GMAT and GRE entrance tests for MBA

GMAT and GRE entrance tests for MBA

Annually the rise in number of students passing out of their high school is increasing in India as well as abroad. More and more students prioritise their education and career over anything which is quite positive development. Often students are confused on what after graduation as the doors are wide open and there are hell lot of opportunities to choose from. Most of the students apply for multiple streams entrance tests, but of the lot, MBA is the most preferred course which many aspirants look out for. The competition in the management field is quite high and even the starting salary for an MBA graduate is too good to resist. One of the top choices for getting into the desired MBA stream is GMAT. It is a computer-based entrance test that has no limits to the number of limits. Test takes are free to take the exam multiple times in a year. GMAT training online is conducted by VerbalHub owing to the covid pandemic situation. The regular classes are expected to resume once the situation gets better. The tutors at the academy are well trained and experienced to offer best online classes for GMAT and various other entrance exams. The academy also provides for effective GRE verbal classes which is another vita exam conducted for studies abroad. It is applicable in foreign countries for pursuing post graduate degrees.

All about GMAT entrance test

GMAT is the short form for Graduate Management Aptitude Test conducted by GMAC. It has option to either take the test in online mode or physically at the exam centre.

• The registration process can be completed in either online or offline mode
• The process of registration can be completed up to 24 hours before the scheduled date of the exam
• There must be a gap of at least 16 days before scheduling the next attempt of the test
• The exam has 4 sections each having a sectional time limit namely verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, integrated reasoning and analytical writing assessment all with MCQs except for the last section which is optional

All about GRE entrance test

GRE is the synonym for Graduate Record Examinations conducted by ETS or Educational Testing Service. It is mainly an online entrance test for which the registration process needs to be completed in online mode. Some other details of the exam are given below:

• There is no specific age or educational qualification that is required to appear for the exam but only requirement is that of a passport
• The exam pattern is different for both online and offline mode of exam
• There are basically 3 sections in the exam namely verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing
• For most of the top foreign universities, the cut off required ranges between 150 to 165

As MBA is the most popular management level course in India, many prefer foreign universities to pursue their dream rather than Indian universities. The fee for universities abroad will be a bit higher in comparison to Indian universities but t=in any way the exposure to a new country and the level of excellence will be an altogether new experience.