Can anyone share his/her IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience

IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience

 Interview Experience

Topics for WAT and GD

• Should India switch to a presidential system of government?

Is India's population an asset or a liability?

Is India's "Right to Privacy" at risk?

They are either stepping stones or stumbling blocks, depending on how you view them.

Time is better spent describing a right action than a poor action.

Why India needs to stop working on self-driving cars since unemployment is rising.

The lessons of history are sufficient. Now we must begin learning the lessons of our own time.

Why Insolvent nationalized banks shouldn't receive government assistance.

Should India finance its infrastructure with local funds or with loans from abroad?

Has anything actually changed at the Planning Commission or NITI Aayog?

Physical prowess does not translate into strength. It comes from an unbreakable will.

Is the UDAAN scheme only advantageous on paper, or will it also have an impact on the ground?

Agrarian hardship cannot be solved by data or digitization.

Should India concentrate on smart cities while 30 crore people still lack access to electricity?

Personal Interview (PI)

Average Duration: 20 minutes.

No. of Panelists: 2.

General Questions

Please introduce yourself.

Are there any inquiries regarding the towns you've visited or lived in?

Why MBA?

What makes the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIM K) special?

Which other IIMs have called to schedule interviews with you? Which IIM of the others would you prioritize?

General Knowledge Questions

Describe the Economics Demand-Supply Law.

Do you have the most recent budget? What are the budget's standout features?

Why did the Indian IT sector see substantial growth over the last ten years? What elements are responsible for its expansion?

How well-versed are you in the 2G fraud? Are you in agreement that it is a scam? Do you believe it is best for the citizens of the country to sell off its natural resources? Why?

Hobbies & Interest-based Questions

Which book is your favorite? detailed questions regarding the book?

• What is your preferred destination if you claim to enjoy traveling? information on the tourist attractions in the area where you are now.

IIM Kozhikode Interview Process

WAT Topic: We have learned enough from history. We must now begin to learn the lessons of our own time.

GD: the same topic as WAT.

P1 and P2 on the IIM Kozhikode Interview Panel.

P1: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

C: Following the prepared introduction in which I discussed my qualifications, professional background, and extracurricular activities. I also spoke about the marketing project, the patent, and the college events.

P1: Describe your job for us. How do you behave?

C: I described my tasks and roles.

P1: You are an employee at X Company. Who are your rival companies?

C: There are various competitors in each of our seven product categories. Ashok Leyland and Eicher are the main rivals in the M&HCV category, Ashok Leyland is the main rival in the ILCV category, and Ashok Leyland and Eicher are the main rivals in the LCV Mahindra category.

*Interrupted by P1*

Ramraj, P1 What is this M&HCV, exactly?

C: Sir, items are split into various groups based on the vehicle load capacity. M&HCV stands for medium and heavy commercial vehicles with capacities larger than 16 tonnes, 7.5 tonnes to 15.5 tonnes for ILCVs, and 3.5 tonnes to 7.5 tonnes for LCVs.

P1 interrupted me.

P1: What goods do you offer for the automotive market?

C: Described the recently released products, their sales figures, and information on their market share.

P1: What caused a drop in your market share?

C: I discussed my perspective on this as well as the dependability and toughness of our products in the target market.

P1: Asked about the titles and the yearly raise.

C: Outlined the company's restructuring and turnaround efforts while discussing the last quarter's financial results.

P2: You are an engineer in electronics and communications. What does the word "electronics" mean?

P2 interrupted me.

Which other calls did you receive, Ramraj?

C: IIMB, IIML, the New IIMs, MDI Gurgaon, and FMS all called me.

P2: How were the interviews in Bangalore and Lucknow?

C: My first interview was in Lucknow, and my IIM Bangalore interview is on February 26. Overall, I learned a lot from the experience.

P2: What does the term "electronics" mean?

C: While electrical simply deals with the transfer of power, electronics also deals with decision-making.

What is communication? — P2.

C: Signal transmission is the foundation of communication.

P2: What kinds of communication methods are there?

C: Analog, digital, 2G, 3G, and 4G signals are all forms of communication.

What is Passband, P2?

C: It allows a specific frequency range to pass through.

What is a stopband, P2?

C: It blocks a specific frequency range.

P2: What is the name of India's deputy prime minister?

C: Sir, there isn't a deputy prime minister at the moment.

P2: A former person. Give me your name.

C: I have no idea, sir.

P2: Who is India's vice president?

C: The vice president of India is Sir Hon'ble Venkaiah Naidu.

Any queries for us, P2?

A: No, sir.

IIM Kozhikode Interview Process: Observation

The judges must evaluate and assess the genuine you that is inside of you. The judges aim to assess the applicant's level of commitment. They are curious to learn how prepared an applicant is for their career. They also want to know how the applicant plans to shape his career and how a management degree will aid him in doing so.

The candidates should display confidence, composure, and common sense when responding to the questions. When introducing yourself and speaking with them, he or she should pay close attention, project a strong sense of self-worth, and have organizational abilities.