GMAT Focus Edition One on One

Achieving GMAT Success through Focused Preparation with GMAT Focus Edition

When it comes to GMAT preparation, first comes how to focus on GMAT preparation. You may begin with GMAT focus edition coaching that will help you get to know about the new format of GMAT. Your path to success lies in a strategic and focused approach to GMAT format change. The GMAT Focus Edition Prep offers an exceptional toolkit to help you navigate the changing landscape of the GMAT, including the new format and revised verbal section, while also providing valuable insights on coaching, test date changes, and associated fees.

1. Optimize Your Approach with Coaching

Maximize your GMAT performance by incorporating expert coaching. The GMAT Focus Edition's coaching resources offer personalized guidance, helping you orientate your preparation to the new GMAT changes and format.

2. Embrace the Power of GMAT Focus Edition Prep

GMAT Focus Edition Prep, designed to guide you through every aspect of the GMAT to compete in the business world, is all set to come to you to give you the best experience. Our comprehensive resource ensures you're equipped to tackle the challenges posed by the new format and verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and Data Insight.

3. Stay Ahead of GMAT Changes

Stay informed about the evolving GMAT landscape. The GMAT Focus Edition Prep keeps you up to date with the latest changes, ensuring you have the knowledge and strategies to address any modifications in the exam's structure. We are the pioneer to empower all skills of GMAT focus edition and GMAT format new.

4. Master the New GMAT Verbal Format

The GMAT Focus Edition delves deep into the intricacies of the revised verbal section. Equip yourself with strategies and techniques to excel in the new GMAT verbal format, giving you a competitive edge on test day.

5. Embrace the New GMAT Format

Prepare for success by familiarizing yourself with the new GMAT format. The GMAT Focus Edition guides you through the updated question types, pacing, and overall structure, helping you adapt and perform at your best.

6. Flexibility in GMAT Test Date Changes

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes your GMAT test date needs to change. The GMAT Focus Edition provides valuable insights on how to navigate the process of changing your test date, ensuring you're well-prepared and informed about any associated fees.

Unlimited Hours GMAT Online Live Training || 1000 Verbal Reasoning Questions with Solutions || 1000 Quantitative Reasoning Questions with Solutions || 1000 Data Insight Questions with Solutions || 100 Sectional Computer Adaptive Tests || 500 Individual Adaptive Tests questions || 11 Full-Length Computer Adaptive Tests || Whole Course Study Materials Around 25 Books including Official Guide & Verbal Review || Free Class Video Access. || Life Time Validity

Why GMAT Focus Edition one-on-one?
• Productive and efficient learning.
• Instant feedback and clarification.
• Better use of time
• Close watch and monitor.
• Learning at your own pace.
• Development of strategy concept by concept.
• More practical than theory.
• Freedom of time.
• Focus on a special skill set.

Live Online Training
Ø 40 Hours Verbal, 50 hours Quant Reasoning, and 50 hours Data Insight.
Ø 10 hours 700 Level Strategy of Verbal with concept and shortcuts.
Ø 10 hours 700 level strategy of Quant with concept and shortcuts.
Ø 5 hours Advanced strategy Verbal 750 level.
Ø 5 hours Advanced strategy Quant 750 Level.
Ø 5 hours Advanced strategy Data Insight 750 Level.
Ø 20 hours of Verbal Test Analysis.
Ø 20 hours Quant Test Analysis.
Ø 20 hours of Data Insight Test Analysis.
Ø Last hour Tips & Tricks.
Ø Record your own session.

Practice Questions
Ø More than 1500 practice questions with the video solutions.
Ø 500 easy, 500 medium, and 500 difficult level questions.
Ø Both conceptual test and sectional test.

Full-Length Test
» 11 full-length Computer Adaptive Tests with the solution.
» Full-length test discussion and error log.
» Complete analysis of the test.

Course Study Material
Ø Official Guide & Verbal Review.
Ø Foundation book for each concept.
Ø Practice Book for each concept.
Ø Special strategy notebook.

5 reasons to Join VerbalHub
» Effective and proven methodology to maximize your accuracy.
» Customized syllabus and study pattern.
» Unlimited questions for unlimited practice.
» 24*7 doubt clearance availability.
» Analytics to track your progress.