Proven Success: 90% grade improvement;

75% higher

test score

Practice makes a man perfect but it is incomplete without strategy. Role of mentor starts here: VerbalHub instructs on each stage with specific strategy. To score high, it is necessary that the test taker should know evaluation strategy. Giving test does not serve purpose until mistakes are realized. VerbalHub comes here: it prepares students to apply tips and tricks from 3 ways: question wise, score wise and test wise.

To improve accuracy, psychology of test should be understood. It is age of smart work; Smart work requires mentor-ship. Ending up with desired score requires step by step planning that VerbalHub does.

To improve scores, four factors work.

  1. Materials: social media and its experts suggest same study materials to everyone, But the fact is that books vary student to student's requirement.

  2. Preparation for foundation: from first day of touching book, test takers want to get best option that actually causes a score reduction. Foundation means getting ready for preparation not final preparation.

  3. Mock test: most of test takers start giving mock test after foundation. in case of low score, they get disappoint and are trapped in negative thinking. To be very honest, after foundation sectional test should be given, then full mock test.

  4. Final testing phase: In general students appear with zero strategy when they start real mock test. from real score point of view, real mock tests mean not looking at score but  making error logs and working on it.

VerbalHub works on each section that is why students prepare better and they end up with better resuls.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

Everyone can’t be weighed with the same scale. Different mind requires different approach since every individual’s weakness varies. Some of test takers even don’t know about the syllabus, so VerbalHub updates them first, then charts a road map of  study. as per the road map, students are headed to move  step by step but from scratch.

Some of the test takers know what type of preparation they need but they don’t know what to read and how to read: you know well that the whole social media is filled with "many people many mind" that brings uncounted confusions in the test takers mind related to reading and following. To get them rid of such confusions, VerbalHub starts with mock test to check the real ability of the test takers along with it evaluates through oral mock test by giving few important conceptual topics. In evaluation basically it focuses on test takers' approach. VerbalHub designs  curriculum, keeping the level of students in mind. For that VerbalHub puts the test takers in one of four categories: R1, R2, R3 and R4.

(R stands for requirement)

R1: It means beginning from zero level.

R2: It means that the test takers know basics but need brush up.

​R3: it means that the test takers need right approach for individual questions, individual topic and full test.

R4: it means that the test takers know everything yet not able to convert in desired score even unable to figure out reasons.

VerbalHub plans strategy and equips them with skills the desired height.

Smart beginning is half done :)

Customized ​Learning 

Individualized customized learning plan: Our learning plan has been divided in two parts:  1. Customized,  2. Individualized

Customized learning plan consists of phases, on the other hand individualized leaning plan consist of sop, counseling and batch.

sop: Standard operating procedure is a set of step by step instruction to achieve efficiency quality and uniformity of performance.

counseling: Right judgment and balance thinking is a key of success. It begins with evaluation. after evaluation, VerbalHub starts listing: study material, study hours, guidance, sectional tests and full tests.

Individualized works in every phase; After giving them batch, they are counseled for each phase, then sop is prepared accordingly; These are steps

  1. Basic

  2. Foundation

  3. Strategy

  4. Mock

  5. Error log making

  • Basic is a batch for those who score less than 30 % of desired score.

  • Foundation is a batch from scratch for those who score less than 50 % of desired score.

  • Strategy is a batch for those who score above 50 % but less than 70% of desired score.

  • Mock is the batch for those who score close to 70 or 70 % plus of desired score.

  • Error log making and guidance for those who score well but need final touch.

We “VerbalHub” vision to bestow an absolute guidance to each aspirant. We aim to devote centralized attention at each individual from lower score to desired score.

VerbalHub is an organization of experts who are veteran in their fields and covered milestones. Verbalhub has developed the course after surveying a lot of students, researching lots of  course and consulting the experts. Its team focuses on student individually and prepare courses after individualization. Its lecturers have been in teaching for many years and have already proved their expertise by producing toppers. Specialization of lecturer is "they take teaching seriously instead monetize it".

Rather narrating than its team believe in "action speaks louder than voice".

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