step 5: Pay the application fee

Upon completion of the application form and necessary document submission, applicants are required to remit the NMAT application fee which is contingent on the number of programs applied for. Payment of the fee can be executed online through various modes such as credit card, debit card, or net banking.

Step 6: Schedule the exam

After paying the application fee, candidates can schedule the exam date and time as per their convenience. The NMAT exam is conducted over a 75-day testing window, and candidates can choose the date and time that suits them best.

Registering for NMAT online is a simple and hassle-free process. It is imperative that candidates furnish precise information, upload the mandated documents, and effectuate the payment of the application fee to consummate the registration process fruitfully. They should also schedule the exam date and time as per their convenience to appear for the exam.

How to prepare for the NMAT?

Mastering the NMAT exam can be an overwhelming endeavor, but with meticulous strategizing and concerted preparation, one can surmount the exam with dexterity. In this write-up, we will expound on the methodical process of gearing up for the NMAT exam.

Step 1: Acquaint oneself with the examination pattern and syllabus

To embark on a successful preparation journey, it is imperative to gain a comprehensive understanding of the NMAT exam pattern and syllabus. The exam, which spans over 120 minutes, is segmented into three sections, namely Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning, and consists of a total of 108 questions. Candidates must focus on each section's weightage and prepare accordingly.

Step 2: Gather credible study materials

Once acquainted with the exam pattern and syllabus, candidates should gather essential study materials. These may include the NMAT official guide, coaching institute study material, previous year's question papers, and mock tests. It is crucial to have access to all necessary study materials before commencing the preparation.

Step 3: Prepare with a study plan

Candidates should divide their study time equally among all the sections and focus on their weak areas. It is crucial to allocate ample time for revision and practice. A well-crafted study plan facilitates candidates in being methodical, disciplined, and on track.

Step 4: Clarity about basics

Once candidates have their study materials and study plan ready, they should start with the basics. It is imperative for candidates to have a profound understanding of the fundamental concepts of each topic before proceeding to the advanced level.

Step 5: Practise, and revise again and again

Practicing and revising are essential to prepare well for the NMAT exam. Aspirants should attempt an extensive amount of practice questions and take multiple mock tests to refine their skills. Mock tests aid in acclimating candidates to the exam pattern and help refine their time management abilities. Candidates should also revise the topics regularly to retain what they have learned.

Step 6: Involves analysing one's performance and making improvements accordingly

Upon completing mock and practice tests, candidates must evaluate their performance and identify the areas where they lack proficiency. By doing so, they can improve upon those inadequacies by practicing more questions and revisiting the concepts in depth. Candidates must also prioritize enhancing their speed and precision while solving the problems.

Step 7: Stay motivated and confident

Staying motivated and confident is crucial for cracking the NMAT exam. Candidates should not get discouraged by low scores or mistakes. Rather than regarding their mistakes as a setback, candidates should embrace them as an opportunity to learn and refine their skills in their weaker areas. They should also take breaks in between the preparation to avoid burnout.

Preparing for the NMAT exam requires proper planning, dedication, and hard work. Candidates should understand the exam pattern and syllabus, gather study materials, create a study plan, start with the basics, practice and revise regularly, analyze their performance, and stay motivated and confident. With consistent effort and practice, candidates can crack the NMAT exam and pursue their management education from some of the top B-schools in India.

Top seven colleges Post-NMAT

Several top B-schools in India accept the NMAT score for admission. Here are the top 7 colleges that accept NMAT scores with their fee structure and placement package:

1. NMIMS Mumbai:

NarseeMonjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) Mumbai is one of the most reputed B-schools in India and is also the conducting body of the NMAT exam. The fee for the MBA program at NMIMS Mumbai is around Rs. 20 lakhs, and the average placement package is around Rs. 18 lakhs per annum.

2. SPJIMR Mumbai:

SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Mumbai is another top B-school that accepts NMAT scores for admission. The fee for the PGDM program at SPJIMR Mumbai is around Rs. 17 lakhs, and the average placement package is around Rs. 22 lakhs per annum.

3. ISB Hyderabad:

Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad is a premier B-school in India that accepts NMAT scores for admission to its PGPM program. The fee for the PGPM program at ISB Hyderabad is around Rs. 35 lakhs, and the average placement package is around Rs. 25 lakhs per annum.

4. XIM Bhubaneswar:

Xavier Institute of Management (XIM) Bhubaneswar is a well-known B-school in eastern India that accepts NMAT scores for admission. The fee for the MBA program at XIM Bhubaneswar is around Rs. 19 lakhs, and the average placement package is around Rs. 12 lakhs per annum.

5. TAPMI Manipal:

T A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) Manipal is a top B-school in south India that accepts NMAT scores for admission. The fee for the PGDM program at TAPMI Manipal is around Rs. 17 lakhs, and the average placement package is around Rs. 12 lakhs per annum.

6. IMT Ghaziabad:

Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Ghaziabad is a well-known B-school in north India that accepts NMAT scores for admission. The fee for the PGDM program at IMT Ghaziabad is around Rs. 17 lakhs, and the average placement package is around Rs. 13 lakhs per annum.

7. NIBM Pune:

National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM) Pune is a specialized B-school that offers management programs in banking and finance. The fee for the PGDM program at NIBM Pune is around Rs. 14 lakhs, and the average placement package is around Rs. 9 lakhs per annum.

How will VerbalHub help you with NMAT coaching?

VerbalHub is a well-known coaching institute that specializes in providing comprehensive coaching for the NMAT exam. With its experienced faculty and personalized attention, VerbalHub aims to help students achieve their desired scores in the NMAT exam. There are several ways in which VerbalHub coaching institute can help students prepare for the NMAT exam

Gain the Edge with VerbalHub's Experienced Faculty for Your NMAT Preparation

VerbalHub's faculty members are highly experienced and proficient in their respective fields, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the NMAT exam pattern, syllabus, and scoring methodology. Their in-depth knowledge and proficiency in the subject matter can help you to effectively prepare for the exam. The invaluable tutelage and proficiency of these experts will bestow upon you the competitive advantage required to excel in the NMAT examination. With VerbalHub, you can rest assured that you're receiving the best coaching from a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable faculty members.

Tailored Study Material for Your NMAT Success

The study material provided by VerbalHub includes comprehensive notes, practice tests, and solved examples. The study material is meticulously crafted, taking into account the unique strengths and weaknesses of every student, to ensure personalized and effective learning. With this approach, VerbalHub ensures that every student has a personalized learning experience that caters to their specific needs. The study materials undergo frequent updates to maintain relevance with any alterations in the exam pattern or syllabus, thereby guaranteeing that the students are continually exposed to the latest and current material.

Mock Your Way to Success with VerbalHub's Regular Mock Tests

To help students assess their NMAT preparation level, VerbalHub conducts regular mock tests that simulate the actual exam. These mock tests provide students with a feel of the exam environment, helping them overcome the fear of the unknown. Additionally, the coaching institute provides detailed analysis and feedback on the performance of each student, helping them identify their areas of improvement and work on them. With VerbalHub's regular mock tests, you can track your progress, improve your test-taking strategy, and boost your confidence to crack the NMAT with flying colors!

Personalized Attention to Boost Your NMAT Prep

VerbalHub stands out from other coaching institutes due to its individualized approach to teaching. The coaching institute acknowledges the learning psychology, positive strengths, weaknesses, and learning preferences of each student. Consequently, they offer individualized attention to every student, guaranteeing that they receive tailored guidance to excel in the NMAT exam. VerbalHub keeps the batch sizes small to promote student-faculty interaction.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere: Online Coaching with VerbalHub

VerbalHub understands that not all students can attend regular classes due to various reasons. As such, they offer comprehensive online coaching for the NMAT exam, featuring live interactive classes, pre-recorded video lectures, and an extensive collection of online study materials, providing students with the flexibility to learn at their convenience and from any location