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  • How To Improve Profile For Business School

    Constructing a profile for MBA is totally subjective. But, some certain traits and qualities in your MBA application help you improve your profile and increase the chances to get admission to a top business school. For those who are confused about how to build a good profile for B-schools, this is the right article. During the admission process at top business schools, your complete MBA profile matters a lot. By ‘profile’ it implies on your life till date. Even a tiny bit relevant information from your past life is considered to make the final verdict of admission. An aspirant needs to have a story for the Essay writing section. To do that efficiently that MBA aspirants ought to have certain accomplishments, failures, leadership, volunteering backgrounds that distinguishes them from the crowd.

    Building B-School Profile that Stands Out:

    Building profiles for International Institutes is relatively different than building profiles for an Indian BSchool as the international requirements are rather different. Nevertheless, there are some basic steps that if you do, can reflect you as a more potent candidate. Some of them could be a few of these:

    1) Ready yourself for the GMAT exam and Ace It:

    If you are serious about knowing how to improve your MBA profile or boost your MBA application, the first and foremost thing you should do is to the importance of GMAT for business school admissions. If you score a high in the GMAT exam, it will automatically increase your chances of acquiring admission and scholarship in top B-schools. Therefore, it becomes very important for the GMAT aspirants to wok hard and ace the GMAT as early as possible. You can opt for the GMAT prep course at VerbalHub and ace your GMAT with a high percentile.

    2) Develop the Skills that showcase your leadership knacks:

    Those who are in a junior position in their respective companies right now must be confused about how to showcase leadership skills. Well, for that you must understand that leadership means holding the capability to influence others. Even if you are a junior member of the team, try to work in a way that makes the superiors listen to you and implement the recommendations you make regarding the tasks assigned to you. Isn't that is a leadership attribute? The best way to build leadership skills is by partaking in projects that are challenging for you.

    3) Gaining experience through difficult projects:

    Working on difficult projects will serve 3 purposes of your MBA profile.
    1. It will help you develop rapport with the seniors that you work with. You can approach your prior supervisors during the hard timers in future.
    2. Working on difficult projects develops leadership qualities in you.
    3. You discover the practical craftworks like planning, scheduling, and executing a project.

    Additionally, prior exposure to tough situations will add momentum to your career opening the doors of you getting promoted more frequently.

    4) Having additional certificates that align with your career objectives:

    If you work as an engineer right now and desire to pursue finance, you are supposed to exhibit your previous steps taken towards your aspiration. To demonstrate your seriousness, you can acquire certifications that carry more credibility. Some of the additional certifications to Build a Good Profile for B-Schools include some of the following courses:

    a) Financial markets by Yale
    b) Business and Financial Modeling by Wharton
    c) Digital Marketing by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Always try to choose courses from top schools as they can benefit you in terms of knowledge and ammunition for interviews and essays.

    5) Have some prior NGO experience:

    While improving your profile for business schools, having some NGO experience can be very useful. It is advised to demonstrate at least two years of your association with NGOs and be able to show a change that has been brought into the society or yourself by that course.
    Even if you can demonstrate a notable difference being brought in that shorter stint of time, you are good to go.

    6) Gather volunteering experience whenever you can:

    Don’t just take up volunteer work for the sake of improving your MBA profile. This is a vital aspect as most of the top B-Schools would want to see enthusiasts and those who are not afraid of taking up additional responsibilities and showcase leadership dexterities. The admissions committee will usually go see the impact made by you through your volunteer experience in the organization. Thus, going the extra mile and volunteering in an organization will help you in the ways listed below:

    a) Help you stand out among the applicant pool you are in.
    b) Cover up the competencies that you might be lacking in other areas of your application.
    c) Display achievements from your prior professional experience
    and represent your personality and worth at the same time.

    7) Extra-curricular activities

    Don't worry! Even if you haven’t been a fan of co-curricular activities in your college times. You may join a toastmaster’s club or language class in your city and learn a foreign language. Actively participating in the events arranged by the HR team at your workplace can also be a very helping factor in improving your profile for B-school.

    8) Experience of Start-up and Fellowships also matters:

    Startups are the present talk of the town, so with any such experience, be it failure or success, it is a brownie point for you. Even joining a start-up on a part-time basis to gain insight and experience will build a good profile for B-schools. Additionally, you much also look for the diverse fellowship opportunities available like Teach For India, Young India Fellowship, and LAMP to name a few. This is the richest experience that makes you a better person and differentiates you from the rest of the crowd.

    The above-talked points are just a few. Always remember one thing, the admissions panels always look for accomplished aspirants from diverse backdrops. Therefore, while building a good profile for B-schools, you must always strive to make your candidature unique in any way possible and represent yourself as a perfectly suitable individual by showcasing leadership and management skills. The only task at this juncture of your career should be to improve your profile for business school.