How was your IIM Ahmedabad Interview?

IIM Ahmedabad Interview

 IIM ahmedabad interview

Interview with any of IIMS is always a fabulous experience no matter whether it is IIM Ahmedabad or IIM Bengaluru.

Let me pen down the Process

A personal interview is the second step in IIM A's hiring procedure after an essay writing test.

Essay Writing Criticism: Average Time: 11 minutes (1 minute to think, 10 minutes to write)

• War should put an end before mankind itself.

• Religion: a social burden.

• Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

• What measures would you take to prevent farmer suicides? (ABM).

The average feedback for personal interviews is 15 to 20 minutes.

No. of Panellists: 3

• Excerpts from Interview 1: (A 99.97 CAT percentile with 92.6% in 10th grade, 89.4% in 12th grade, and 78.64% in B. Tech. ECE).

What occasions did you plan?

How is an LCD put to use?

How is an LED operated?

Create an x3 graph.

Calculate how much a sphere's volume would change if its radius were to grow by 20%.

What are your interests and how do they apply to your life?

Give us examples of fictional technologies that actually existed.

What three historical events have had the greatest impact on India today?

What kinds of censors are there?

• Taken From Interview No. 2 (A 99.16 CAT percentiler with 93.8% in the 10th grade, 84.6% in the 12th, 83.8% in the B. Tech. CSE, and 3 years of teaching experience).

Describe Newton's law.

Where is friction used and what is it?

How many nations are located near India's border?

What kind of climate does India have that is good for growing?

Where in the world are the Maldives, Fiji, and Mauritius located?

The Sistine Chapel is what?

Why is a teacher good? What ought a teacher emphasize?

How did you approach the less capable students?

Create software to use the touchscreen functionality.

Differences between Windows Mobile OS, Apple iOS, and Android.

What standout characteristics does Windows 8 have?

• Excerpts from Interview 3: (A 99.58 CAT percentiler with 93.1% in 10th grade, 94.2% in 12th grade, and 92.4% in B. Tech. CSE)

Can you defend the views you expressed in the essay regarding religion?

What do many religions have in common?

What will the new coordinates be if you rotate this line at a specific angle?

Describe a novel.

What books have you read thus far?

What city in Italy is the capital?

Where on the map is it?

What is the world's newest country to have been founded?

Which continent is it located in?

Why don't you consider a career in acting?

• Excerpts from Interview 4: (An 87.6 CAT percentiler with a 10th-grade grade of 84.8%, a 12th-grade grade of 76.4%, and a B. Sc. in Agriculture grade of 74%).

Why the MBA-ABM? Describe your family to us.

Where do you envision yourself in five years?

How are you going to address the issue of farmers' lack of access to seeds?

Do you possess any private fields?

What procedures are you implementing in your particular field?

What does 154 square mean?

Are you a newspaper reader?

What recent news story have you been following?

Who is India's minister of agriculture?

What role does agriculture have in the Indian economy?

• Taken From Interview No. 5: (A 87.89 CAT percentiler with a 10th-grade grade of 91%, a 12th-grade grade of 78%, and a B. Sc. with Honors in Agriculture grade of 69%)

How is milk manipulated?

How does India fall behind other developed countries in the dairy industry?

What do you think of the proposed law on food security?

What programs are currently in place to support food processing?

What is India's yield per hectare?

What do you intend to do after finishing this course?

What are the main issues that India's agriculture is facing?

What book did you just finish reading?

What aspects of this book did you like?

What do your friends think of you?

• Excerpts from Interview 1 Why did you decide on an MBA?

You turned one of your weaknesses into a strength.

Who or what inspires you, and why?

Any life experience that has had an impact on you?

Excerpts from Interview 2 (a B.Tech. student who is experiencing a downward trend in grades and who lacks work experience): Identify yourself.

What achievements do you have?

Which do you want to be, an entrepreneur or a businessman?

Which company—a large one with a lesser income or a small one with a better benefits package—will you choose to work for?

What brands do you currently wear?

• Excerpts from Interview 3 (A B.Com. Freshman with a 60% in her 10th grade, an 83% in her 12th, and a 60% in her graduation).

The student was required to interpret each of the situations that were shown to them on a sheet of different situations. Example: You were out too late and your room was locked by someone else, thus you didn't get a room when you were traveling with family from Hyderabad to Bangalore. How will you proceed? Regarding his responses, he was cross-examined.

Excerpts from Interview 4 (a B.Com. graduate with a 73% average in 10th grade, an 81% average in 12th grade, a 61% graduation rate, and nine months of job experience as a financial analyst at a C.A. firm): He was cross-examined on his responses to his opinions regarding each of the six circumstances. Please describe a scenario in which you acted as a leader. What knowledge have you acquired? You serve as the church's patron; as a result of low attendance, the priest has decided to close the building. What might be the potential issues? You have a 10% probability of winning as the captain of a cricket team. Make a plan to prevail.

Excerpts from Interview No. 5 with a B.A. graduate who has no work experience and falling grades:

What publication do you read?

Which types of news do you enjoy reading?

Describe FDI and NCTC for us.

What do you wish you could be for the day? (Tata Ratan) Rattan Tata: Why?

How did the JLR deal go, please? How come Nano failed?