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  • How-should-I-prepare-for-CAT-22-starting-from-March?

    The best way to prepare for the CAT exam is to kick start your preparations early. It just gives you enough time to go through the syllabus thoroughly. Starting your CAT prep early also gives the aspirants an advantage to learn the CAT preparation tips to score a good percentile.
    So, the question is when do you exactly start preparing?
    This blog will try to discuss the best way to prepare for CAT online starting from March. Are you worried about how and when to start preparing for the CAT 2022?
    Are you planning to begin the CAT prep in March?

    If yes;
    Then, Good job!
    This is the first step of the preparation process i.e. deciding to start preparing for CAT 2022. We will try to cover two broad areas of the CAT prep plan.
    1. How do you start your CAT preparation in March?
    2. How to carry out the study plan in the following months?
    Remember that this is just a framework, and aspirants can customize it as per their strengths, weaknesses, and overall preparation strategy for the CAT exam 2022.

    a) MARCH-APRIL:- Focus on Arithmetic
    Most of the experts suggest that Quant is the go-to section while starting your CAT preparation. Within Quant, topics like Arithmetic, Geometry, Modern Math, etc.
    Whether you arrange the Quant topics alphabetically or arrange them based on the number of questions asked, the first topic in the list will be Arithmetic.
    CAT aspirants must learn all the arithmetic concepts like:
    ● Percentages,
    ● Profit and Loss,
    ● Simple Interest and Compound Interest,
    ● Averages,
    ● Mixtures,
    ● Ratios and Proportions, and
    ● Time Speed and Distance.

    What else to do in these two months?
    Mix your CAT prep process with a good amount of daily reading and puzzle-solving.

    b) MAY-JUNE:- Learn as much as you can and start revising
    After covering the Arithmetic concepts, move on to the Quant preparation.
    Better if you start by practicing the difficult aspects of Quant. The order of preference could be as the following:
    ● Geometry,
    ● Inequalities,
    ● Functions,
    ● Number Theory, and then
    ● Permutations and Combinations.

    What Else?
    Apart from the daily reading and quant preparation, start learning the basics of DILR like:
    ● Sequences and Arrangements,
    ● Grid Puzzles,
    ● Bar Charts,
    ● Pie Charts,
    ● Line Graphs, and so on.

    c) JULY-AUGUST: Back to the topics
    During this two-month time, start covering more and more syllabus which means both Quant and DILR.
    But when about the VARC section?
    Start reading actual Comprehension passages and Verbal Ability questions like Para Summary, Para Jumble, and Odd One Out.
    The reading habit that you started in March-April has now become examination-specific.
    Not to forget, try to attempt mocks from time to time. If you plan to take mocks after covering the whole syllabus, you will never do that.

    d) SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER:- Intense Preparation
    CAT 2022 will be approaching very fast by now. Therefore, aspirants must try to include more and more mocks in their timetable. If there was one mock per week before, make it two per week. At some point, raise it to even three per week.
    Other than mocks,
    ● Try to identify gaps,
    ● Know your strengths and weaknesses
    ● Note your mock score,
    ● Improve your scores and lessen the time taken to take mocks.

    e) NOVEMBER:- Mocks, Mocks, and Mocks
    There will be less than 30 days for the actual CAT 2022 exam(most probably) by November. The best way to prepare for CAT online at this stage of your CAT prep is to take more and more mocks.
    How many mocks?
    Throughout your preparation journey, aspirants must look to take between 30 to 40 mock tests overall. Aspirants nowadays aim for 70+ mocks.